What is Google Compute Engine? A brief intro

What are Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Engine?

Google Compute Engine, which also known as Google Cloud Engine, part of the Google Cloud Platform, is responsible for delivering virtual machines which are operating in the global fiber network and the new information centers of Google. Scaling to worldwide cloud computing from single instances is supported by the workflow support plus tooling of Google Compute Engine.

The virtual machines of  Google Cloud Engine‌  boot quite fast, plus they provide steady performance too. They also feature untiring disc storage facilities.

At present, you will find the virtual servers in quite a few configurations which include already defined sizes too.  Google Compute Engine‌  stays ahead in the competition when it comes to performance and price thanks to their flexible costing plus automated sustained use deductions.

Start with the creation of a Google Cloud account, and then  create service account in Google Cloud‌  to start unleashing to possibilities of Google Cloud Engine.

Google Compute Engine pricing for all kind of machines

Industry-Leading Performance and Price

The virtual machines of  Google Compute Engine‌  boot quite fast and offer high performance consistently as well. It also provides top-notch local SSD performance. Purchase GPU or Cloud TPU for additional performance training plus operating machine learning versions.

Reduced Pricing, Automated Discounts

Bills are made by Google in 2nd-level increments, and therefore, it is only required to pay for the compute time used. You will be provided with discounted prices when it comes to sustained user discounts for any workload running for a long time without the need for any up-front commitment.

Effective and quick networking

 Google Cloud Engine‌  helps to develop large compute clusters which benefit from cross-machine bandwidth that is consistent plus strong. It can connect to machinery in other information centers by making use of the personal global fiber network of Google. It will be feasible to verify the network configurations, develop an instance, perform some tests, and so on.

Global eco-friendly network

The infrastructure of  Google Compute Engine‌  is fully carbon-neutral. Much less energy is consumed by their international network of information centers as compared to the standard datacenter. Also, adequate renewable energy is bought by them so as to match all the energy used up by their global operations.

The company is now developing its worldwide data center footprint such that it is feasible for the applications to operate closer to the consumers of the users and these can be allocated physically for resiliency.

Google Cloud Engine Flexibility

It will help to develop machine images, resize the clusters, virtualize the network, develop Custom Machine Types and make use of Preemptible VMs meant for batch workloads so as to optimize for the specific requirements of the user.

The pricing model of the company will not lock the users into useless and outdated machine types along with upfront contracts.

Key Features of Google Compute Engine:

1. Predefined Machine Types

Predefined configurations for virtual machines are provided by  Google Compute Engine‌  for every single requirement ranging from micro instances to those with as much as 3.75TB memory plus 160 vCPUs.

2. Custom Machine Types

Compute Engine will help to create virtual machines having a shape which is ideal for the user’s workloads. It will be feasible to generate considerable savings by customizing a Custom Machine Type to the specific requirements of the user.

3. Global Load Balancing

The technology of global load-balancing will allow the user to allocate incoming requests across several regions such that the user is able to attain optimum performance at a relatively reduced cost.

4. Windows & Linux Support

The user will be able to run the operating system of your preference including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, CoreOS, SUSE, FreeBSD, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or Windows Server 2012 R2, 2008 R2, plus 2016. It will be possible to make use of a shared graphic from the  Google Cloud Platform‌  community, or one can also bring his own.

Google Cloud Engine in short

There are other features provided by  Google Compute Engine‌  which we have not covered in this article. If you like to enrich your knowledge on this particular subject, feel free to go online and look at the relevant videos and articles.

Start with an introduction to the Google Cloud Platform, the creation of a Google Cloud account, and then  create service account in Google Cloud‌  before being able to use the full potention of Google Cloud services.

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