Maximum Website Ad Revenue With Ezoic

Getting started with Ezoic, you need to understand that this is a service that helps create effective advertising with Google and has a partner certificate from this search giant. Optimization of media advertising in Google Ads and partially for other advertising network resources.
Maximum Website Ad Revenue With Ezoic

Maximum website ad revenue with Ezoic

Getting started with Ezoic, you need to understand that this is a service that helps create effective advertising with Google and has a partner certificate from this search giant. Optimization of media advertising in Google Ads and partially for other advertising network resources.

Ezoic is the largest ad testing platform that can improve your Google revenue by 50 to 250 percent by systematically testing and optimizing placement on your site.

This improvement comes from Ezoic ability to experiment with ad positions, the type of ads shown, and the look and feel of the site. As a result, cooperation with Ezoic guarantees a consistently high advertising revenue website.

The process takes place thanks to machine learning, so the results will show active growth, provided that all ezoic requirements are met.

Ezoic Reviews & Product Details

Visitors will see the top performing ads with the highest click-through rates, resulting in up to 250% higher ad earnings. Here you should make a discount on the nature of the site itself, the features of the content posted on it and the audience.

According to real Ezoic users, the increase in revenue compared to AdSense increased 8 times per 1000 visits that were before the service was connected.

Ezoic should by no means be considered an alternative to Adsense. This is the official partner of this ad network and in order to enter the ezoic platform, you must have an active registration with Google Adsense.

The thing is that Ezoic optimizes advertising directly participating in Google AdSense, working through Google Ad Exchange, respectively, there are similar rules for posted content.

Ezoic Platform Review - Advantages And Features Of The Service

Ezoic cost?

Almost all the main services of the platform are provided free of charge. However, you still have to pay. The philosophy of the creators of Ezoic is quality help for any website owner to make sure money on the Internet. For its services, the service takes a certain percentage of the profit received from the placement of advertising materials.

Therefore, users do not have to pay directly to the service, which also increases net ad revenue.

For which you still have to pay, although this is not at all necessary - this is the connection of some services, for example, participation in the premium segment of Premium Ezoic, where negotiations with advertisers are carried out by service employees in manual mode. This program works with promotional materials from large brands with high sales (according to the Fortune 500 list). This gives up to another 25% increase in ad revenue on the site. Other additional features that you will have to pay for include a comprehensive Site Speed ​​Accelerator solution that allows you to organize lazy loading, convert images to a special format for WebP sites, and many more updates that contribute to overall site optimization, page load speed and fault tolerance.

Free features include:

  • Optimization of media content for advertising;
  • Big data analytics;
  • Caching;
  • Providing video hosting;
  • Providing free hosting for sites on Wordpress;
  • Optimization of titles (tags);
  • Optimization of page loading speed (basic).

To connect your site to Ezoic, you need to fulfill the platform requirements and register an account.

Where to start at Ezoic?

Let's conduct an Ezoic review of the initial steps to connect the site to this service.

The first and most important condition put forward for sites is the presence of a website with traffic from 10,000 unique per month. Thus, the service automatically creates a condition for high-quality advertising promotion among the sites visited. This is beneficial for advertisers, as they see that advertising really works, and does not hang in an airless space.

At this stage, there is a natural selection of sites-applicants for participation. Low-traffic resources automatically cannot go further.

If everything is in order with the traffic on your web resource, then you can safely apply to check the site. After a short period of time, an answer will come. In most cases, the answer is yes, and now you can start integrating with the Ezoic platform.

The way Ezoic works is to create special placeholders on the site. To create placeholders, you need to install the extension to the Google Chrome browser (free). The system is then told the following information about the location of the main elements of the site:

  • Common top;
  • Above the title;
  • Under the heading;
  • Arrangement of paragraphs;
  • Other elements of the site page.

You can also customize placeholders according to personal preference. The site owner can tell the system which ad formats can be placed in each specific placeholder. But, it is quite possible to trust the system - create a placeholder and not worry about ad formats.

Machine learning selects the most optimal ad option based on the nature of the site, its structure, and placed on the content page. Therefore, the percentage of hits on a potential user will be very high.

What are ezoic placeholders? Placeholders are special places on the site where the ad unit will be inserted. It is not a fact that all allocated space will be used. Machine learning carefully analyzes the site for many parameters and offers each user an individual set of ads. These combinations can be in the millions, if not billions. Among them, there is sure to be a combination that will interest this site visitor.

To study the interests of the visitor and offer him an effective combination of advertising, artificial intelligence calculates a lot of criteria, such as:

  • Country;
  • Most frequent requests;
  • Habits;
  • The equipment from which the visitor enters;
  • Site content;
  • Much more.

