Why Google Cloud has Acquired the Cloud Computing scenario?

Google Cloud services in the cloud computing

In the current era of new and innovative technologies cloud computing is one of the most commonly available features for almost all kinds of devices, and is now available for free through a Gmail account or the creation of a Google Drive new account, also either for free or for a small fee with increased functionalities.

Whether your device is a PC, smartphone or a tablet device, you can easily access all the information stored on different cloud based platform. With the formation of many cloud based storage spaces, Google also brought the feature of cloud computing through  Google Cloud Platform‌  connect, which you can access by creating a  Google Drive account‌  for free.

If you typically work on systems using MS office versions of 2003 or higher, you can easily employ  Google Cloud account‌  and services for all your online and offline projects. The feature lets you easily connect with people within the organization and people outside it as well.

Using Google Cloud connect

After you’re done with software installation, you’ll notice a toolbar visible on office top. If you wish to have certain documents available for Google Docs, you need to simply click on “sync” button.

While you save these files one at a time, they automatically get saved in Google docs as well. However, the settings can easily be changed so you’re manually able to save all of these easily in Google Docs, on a  Google Cloud free storage‌  space.

Under teamwork circumstances, you’ll easily be capable of granting them with access to your files. You would simply need to add these as editors for certain files.

Post this process, they’ll receive an email with the information that you’ve shared a file on their email for making necessary revisions. The revisions can be made after downloading the file in computer and open files with Microsoft office.

Basic services available with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

A lot of services are available with  Google Cloud Platform‌  (GCP) with most being beneficial for home and office use as well. The Cloud program by Google covers different types of services such as:

Hosting and computing features

 Google Cloud Platform‌  provides you with reliable options for hosting and computing. Here you can easily select to get the following features:

  • Get a server less work environment for your workplace.
  • Make use of a dedicated and managed application interface.
  • Use of a dedicated cloud infrastructure to get better flexibility and control.
  • Get better flexibility while benefiting with container technologies.
  • Connectivity with Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform resources connectivity

Pre-existing network users who wish to connect with GCP resources, get different options for establishing better connectivity:

  • Cloud print - Print through cloud stored documents from anywhere through your PC or phone with Google cloud print service.
  • Cloud VPN - Connect with preexisting network to VPC with IPsec connection.  VPN connection‌  also connects two different Cloud based  VPN connection‌  gateways.
  • Interconnect with Cloud - Current network connects with VPC with an enterprise grade cloud connection. Connect directly with Google through dedicated Interconnect facility.
  • Carrier Peering - Connect the infrastructure with Google’s network edge with the service providers. GCP lets you spread private network to Cloud  VPN connection‌  through links for carrier peering.
  • Direct Peering - Exchange traffic between Google and your organization’s networks seamlessly.
VPC: Virtual Private Cloud
VPN connection: Virtual Private network

Google Cloud services benefits

With  Google Cloud Services‌  anyone can simultaneously edit and share different documents in Power Point, Excel, Microsoft Word, etc. These can be shared with a lot of people in a lot of sections.

Features for file and network sharing in  Google Cloud Platform‌  are exclusively useful for enterprise of any scale. The free cloud based application has been appreciated by a lot of organizations and almost everyone relies on it, using the whole range of Google Cloud Services, from Gmail account to Google Cloud print service.

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