How To Sell Swimwear Online

How To Sell Swimwear Online

The sun is out, and flowers are blooming which can only mean one thing. It’s swimsuit season! If you’re not already in the swim retail space spring is the perfect time to dive in! Retail can be a difficult business; it’s not as easy as an  online car insurance quotes   business.

Lingerie and swimwear are in demand, regardless of crises and pandemics. You can earn on their sale and have a stable monthly income with little initial investment. But if you don’t want to deal with all the nuances of production, open your own online store and trade in swimwear according to our advice.

We will tell you how to sell swimwear and get an excellent stable income and delight your customers.

Here are a few tips that will help jump start or revamp your swimwear line. There are so many questions when opening a business like:

  • Is online easier than opening a store?
  • Do I need a specialist attorney for a business?
  • Is there a different type of insurance I need?
  • How do I gain a following?
  • How much should building a website even cost?

Here are some answers to those questions that will help you own the water this season.

Decide What Your Niche Is

Practically everyone owns a swimsuit, and it’s normally not until summer that we notice how old some of our suits really are. What is it about your brand that consumers are attracted to, and what kind of clientele do you want?

Your brand represents more than just what you sell.

Knowing what makes up your ideal brand community will help in all aspects of starting your business. Does your brand value the environment, inclusivity, or animal rights? If it does, what is your brand doing to express that to let anyone who sees your logo know what you stand for?

The power of social media when creating online influence is strong. Even with an official website, if you’re not on social media, your website is likely too crowded to have an impact on your projected audience.

Utilizing Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook may seem like non-essential business. When first starting out, those platforms (when used appropriately) can give you valuable feedback on who you’re making impressions on and if what you’re doing is making the right impressions.

Social media is a great platform to express your brand’s goals that are outside of selling swimwear. If your primary selling platform is social media, then finding the right balance between indirect ads and brand culture promotions is hugely important.

As long as you have that balance, your sales, along with your repeat customer base, should only go up.

All Sales Begin With A Search

Starting a business is much like learning how to walk. You have to crawl before you can run, so don’t be in a rush to just “look” professional. Every corporation was once a small business, and there is real success of brands being sold through social media platforms.

If that’s the stage you’re in, own it! For anyone looking to start a website for their growing brand, buying your domain is the first step. Though we all love a good story, try not to pick names or logos that are too complex. A stranger should be able to understand it in under 10 seconds.

The part that often gets overlooked is the research that should be done about website building platforms and SEO. If you read that sentence and had floating question marks around your head, your first task after reading this article should be  familiarizing yourself with SEO basics.  

Utilizing search engines for both websites and social media platforms ensures that your brand is getting in front of customers because they can't buy what they don’t see.

Knowing the importance of being seen is not a place to cut corners. A good SEO job for a multi-location platform could cost anywhere from $900 to $7000. Local marketing is cheaper, but for a swimsuit company, the goal should be to service as many people as possible.

Treat Your Website Like A Store

Ever walk into a store and suddenly feel a cold energy? No, it’s not the AC but the ghosts of unsatisfied customers. Believe it or not, your online store can have the same effect, and it will have your customers clicking off quicker than they came on.

You want your website to be welcoming, and the design should walk each customer through as if they had a stylist there with them. Even if you’re just starting on social media platforms, creating your first website, or revamping an old model, it’s never too late to let your customers know you want them.

Easy ways to accomplish dominating online presences is starting with the basics of retail:

  • Greet them – Online greetings are pretty easy because, unlike in person, consumers can’t ignore them. Effective greetings can be slow openings to your homepage, pop up offerings for deals, or even benefits if they sign up for exclusive memberships.
  • Ask Open-Ended Questions – The good part about being online is that your customers have come to you for a reason. They are seeking what you’re selling, and now all you have to do is convince them you’re the best fit. Designing your website to ask questions to lead customers to what will most suit them makes them feel as if they are being walked through your buying process, and not left figuring it out themselves.
  • Promote Promote Promote – Why is your product the best? What are your customers getting that your competitor’s customers aren’t? With competitors being just a click away you have to bring something more to the table than being “cute.” Your designs might attract consumers, but you need to make them feel confident in what they’re about to purchase.
  • Ask for the sale – Make sure they aren’t forgetting anything and that they understand ALL of the details of their purchase. This is also a great opportunity to suggest add-ons to compliment the sale.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Just like with any other business, you want the repeat business. By checkout you should be giving your customers incentives to come back again. Encourage your audience to feel sexy, strong, and empowered by your collection.

The best thing you can do is to trust the process and your decisions. Fashion empires don’t happen overnight and with each click, you’re getting closer to your goals. Hurdles are bound to pop up, but stick to your vision, and listen to your feedback even if it’s not what you want to hear.

Your pocketbook will grow as much as you do when you put the hard work into your brand!

Danielle Beck-Hunter,
Danielle Beck-Hunter,

Danielle Beck-Hunter who writes and researches the legal site, Danielle has been a social media director for fives years helping multiple companies hone their online presence.

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