Personal manager at Ezoic

It is worth noting that all actions must be performed only once on one of the most characteristic pages of the Internet resource. This is enough for the system to build an algorithm for finding the most optimal and effective ad units for the specified placeholders.

The data displayed in the Adsense account will also participate so that the platform can use machine learning at full capacity as soon as possible.

All the site layout work is done by the Google Chrome extension, which is also available in the Chrome Web Store.

In the event that it is not possible to carry out the integration work independently or there is simply no desire, then a personal manager will come to the rescue, working directly with the publishers. This is not a robot, but a real Ezoic employee working in one of the company's offices in America or Great Britain, who will quickly and professionally mark the necessary placeholders. In any case, the client will receive a full Ezoic overview, both in email and direct phone calls.

This is a fundamental difference from the few analogs, where all communication takes place at the interface level.

After setting up all the necessary parameters and integrating the site into the platform, there will be a gradual but steady increase in ad revenues compared to previous adsense revenues. After about a couple of months, you will notice an increase in the income part from two to eight times!

Attention! To fully work with the platform, you need to transfer the site's DNS to the Ezoic servers.

Now about the most pleasant thing. At the end of each following month, the accrued advertising income minus 20% of the system will be credited to the specified  PayOneer card   details or to PayPal's current account if the client is outside the United States. service history

Display optimization platform has been running since 2010. The company's specialists have developed a special search method with the help of which the efficiency of placing ad units on the site page increases by 50 - 250%.

An experimental technique, or search, is a combination of ad impressions that creates an associative base on the principle of “targeting - impressions”.

In fact, with each visit of a visitor, the layout of ad units and their content changes in a certain way. Based on this algorithm, the database of behavioral factors is constantly updated, which makes it possible to determine the most effective advertising format in each specific case as accurately as possible.

Among the main parameters by which the algorithm is built can be distinguished:

  • Geographical position;
  • User input search queries;
  • The gadgets from which the site is viewed.

According to the developers, the method of experimental search and machine learning improves behavioral factors by more than 60%, and in the most successful cases this indicator reaches 200%.

The service is officially certified by Google, which only proves its effectiveness and relevance. Also, integration with Ezoic gives customers a list of additional benefits:

  • Placement of AdSense ads in five blocks instead of three (you must have a premium account);
  • Guarantee that AdSense will not block;
  • Free optimization of display content for mobile devices;
  • Obtaining statistics on traffic and other factors.

How to pay for Ezoic services

There are several payment schemes for the service:

  • Free scheme with the placement of a small ad unit at the bottom of the site;
  • Self-setting tariff on a paid scheme starts at $ 49 per month;
  • Free option if you are eligible to become Ezoic premium and enroll in that services, that adds additional revenue with hand picked and negotiated ads against a fee, lower than what it brings in extra revenue.

A quick start guide:

  • You need to collect 10,000 unique visits per month;
  • After the site is approved, you need to register on the Get Started page;
  • Then the integration method is selected and the initial settings are made;
  • All the information you need is in the help videos and text instructions.

You can study the statistics of work in the general table and in the Reporting section.

The main income with this platform lies in the high efficiency of ad impressions on the client's site. There is also a referral program. It is possible to generate a partner banner code to attract new project participants.

You can replenish your balance while working on paid tariffs through all popular bank cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery.

Income can be received twice a month if more than $ 20 has accumulated on the balance sheet. Payments are made to PayPal, Check, Payoneer. Income from a referral program can be earned according to the same rules as income from displaying ad units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I increase the monetization of my site using Ezoic Ad rates?
Yes, as it can increase your Google revenue by 50-250% through systematic testing and optimization of placement on your site.
What is the Ezoic price for services?
Don't worry, almost all the main services of the platform are provided for free. However, you still have to pay. For its services, the service takes a certain percentage of the profits received from the placement of advertising materials.
How can I maximize advertising revenue from my website?
To maximize advertising revenue, focus on improving site traffic, user engagement, and ad placement. Services like Ezoic can help optimize your ad strategy using AI, enhancing user experience while increasing ad revenue.
Does maximizing ad revenue with Ezoic align with sustainable advertising practices?
Maximizing ad revenue with Ezoic can align with sustainable advertising practices. Ezoic's AI-driven platform ensures optimal ad placement and loading times, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and digital waste, thereby supporting a more sustainable advertising ecosystem.
How can I maximize my website’s ad revenue using Ezoic?
To maximize ad revenue, use Ezoic’s AI-driven ad tester to optimize ad placements, experiment with different ad formats, and leverage their Big Data Analytics for performance insights.

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