4 Secret Website Analytics KPIs On Ezoic Big Data Analytics

Tracking visitors to your website: optimize your conversions

Installing a Google site tracking is what constitutes analytics for any website - but the secret of successful websites goes beyond these simple Website analytics KPIs that do not take in consideration many variables.

If you want to find the highest paying articles on your websites, the ones that are turning your website into a  make money online‌  machine and you are serious about it, then you should consider the Ezoic Big Data Analytics system that offers amazing secret metrics!

Basic metrics of website analytics include...

Most website analytics are focusing on visitors tracking and related metrics, and these website analytics KPIs are available at all main web visit tracking systems.

Basic metrics of website analytics include:

Number of visits

The number of visits only tells you how many non-bot browsers have requested a page of your website.

What are website visits: most basic website analytics KPI, the number of website sessions

However, this metric is not the most important, as some visitors might have deactivated their scripts and therefore not be counted.

Also, some robots might not be detected as such and be counted in this metric.

However, the higher the number of page views, the most successful your site might be.

Number of page views

The number of page views goes a little deeper than the number of visits website KPI, as it counts the total number of web pages that have been requested by the website's visitor.

What are pageviews: number of pages that have been requested by visitors

Page views are generally higher than visits, as visits can consist of several page views. If that is not the case, there might be something wrong with your analytics.

The more page views per session, the more value visitors are finding in website's content as they stay on the site.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate represents the percentage of website visitors that did not read your page, and left your site right after having requested it.

What is bounce rate: the percentage of users that leave the site immediately after beginning the visit

The lower the bounce rate it, the more interesting the content is, as visitors are actually staying on the site, and most likely have not clicked by mistake on a link while they are not interested in website's content at all.

Best website metrics to track

There are plenty of website analytics KPIs to check, and make a full list would not be helpful, as the most important website metrics to track actually are secret ones, only available to successful websites, with more than 10 000 unique visitors a month and that are approved by AdSense, that can join the  Ezoic platform‌  to make Web Pages Load Faster‌ and optimize the Ads Placeholders‌ on your website.

What is Ezoic? A technology company that helps successful websites increase their page speed, ads display, Big Data Analytics and monetization on the Google AdExchange marketplace

If you are able to join the  Ezoic platform‌  which is free of charge but will help your websites be successful by increasing the AdSense revenue for 1000 visits‌ and optimizing through their CDN the content delivery, you will have access to these secret website analytics KPIs on the Ezoic Big Data Analytics tool - let's see them in detail.

Best website metrics to track
  1. Content categories
  2. Landing page
  3. Content length
  4. Author metrics

These 4 website analytics KPIs are the secret sauce that will allow you to find the best content on your websites and setup the best content strategy possible based on data mining from your website analytics.

Content categories: find the top niche for blogging

Knowing which content categories are bringing in the most money is the best way to find what kind of content really is valuable on your website, and to focus on the content that works.

Content categories KPI: find out which categories have the highest EPMV

For example, on this site, the most visits are coming from the pages related to Facebook Page optimization, and these pages are also bringing the most revenue, 25% of the whole website, with some of the highest EPMV.

With this secret website analytics KPI at hand through the Ezoic Big Data Analytics report, it is now easy to find out what is better writing about!

What is the top niche for blogging? You can find it out in Big Data Analytics report

You can therefore find yourself the top niche for blogging related to your own content by setting up content categories correctly, and optimizing your website content for these niches to create the most profitable blogs.

Landing page: find landing page SEO best practices

But even if you know the best paying categories, it is also worth knowing what landing pages are driving the highest EPMV, meaning the highest value for a website visit: it's not because a page makes the money, that the visitors came right on that page from outside.

Landing page KPI: find out what pages are driving the most revenue per visit

Therefore, some landing pages might make no money and be in a low paying category, but might work great at converting visitors into proceeding with their visit to other pages that are driving great results, but are not ranking well on search engines and might not bring much direct visitors.

This report will help you find what really works for your content, and which landing pages are really driving visits and revenues to your website.

Content length: how many words should a blog post be for SEO?

A question that most webmasters are asking themselves when creating or ordering content: how long should a webpage be for the most revenue?

Content length: find out which article length is the most effective on your website

While most webmasters are wondering about this metric,  Ezoic premium‌  members and non-premium alike actually know the answer, but simply checking their Ezoic Big Data Analytics report for page details KPI.

This secret website analytics KPI shows what content length works better at driving revenue or getting page views for your site.

In my case, the following results are popping up for a website, but it might not work for all kind of content.

How many words should a blog post be for SEO?
  1. Between 1000 and 2500 words: 56% of visits and revenue
  2. Between 2500 and 5000 words: 22% of visits and revenue
  3. Between 750 and 1000 words: 10% of visits and revenue
  4. Between 500 and 750 words: 5% of visits and revenue
  5. Between 250 and 500 words: 3% of visits and revenue
  6. Between 0 and 250 words: 2% of visits and revenue
  7. More than 5000 words: less than 2% of visits and revenue

Therefore, according to Ezoic Big Data Analytics report for content length, the ideal word count‌ and content length for SEO to increase page views and website revenue is between 1000 and 2500 words, a little more or less being fine, but not getting too far.

How many words should a blog post be for SEO? Between 1000 and 2500 words

With this website analytics KPI secret revealed, which might of course differ for every website, you will be able to know exactly what kind of content works best, and what content you should write or order to get your money back!

Author name: find out who is writing great content

If your  Wordpress blog‌  is successful, there is a high chance that various authors have been writing for your blog, and that you might be paying some of them.

Author metrics: compare your author success and page revenue

In any case, with the Ezoic Big Data Analytics author metrics report, you will be able to compare authors between each other, and find out who is really writing great content that drives traffic and brings revenue to your website - and you might even have some surprises, such as finding that some authors are not as good as they said.

Who is writing great content? Find out your best authors in the Ezoic Big Data Analytics report

But more importantly, you will directly be able to find the best author on your website, and get him or her to write a good article‌ again and again to increase your website success!

This secret website analytics KPI will let you optimize your website content even further.

In summary, what analytics should I track?

There are plenty of website analytics KPIs to track, and various tools are able to get you to some of them.

But the best ones, the secret website analytics KPIs are only available on the Ezoic Big Data Analytics reports for successful websites.

If your website has more than 10 000 unique visitors per month, and is AdSense valid, consider joining for free and giving it a try - you can select which amount of traffic goes through their system, and stop anytime if you don't see a web earnings increase.

Not only your website page speed will increase by using their CDN, with or without a Cloud VPS‌ hosting for your site, but your earning on Ezoic vs AdSense‌ will also most likely be multiplied by 3 to 7 folds!

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