The Best Work Keyboard and Mouse Combinations

Having a good keyboard and mouse combo can make your work-life SO much easier. Your keyboard and mouse should be seen as tools just as a carpenter would view his hammer or his saw.

Finding the best combination is tedious at best, there are so many different keyboards available, multiplied by the number of mice, means there are essentially infinite possibilities. But, there are some universally great keyboards and mice that we can consider that will make just about anyone’s workday easier.

This short article will cover not only what the best few keyboards and mice for work are, but which combination stands out the most.

What Makes a Good Keyboard or Mouse for Work?

When we look to buy a new keyboard or mouse we should be considering what the actual purpose of said device is. A keyboard that is good for gaming might not be good for working, or vice versa. A  keyboard that is great for programming ‌  might be horrendous for travel due to its bulky size and weight.

When we look at what makes a good keyboard, and mouse, for work we should be looking at a few key things. First, functionality. A work keyboard should be as easy to use as possible with as much functionality as possible. Programmable macros, media keys, a full set of function keys, a NumPad, and most importantly simple to navigate software (if applicable).

Oh,  and ergonomics. ‌  That’s the biggest thing people tend to neglect, they somehow forget that they will be working away at their keyboard for hours on end most days of the week. They buy a flashy keyboard that looks great and runs great; but, they then end up causing themselves unnecessary pain and suffering.

A keyboard that isn’t designed to be comfortable to use shouldn’t be considered at all. A mouse that doesn’t comfortably fit the shape of your hand and doesn’t require strenuous stretching and movement to reach any of its buttons.

The Telegraph has published a very interesting article discussing which keyboards they believe are best for working. While I don’t agree entirely with all of their choices I do think that the fundamental advice and reasonings they offer for their choices are good. The section covering ergonomics backs up what has already been said here nicely. You can find  said article right here. ‌ 

The 3 best work keyboards

There are endless keyboards that might be good for working, but I firmly believe that these three keyboards are the most universally appropriate for anyone working in an office setting. These keyboards are in no particular order.

The Microsoft sculpt

The  Microsoft Sculpt ‌  was designed to be THE office keyboard. It has great functionality and is pretty reliable in almost every conceivable way. It focuses on ergonomics above all else.

It is perfect if you are trying to find a keyboard that increases functionality and reduces pain/inflammation in your wrists/hands.

The only downside to this keyboard is it is a little pricey. That and the actual shape is kind of strange there is an angular division between the keys to help with ergonomics. It takes some getting used to for sure.

Logitech craft

This keyboard was designed to be as awesome for creative work as possible It focuses on increased functionality and good feedback over ergonomics. This is not to say that it doesn’t focus on ergonomics somewhat, just that there are other priorities.

What I like about this keyboard in particular is its dial on the top left. This dial can do anything from change the volume of the video you are watching to controlling the strength or size of a tool when using software such as photoshop. It makes life easier, it makes creative work faster.

Logitech K350

This second keyboard from Logitech focuses again on ergonomics more than increased functionality. It still has all of its regular functions plus media keys and volume controls.

This keyboard is very curvy and the shape may initially throw you off a bit but it’s all in your best interest. The ergonomic shape combined with the wrist rests and low  actuation point ‌  will make typing feel smoother and easier than ever.

The 3 best work mice

There are far fewer mice that I would consider worthwhile than there are keyboards. You will find that a good mouse will last you for years and shouldn’t break the bank. These three would make pretty great choices.

Logitech MX master

The  Logitech MX Master ‌  is highly customizable. And highly expensive. We will ignore the price for the sake of this article but be prepared to pay a fair bit. The  Logitech MX Master ‌  has programmable buttons and a high level of functionality. It has a DPI of 4000 and has 7 buttons for you to use.

Microsoft Bluetooth

 Microsoft Bluetooth ‌  is the best, cheap, wireless mouse. It is very reliable and comfortable to use, it has a decent range and is a very good value for the money. It’s genuinely dirt cheap compared to the Logitech master but it will get you through the day. I’d recommend this mouse for travel as it’s far smaller than your average mouse and has great battery life. It has a DPI of 1000.

Microsoft Classic

The  Microsoft Classic ‌  is one of my favorite mice and is perfect for the office setting. It’s very reliable and has 5 buttons for you to bind custom commands or macros too. It’s far more subtle than the Logitech master and far more functional than the Microsoft Bluetooth. It has a DPI of 3200 and is the only mouse on this list that isn’t wireless.


Any of these 9 combinations would serve you very well. For me though? I’d say the best combo for work would be the  Microsoft Sculpt ‌  keyboard and the  Logitech MX Master ‌  mouse. If you can’t afford, or simply don’t want to spend the amount on the master, I’d suggest the  Microsoft Sculpt ‌  keyboard plus the  Microsoft Classic ‌  mouse.

It’s a winning combination on ergonomics and functionality, it might cost you a pretty penny but you get what you pay for. You’ll use them both for about 40 hours a week so you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth.

Anthony, Keyboard Kings
Anthony, Keyboard Kings

Keyboard Kings (Anthony) is a blogger since 2020. His expertise is with technology. He has always been into computers every since he was a kid making music for fun. Like many others, Anthony loves mechanical keyboards and decided to dedicate a blog to explaining the ins and outs of keyboards.

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