Telderi Affiliate Program Review

Telderi Affiliate Program Review

Telderi is not just a website, it is a whole exchange that helps its users to buy and sell websites. The exchange gained popularity back in 2011, when it first appeared on the market. A large indicator of successful transactions with a guarantee, a large number of sites offered for sale through Telderi - all this definitely inspires confidence.

Telderi is a Russian company that has a certain success in the market among users. Most importantly, with the help of Telderi you can buy and sell not only sites and domains, but also Vkontakte groups, Telegram groups and channels, as well as YouTube channels, and Instagram profiles. This is very convenient - it is now very popular to do business through social networks, and sometimes you may need to sell it.

What are the benefits of participating in affiliate programs

Currently, earnings with affiliate programs are gaining popularity in many countries. Many companies offer their clients to become participants in their affiliate programs and get some benefit from this.

The essence of making money on affiliate programs is that you bring new users to the company who register, perform certain necessary actions, and you receive income.

What is Affiliate Marketing (and How to Get Started) - Neil Patel

There are affiliate programs on almost any modern website, and if you start to understand them, you can get good money.

With the development of information technology, affiliate programs are now popular on the Internet. In fact, in order to start making money on them, you need to become, in a sense, a sales representative of the chosen company, offer services to other users, and for the performance of certain actions by them (most often not just registration, but also the purchase of a service or product) you receive money reward. Accordingly, the more people you invite, and the more they make purchases, the greater your benefit will be. In order to earn decent money on affiliate programs, you need your own resource (website), where you can unobtrusively advertise your personal referral link.

What is Telderi

Telderi is a secure platform that has the status of an exchange where users buy and sell domains and websites. The main advantage of this platform is that all transactions are carried out with guarantees, so there are no risks at all.

Telderi partner can view lots for sale with websites and domains. You can see all the necessary information about the site or domain that you want to purchase. Moreover, the price can vary from the smallest to completely unrealistic - several million rubles. Of course, if you don't have that kind of money, you can buy an ordinary domain, it will cost much less - about one hundred or two hundred rubles.

How does the system of placing lots on the site work? Telderi's partner puts the lot up for sale at the price that it considers acceptable. The so-called blitz price is also indicated - for this amount, the seller immediately agrees to sell the site or domain, and the buyer sees this amount. The duration of the auction is no more than fifteen days.

The Telderi platform itself is a guarantor for both parties to the transaction. Moreover, it does not make it possible to register an infinite number of accounts for one user, since electronic wallets such as Yandex Money or WebMoney are linked to the account.

How to start an auction with Telderi

Of course, the first step is registration. Without registration, absolutely no action with the site will work.

When registering on the platform, one kopeck will be debited from WebMoney, and two kopecks from Yandex Money. When this happens, you can write messages to other users on the site. But in order to place a bet, you need to pay an additional one hundred rubles of the deposit. As soon as the transaction is completed in your favor, this money will become available in your account and you can use it.

After these nuances are met, you can start choosing a site or domain that you want to purchase. By default, all lots on Telderi are sorted by popularity, however, it is possible to customize the search parameters for yourself.

When the site is selected, the auction is held, the question arises: what to do next. Now you need to pay for the site or domain, for this a message will be sent to your profile with detailed instructions on how to do this. First you need to start re-registering the domain in your name. If you have any questions, you can contact the hosting. Well, when these details are settled, you can start developing your own website.

On what sales can you get a commission on Telderi?

As one of the largest Web brokerage platform available on the market, there are plenty of online businesses that can be sold on the Telderi platform and for which you can get a commission as a Telderi affiliate from your referrals sales:

Telderi Affiliate Affiliate Program

The Telderi Affiliate Program is simple enough to understand. To become a member, you need to bring friends and acquaintances to the site, and receive income from their turnover. The most important thing is that in no case should you launch an advertisement and place your referral link in it, this will be considered a cheat, even if quite real users are registered. If the system detects such a case, then such users will be deleted, and all income that you received from them will be canceled.

The more turnover from the invited users, the more income you will receive. There is some interest rate grid:

  • Income from referral up to 5000 = percentage of exchange commission 25%
  • Referral income up to 10,000 = percentage of the exchange commission 20%
  • Referral income up to 15,000 = percentage of the exchange commission 15%
  • Referral income up to 20,000 = percentage of the exchange commission 10%
  • Income from a referral over 20,000 = a percentage of the exchange commission 5%

Telderi's website is great for stated deals - selling and buying websites and domains. Telderi partners are always satisfied with the transactions, since the platform acts as a guarantor for both buyers and sellers.

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