How I Septupled AdSense Revenue For 1000 Visits?

How I Septupled AdSense Revenue For 1000 Visits?

I multiplied by 3 to 7 AdSense earnings on my websites. In 3 months. At no cost. Simply by switching from an ad agency working only with its single ads network, to an ads optimization technology partner working with hundred of ads network, incuded the one I was using. Want similar results? See how I did it in this article.

By following below advice, your AdSense revenue per 1000 visits that is most likely only a few dollars can be multiplied by two, three, or even… seven!

Experiencing low earnings around a dollar per thousand visitors on your website? That is exactly where I have been before, with websites barely earning tenths of dollars per month, incredibly low and disappointing earnings.

However, I managed to more than double AdSense revenue on several websites, even more than septupling earnings on one of them! All details are available below - see for yourself how it worked out for my websites.

How to increase Google AdSense earnings?

There are several ways leading to double AdSense earnings that all involve to simply change the ads network that you are using, with no extra charge, to get higher  CPM rates   for your website.

What is CPM? Cost Per Mille is the average cost per thousand views of an online advertisement. Mille is another word for thousand

Depending on your Website success, you might have a low number of pageviews, not monetize it at all, or not having been accepted on the Google AdSense display advertisement network.

There are several steps to  make money online   successfully with an active content website.

I will tell you in this article how to monetize properly an evergreen content website.

It might also work for news, e-commerce or other type of websites, and there is no need at any point in time to pay for anything with methods described below - they are here to help you make money, and not to spend it.

But before getting into the details of optimizing your website earnings and seeing in details real business cases, let us start with some definition to be on the same page.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is unique and potentially authoritative content that is written on a specific subject and is likely to be as valuable years from now as it is now, and eventually to be even more actual and relevant in the future, past its publication.

Definition of evergreen content: sustainable content that will keep being pertinent after publication

For example, if you have written an article about a subject you master, such as the best places to celebrate a bank holiday in your town, it will be valuable around that event, every time it happens.

Therefore, creating evergreen content might be the best way to create value over time for your website, sharing knowledge you have and that can benefit others.

What is website monetization?

You might have heard about it, but not be an expert yet.  Starting a blog   and adding evergreen content is only the beginning of the Webmaster's journey.

In order to turn it into an additional source of income, a full time occupation, or a complete business, you will have to  monetize your website   in some way to generate benefits, through one of these possibilities:

  • Sell your own products or services, such as your knowledge with  Online Course Creation   or some products with an e-commerce platform,
  • Sell other products or services, either through  Affiliate Marketing   links to get a commission on each sale you refer directly, or dropshipping to get the whole margin on every sale you manage,
  • Sell your website traffic, either by displaying advertisement and earning money from views (measured as RPM, Revenue Per Mille), or from clicks (measured as RPC, Revenue Per Click).

There are many other ways to monetize your creation, for example like selling links or posts, creating mailing lists, and many more - but we will focus here on traffic monetization through display advertisement, for which the main player is Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a Google product that puts in relations webmasters that owns website on which advertisement can be displayed, and advertisers that want to pay for their ads to be shown to a relevant audience.

The advertisers will manage their ads on Google AdWords, the platform on which they can create ads, select how much they want to pay, where they want to display their ads, and the campaign budgets.

The publishers will display ads on their websites after having been approved on the Google AdSense platform by including a piece of JavaScript interactive code on their website.

Including this code will allow for AdSense system to automatically display ads on the website, while the publisher can then sit down comfortably and wait for earnings to be wire transferred to his bank account.

Basically, the more quality content on your website you have, the more visitors you will get, and the more money you will earn either through CPC or CPM, all being managed by the AdSense system.

CPC or CPM? CPC means cost per click, and CPM means cost per thousand view, they are the two main measures of website advertisement

There are other ways to improve your website earnings by doing some SEO optimization such as optimizing your  Google PageSpeed Insights   score, meaning making sure that your website is as fast as possible, but the best way to double your AdSense earnings actually is different.

Double AdSense earnings, how?

The earnings from AdSense usually are very low, due to the fact that it is a single program, has a limited pool of advertisers, and they actually limit themselves the number of advertisers and publishers that are joining their platform, in order to keep it family friendly among other things.

How much AdSense pays? On average $1 per 1000-page views

Therefore, the standard earnings from that platform might seem incredibly low.

