Review Of The Affiliate Program Blogsforsale.Co

Review Of The Affiliate Program Blogsforsale.Co

The company is well-known in the market, and it organizes the sale and purchase of web sites. In simple terms, this is a whole marketplace that sells well-established sites.

Review of the affiliate program

The company is well-known in the market, and it organizes the sale and purchase of web sites. In simple terms, this is a whole marketplace that sells well-established sites.

The platform is quite diversely filled with sites from various niches. They can bring completely different income, but most often from 500 to 5 thousand dollars. Absolutely any user who can put up a website for sale can become a partner of

What are affiliate programs for and how and how to earn with their help

All affiliate programs review give the same explanation of the concept of affiliate programs. It is characterized by cooperation between the selling company and the partner who recommends its product. For example, a company that sells fabric posts a link and a recommendation for threads from another company. For each buyer who came through this link, she will receive a reward.

The affiliate program is built in much the same way as most other similar programs. The main point of participation in such a program is that you need to bring new users into the system, but not just bring them, but make sure that they fulfill certain conditions, and then will pay for the referral.

Participation in such programs is quite a profitable activity - with the help of various tools you notify other Internet users about what the work with is, what advantages the user can get from using this site. All those who are interested in the offer will follow the link, register, fulfill certain conditions, and you, as the person who brought them to the company, will receive money.

If we look at the affiliate system globally, let's imagine that we decided to make money not only from the referral program, but also from a whole variety of other similar programs. The only difficulty is that each of your referral links must be properly advertised and distributed, and even done in such a way that new potential users are interested in the offer.

The essence of the work - which is more profitable: buy or create a website yourself

When the question arises as to what is currently more profitable - to buy a site, or to create it yourself, another question arises - what skills does the person who asks him have. This is very important - if a person is a professional and has been involved in the creation of sites more than once, then of course it will be easier for him to immediately create a site “for himself” than to reconfigure the site.

If we are talking about a beginner in this business, then the answer to the question is quite simple - it is more profitable to buy a ready-made website, and only remake it for your own purposes. The thing is that creating a website from scratch is a rather long and laborious process. Either you need to turn to the help of specialists and pay them money, or figure it out on your own and spend a lot of time. Also, no one will give guarantees that such a site created from scratch will be able to generate income. In addition, it is not enough to create a website - you need to invest in its promotion and advertising, and who wants to do this, not knowing whether there will be feedback or not.

The main advantage of is that all the sites that the company puts up for sale were created not by agencies, but by ordinary people for themselves. The advantage is that all sites are filled with original content, have some kind of regular visitors and generally have some kind of focus.

Also in there are brokers who are ready to hold a consultation before the deal and tell about the site you like, and in general about the framework within which the deal will take place.

It is also quite profitable for sellers to work with Of course, the time to sell a particular site will be different, since each site occupies a certain niche. Some niche is more popular, some less popular. The partner will have to pay twenty-five dollars to advertise the sale of the site. Thanks to this, the ad will be promoted, since it is beneficial for the company that the site was sold, since the seller will have to pay an additional small commission, which will depend on the value of the transaction.

Affiliate program

If the partner knows those people who are ready to join and start collaborating, then ten dollars will be paid for these people to register and start using the platform's services. How does this system work?

First, you need to apply for participation in the affiliate program using a special link.

After the application has been reviewed and the decision on it is positive, you can start sharing your referral link on your website, blog or even social networks. The system has absolutely no restrictions on how the referral link will be distributed. gives you the opportunity to conduct a free assessment of your own site and find out how much you can sell it. To further interest users, you can mention this on your website when advertising your referral link.

Conditions that must be met in order to receive ten dollars for each new user:

To get started, your audience will receive a free evaluation of their site and find out the cost;

If the website is approved for inclusion in the co marketplace, and if the user agrees to sell the site through that company, you will receive your cherished ten dollars.

The system works quite simply and clearly - the more interested users there are, potentially ready to start working with, the more money will be raised with this referral program.

Thus, the affiliate program turns out to be very beneficial for users and you can safely participate in it.

★★★⋆☆  Review Of The Affiliate Program Blogsforsale.Co A very simple website brokerage affiliate program, however it also offers very low commission of only $10 per sale conducted from a valid referral, instead of a percentage on overall profit generated by the websites.

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