Expert Facebook Page Admin: How To Successfully Move A Page

Expert Facebook Page Admin: How To Successfully Move A Page

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Expert Facebook Page Administrator

Facebook is a social networking site where users can leave comments, share photos and post links to news or other interesting content on the Internet, chat and watch short videos.

If you use facebook page admin tools, you can significantly expand the functionality of your account and make good money on it.

Forward-looking people understand that an expert Facebook page admin is needed long before it hits trends. Otherwise, the situation is a reaper for himself and a gamer on a pipe, i.e. combining the status of the page owner and its manager leads to unreasonably high risks of virtual theft.

The worst that can happen - the account owner is unceremoniously removed from the post of the page manager, or it is irrevocably deleted. In such a situation, even Facebook is powerless. His official position is described by three theses:

  • giving someone the ability to manage the page relieves Facebook of any responsibility;
  • all disputes over the consequences of transferring access to the page are resolved in court initiated by the owner;
  • Facebook does not consider complaints about the owner's unauthorized deletion of the account by his manager - only if there is an appropriate court decision.

If your self-confidence is based on the special knowledge of the CMM and vast practical experience - you can read this article just as another reminder of vigilance. But if the reason for the absence of an expert administrator on your Facebook page is cost savings or frivolity (everything will work out, bad happens to others, and just not to me, and so it will do) - please do not regret 20 minutes for reading.

Perhaps this short article will motivate you to take a decisive step to save the effort and money invested in the creation and promotion of the page!

Expert administration of Facebook pages: why and why

The admin of a Facebook page is its main manager, i.e. the person who receives the account management tools - his passwords or access keys to the posted data, including those related to their change / deletion / update. It's one thing when the owner of the page takes on such a function.

Create a Facebook business page

But over time, it becomes clear that the functionality of the general manager takes a lot of effort, and the owner of the page delegates the authority to administer it to another person. It's good when a performer is looked for for the role of an administrator right on the official Facebook page: he excludes fraud and other troubles. Such risk grows significantly if administrators are looked for anywhere. The consequences of such a lack of thought are dire. That is why Facebook itself convinces to add only those administrators whom the user trusts 100%.

Goals and objectives of expert administration of the Facebook page

Why not just administration, but expert-level management? The answer lies on the surface: it is the maximum protection of the confidentiality of information transferred to the main manager and the high efficiency of his work.

Unlike other persons - analyst, advertiser, moderator, editor - the administrator is endowed with all the powers to interact with the content and with the page as a whole. So, the administrator is responsible for 8 areas of work on behalf of the page:

  • assignment / distribution of roles and access to page settings;
  • publishing material and deleting publications on the page to make it visible to all users;
  • sending messages on behalf of the page;
  • regular review of statistics;
  • placement of advertisements, promotions, including the concept (updating) of old publications;
  • blocking unwanted users, setting access restrictions by age, gender, state;
  • generating live broadcasts;
  • moderation of comments (including their censorship in the form of a block of obscenities and other unwanted word forms);
  • deleting and editing a page (plus making it visible to all users), including creating and adding applications.

This is an extremely broad functionality, which can only be entrusted to an expert - an independent competent person, knowingly versed in the listed issues better than the coolest professional. It is highly desirable that the manager was as few performers as possible. An expert is the right person for such a difficult role.

Where to find this? Of course, on specialized sites that value reputation or on iron, unquestionable, recommendations.

If the main business of finding a trusted person has been successfully completed, it's time to proceed to the second step: change the owner of the Facebook page using his special tool - Facebook Business Manager settings.

How To Change A FaceBook Page Owner?

When the account is hosted on a third-party resource, you need to transfer the page to Facebook by clicking on the add page button of the same name. This is a new method for changing the ownership of a unique account.

How to change the owner of a Facebook page: the most accurate guide

To appoint an expert Facebook page manager, make sure that an authorized page manager will do it! It is advisable to make the expert a friend by entering his name into the page contacts.

If for some reason the expert administrator cannot be made a contact, it may be difficult to enter the email address of the applicant registered on Facebook to manage the account.

Next, you need to click on Settings (top of the page) and click on the Page Roles located in the left column. Now it's the turn to select the type of administrator: just click on editor, then in the drop-down menu, click on the appropriate role, not forgetting about their hierarchy and importance.

That's it, now click on Add and enter the password (it coincides with the one used to enter your personal Facebook profile).

What to do if you need to add third-party pages to your account

For the owners of the left resources, you need to know just one thing: how to transfer a Facebook page using its settings. Log in to them and open the page from the administrator profile. In the menu item Page roles click on Assign a new page and specify the person you are adding as an administrator. Assign the Administrator role to it and confirm the action.

How To Remove A FaceBook Page Admin?

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