If you want to double your AdSense earnings or if your website has not been accepted by Google AdSense, all you have to do is to change the display ad networks to one of the higher  paying AdSense alternatives   such as PropellerAds native ads.

Through their network, not only you will be able to monetize any kind of content with any kind of traffic, will also most likely double AdSense earnings with their ads, you will also be able to monetize alternative content such as push notifications.

You can also add a popunder system that will monetize the first interaction of any visitor with your website by showing an ads page, and get directlink clicks that you can add on any kind of clickable area, on any medium – all clicks on that link will be monetized and earnings will go to your account.

But that is not it... You can double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, and even septuple your AdSense earnings through another free to use monetization system!

How to triple AdSense earnings?

Tripling your AdSense earnings might be tricky, as the programs that manage best advertisements for website have higher quality control to get it.

However, this is how I managed to triple AdSense earnings on several of my websites, as you will see below.

All you need is to have a website with 10 000 unique visitors a month or more, quality evergreen content, to be approved by Google AdSense... and to register for free on the Ezoic platform website. Most of it is easy to attain if you followed above advice!

But what is it and how does it work?

What is Ezoic?

The Ezoic mediation partner is a Google AdExchange certified associate and an American corporation based in California, that is selecting through machine learning the highest paying ad to display on your website by analyzing visitors behavior, and accessing a pool of tenth of programmatic advertisement system to choose from, including Google AdSense and many other.

The more time you are spending on their platform, the more money you will earn, as their system will get to learn better how your website works, what your audience wants, and which partners have a highest chance of getting a click on their advertisement.

The setup is pretty simple, free of charge, and a dedicated human contact will support you along your journey to make the most of it - they are only there to help you double your AdSense earnings and go even further.

Create ads placeholders on your website, select which percent of your traffic you want to send to the Ezoic mediation system especially at the beginning, if you're not yet sure about trying it 100 percent, and that's all you have to do to double AdSense earnings for now.

You can easily go even further and triple your AdSense earnings with Ezoic by using one of their many amazing services, that keep expanding: get world's best website analytics in their Big Data Analytics solution, use their CDN to deliver your content faster all over the world, use their cache system to increase page speed rendering, use their Page Speed Accelerator to optimize your page display speed (latest feature has some components with extra fee), and more!

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But... that is not all!

How to quadruple AdSense earnings?

You can go even further and quadruple AdSense earnings with one extra step... which is again with the Ezoic system.

After a while, if your website has enough traffic and brings in enough earnings - in my case it happened when I reached about $200 a month in earnings with about 40 000 unique visitors per month, or an EPMV of about $5 - you might get invited to join a special elite program, the premium Ezoic program.

What is EPMV? EPMV means Earnings Per Mille Visits, and is a more accurate way to measure website earnings per thousand visitors than RPM or CPM

If you ever get it, do join the premium Ezoic plan as soon as possible! With an extra charge, they will personally select and negotiate on your behalf extra deals with advertisers.

You will make an extra income higher than what you pay and will get faster data processing and support answer. Try it for free for 14 days and see for yourself - in any case it is optional.

Nevertheless, you could easily triple your initial AdSense earnings by joining the Ezoic premium solution once you will have been invited!

Let us now see some real business case examples that will show you how it works to increase your AdSense earnings:

  • a business website that tripled its AdSense earnings,
  • a technology website that tripled its AdSense earnings,
  • a travel website that septupled its AdSense earnings.

Business website: tripled AdSense earnings in one month

With the business website  International Business Consulting   that has been monetized for years with AdSense, the earnings were at about $1 per thousand visitors before doing the switch.

The website was averaging at the time between 20 and 30 thousand visits per month, and it was barely earning tenth of dollars a month.

Last complete month with AdSense: $18.88 in July for 17393 pageviews

It was time to find a better way to monetize that audience that was quite good and kept growing month over month.

AdSense revenue for 1000 visits of $1.09 for business website

By switching to Ezoic mediation system right after being approached by one of their representatives, on the first month on Ezoic the website directly tripled its earnings compared to when it was using AdSense.

First complete month with Ezoic: $73.96 in August for 27064 page views, or an average revenue of $2.73 for 1000 page views => triple AdSense earnings

Then, in December I joined the Ezoic premium program, first with the 14 days trial period, that I concluded by joining the premium Ezoic Elite plan. It was nearly 2 years ago, and I still consider staying in as long as possible, it brought amazing results!

