BionicWP Review: Fast, Reliable & Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

BionicWP Review: Fast, Reliable & Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress BionicWP offers a wide range of tools for website developers, a high level of resource protection and a simple data refresh scheme.

High performance WordPress hosting platform BionicWP

Hosting is a service for placing information required for the Internet resource on physical servers. It is hosting, its reliability and functionality that determine the availability of the site, the stability of its work and the possibility of prompt editing.

The popular WordPress web hosting called BionicWP is a fully managed platform with a unique set of tools and efficient solutions to keep your site safe. In doing so, you are guaranteed to optimize its download speed.

The service began its work in 2020, but has already become extremely popular among developers.

Fast WordPress hosting uses cloud frameworks from Goole, in particular Google C2 High Compute Instance) as a place to store information. This allows you to speed up the loading of the site and make an unlimited number of edits to its pages, install many plugins and themes. Any operations are carried out in a matter of minutes.

Another indisputable plus of the BionicWP hosting platform is a democratic price and several service packages to choose from. To evaluate the convenience of working with it, you can sign up for a trial test period. All information about your project will be available on the Live Sites tab. You can migrate it or create a new one from scratch using the reserves of  the WordPress ‌  platform.

Separately, it is worth noting that unlike many others, this is a truly fully managed hosting platform, within which themes, cores and plugins are updated automatically. By pressing one single button Update, you start a full update of the resource. Optionally, you can update one or more resource elements from the list (plugins and themes).

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A wide range of free and paid tools for website builders

A very impressive overview of BionicWP and its tools available to different categories of users. First of all, it is the ability to make unlimited 30-minute edits. This could be plugin installation, CSS adjustments, design changes, or content updates. The unlimited editing service eliminates the need to contact third-party website development companies.

A set of tools on the hosting control panel allows owners and developers to receive data such as:

  • the total number of all your sites;
  • number of active sites;
  • the number of plugins available;
  • websites with detected malware;
  • number of servers;
  • SSH and FTP details;
  • statistics of your site's performance
  • database credentials.

Business owners are provided with a White Label service, thanks to which they will be able to communicate with customers through personalized email under the brand of a particular organization.

High performance guarantee

One of the biggest advantages that WordPress web hosting guarantees is the speed of the sites. Using modern cloud technologies from Google guarantees you 90+ points on GTMetrix and Google Page Speed ​​Insights. Your site information will be stored where Google stores its own applications. They are truly extremely reliable and fast servers.

The Nitropack Cache plugin used by the hosting platform makes it possible to almost double the speed of your project.

High performance, allows you to check your resource every minute for its availability. This guarantees the non-failure operation of the resource, prompt detection and elimination of any emergency situations.

The high speed of the hosting allows you to test third-party sites for the speed of their work for free.

High level of protection: insurance against hacking and backup of site data

BionicWP is not only fast WordPress hosting, but also reliable. Dozens of new viruses appear every day, and a lot of hacker attacks are carried out on websites of all levels. Choosing BionicWP, you get absolutely free a guarantee of restoring your resource after hacking and unauthorized actions of cybercriminals.

Free backup is another tool for protecting your resource on this hosting platform. It automatically saves data for a 30-day period, which allows you to restore the previous version of the site in any emergency. At the same time, the data is stored off-site, which increases the level of their protection. Data recovery is guaranteed within 24 hours.

Data is backed up daily, and you can restore any version of the site over the past 30-day period.

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Daily malware scans and WAF Firewall quickly detect spyware and resource-disruptive programs. If this happens, you will be notified by the heading Malware Detected in the toolbar.

A detailed review of BionicWP proves that it is a very easy-to-manage hosting platform with an intuitive interface. At the same time, it has enough functions that will be interesting and useful to professionals in the field of website development. This flexibility is the secret behind the popularity of WP hosting.

★★★★⋆  BionicWP Review: Fast, Reliable & Fully Managed WordPress Hosting This review of BionicWP proves that it is a very easy-to-manage hosting platform with an intuitive interface. At the same time, it has enough functions that will be interesting and useful to professionals in the field of website development.

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