AdSense RPM Rates By Language: 30 Fold Increase!

Is it worth translating your website in another language to target new markets? While this question for sales entirely depends on market research, for display ads it depends on local language RPM, or Revenue Per Mille for publishers earnings, and on CPM, or Cost Per Mille for advertisers spendings....
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How To Write A Good Blog Article And Get More Traffic?

Even if your blog does not have a commercial bias, writing a free-form article is still not a good idea. If you want to be interesting to read not only to you, but also to the general public, you need to follow some unwritten rules. We will talk about how to write a good article for your blog in this good article....
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Travelpayouts Affiliate Programs That Pay For Clicks: Airline, Hotel And Travel Affiliate Program

Just like food, lodging and clothing, travel is one niche that will never lose its relevance. People will always move from city to city, from country to country. And, given the recent events of 2020 (thanks to Elon Musk), soon from planet to planet as well. Today there are many ways to cooperate with companies that make money on travel. Travelpayouts is an ingenious affiliate program that allows you to start working with advertisers in an elementary way and generate additional income. In this article, we'll talk about who and how can join this program....
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