A Guide On How To Use Screen Recording For Digital Marketing

A Guide On How To Use Screen Recording For Digital Marketing

The hectic routine of recording yourself with that perfect lighting, the best quality camera and above decent presentation skills, indulges you in a lot of work and takes up a lot of time.

Some are naturally good at it but most of us unfortunately can’t deal with that intense stare of the camera lens or you are great with it but don’t have enough time to record the video before the due date.

The option of Screen-recording has arrived in our basket of updates as a blessing in disguise. Here all you need to do is record the activities on your screen and simultaneously record your voice according to the video.

With this you can record multiple videos, tutorials, explanations, and other informative content that will help you to gain more traffic on your site.

The estimation says that by 2022, most of the traffic on any site will be generated by videos. So, you can start today and create a strong foundation for your website.

To understand the significance more thoroughly, let us dive into how you can use screen recording for digital marketing more deeply.

What you need to do is:


You have an ocean of ideas available in real life, but to choose the most affluent in quality is the real challenge here. When you brainstorm various topics, analyse and strategise those topics coherently, the pressure of creating some quality content would ease up significantly.

Let’s understand this with a layman example, you are a teacher who runs an online tutorial class. You need to cover a lot of ground in a single day for multiple students on a regular basis. You cannot afford to create classes which are not up to the mark. Brainstorming before creating any video will help you to create the best content possible.

Good tool leads to good content

Even though it is a great option to create content without consuming too much of your time and effort, technological hindrances are still present to cumulatively make your work tough and formidable.

There are many tools that help you to record the screen activities in the most efficient way and save your time as well. The best tools you can use are Screen-O-Matic or Camtasia. These are free to use and their interface is easy and efficient to use.

Write a script

When you write a script, the confidence of oration increases significantly and it is easy to read the script without memorising as you are not being recorded. The chances of stammering, forgetting lines or jumbling up points will become zero.

As your mind is occupied with many things like, remembering the script, using the mouse to move the cursor, keeping the relevant tab open, memorizing a script while doing all this becomes a hectic job.

You can either go for the classic old-fashioned way and print the script and stick it near your computer or laptop or you can use tools like Screen-O-Matic that helps you to copy and paste the script and read it while recording the video.

Record the video!

When you are done with writing the script, and have rehearsed it well, comes the most important part RECORDING THE VIDEO. The course of the video from the introduction till the conclusion plays a very significant role creating a great quality video.

Record at least three to four takes of the same video till you are satisfied with the quality, fluency and accuracy of the video. Recording multiple videos also gives an advantage of having a lot of footage. If you have a good video but a small part is bad in quality, then footage from another video can be used in its place.

Edit the video

You have recorded many videos of a single script. Now the best take is ready to be edited to polish it more and magnify its quality significantly. Rendering different filters, transitions and adjustment of the frames, shadows and lighting of the video creates a huge difference.

There might be some parts in a good take that might feel irrelevant, you can cut them out and polish the video to keep the best parts in it as the viewers, otherwise they might get bored and won’t watch the whole video.

Upload and promote

When you are utterly satisfied with the video, come the step of uploading it on your page and blog and other platforms. If you want maximum exposure, upload it on as many sides as possible. There are platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Your main goal is to earn money through these videos. The biggest platform to do so is Youtube. Yet, there is one big issue, with millions of videos being uploaded everyday it becomes very difficult for you and your content to stand out. All you need to know is how you can  make money through YouTube.  

You might need to shorten the video for different platforms, or shorten them as a teaser or promotional video. The description of the video must be customised accordingly, using the right keywords, hashtags and tagging relevant pages lead to increase in traffic.

Then comes the part for which you have created the video. Promotion if done right might lead you to earn a huge amount of money. You can promote them by reaching out to different influencers or other affiliate marketers to promote your video on different platforms.

Advertising it with many platforms like drive more views or other advertising agencies will also lead to increase in targeted traffic on your page and videos.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, digital marketing is a way for businesses to engage with their customers through their personal devices. Of course, the main goal of digital communications is consumer spending on goods and services provided by the company.

Digital screen marketing provides the best opportunity to promote a brand to a wider audience at a relatively lower budget than traditional channels. It is the most cost-effective marketing channel that delivers results in the shortest amount of time.

You can use these steps to use a screen recording tool to digitally market your content on various platforms. Brainstorming the topics, writing a script and recording it to finally upload it on relevant sites is the simple yet very effective process to digitally market your product or services to a large audience.

Using different promotional tools to increase the targeted traffic on your site is also significant, associating with various influencers, hiring advertising agencies and using organic keywords and hashtags leads to increase in a viewers and they will also visit your blogs and regularly follow your content if you follow these steps every time you record a video.

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