Even if there is a cost included, it does bring more income, and overall, always brings more income than in costs, making it a great addition to my earning strategy - see my full guide on the subject:

While my global EPMV remained stable after joining the Premium program, my earnings did increase as you can see below, making it a great investment.

Within my first months using Ezoic - I joined in August, and became premium Ezoic subscriber in December, my audience tripled from around 30,000 visits a month to around 90,000 visits a month, but my earnings quadrupled in the same time as you can see below, while my EPMV tripled to around $3 per 1000 visits, compared to the previous AdSense revenue for 1000 visits of only $1!

Technology website: nearly double AdSense earnings in one month, tripled in 3 months

With the technology website  Help Smartphone   that was monetized with Google AdSense for several months, the switch to Ezoic took a little longer to double AdSense revenue as the first month only saw a 30% increase from an AdSense revenue for 1000 visits of $1.51, to an Ezoic revenue for 1000 visits of $2.03.

Last complete month with AdSense: $34.90 in June for 23103 page views
AdSense revenue for 1000 visits of $1.51 for a technology website

However, it will still a good increase, and it takes time for the machine learning to find the highest paying advertisement to display on that specific technology related content.

First month using Ezoic: $61.16 in July for 30084 page views, or an average revenue of $2.03 for 1000 page views

Within the second month of usage, the global EPMV increased from $1.68 to $2.03, which started to be interesting.

Third month with Ezoic: $127.97 in September for 26945 page views, or an average revenue of $4.75 for 1000 page views

And by the third month of  website monetization   with Ezoic, the website achieved a triple AdSense revenue for 1000 visits with Ezoic, up from $1.51 with AdSense before to $4.75 after with Ezoic, and the revenue kept growing.

Travel website: quadrupled AdSense earnings in one month

With the travel website  Where Can I FLY   the initial AdSense revenue for 1000 visits was quite low at around $0.62, which is lower than the other websites that are in business and technology niches.

Last month with AdSense: $10.16 in June for 16276 page views

The last month using AdSense was the best with barely more than $10 of earnings, and yet it was quite bad overall for an audience of more than 15,000 page views.

AdSense revenue for 1000 visits of $0.62 for a travel blog

The simple switch to Ezoic directly skyrocketed to website to more than quadruple the earnings from $0.62 before to $2.95 EPMV right after the switch to Ezoic!

First month with Ezoic: $35.77 in July for 14665 page views, or an average revenue of $2.44 for 1000 page views

Right after starting using the Ezoic mediation system, the website quadrupled its earnings, and after three months of usage even went above quintuple AdSense earnings, went through sextuple, to go over septuple AdSense earnings from $0.62 before to $4.60 EPMV after the switch to Ezoic, or an AdSense revenue for 1000 visits multiplied by 7.4 simply by using the amazing Ezoic system and its machine learning!

How to increase Google AdSense income in a nutshell

If your website has not reached 10,000 unique visitors a month, or your content might be objectionable per AdSense policies, simply switch to  PropellerAds native ads   system to easily double your AdSense revenues.

You can do without any sort of website validation, simply registering to their site with below link, adding your website, and add an onclick popunder to your website, that will monetize each first click on your website, and adding a push notification monetization, that will earn you passive income by sending advertisement on your behalf in  push notifications   over time. Both can be added in complement of AdSense on your website.

But that’s not it! By creating a direct link for native ads, or simply a direct click, you will be able to monetize any click, anywhere – all you have to do is to get your audience to click on something. It can be a link on your Instagram page, or a square on a Word document that you exchange. Any link can be monetized that way, until you can get to the top of the top, the machine learning ads optimization.

Increase your AdSense revenue for 1000 visits

If your website is above 10,000 unique visitors a month, switching to Ezoic mediation system can take your website anywhere between triple and octuple AdSense earnings per 1000 visitors with literally no investment, and less an hour of set up to get there.

In any case, the switch is free, and you can select yourself how much traffic you are sending to Ezoic, thus limiting the impact if you are not sure about switching.

How much does Ezoic pay? Ezoic pays on average two to seven times more than AdSense, and can pay publishers up to millions of dollars per month. The Ezoic mediation system is a technology that finds and displays the highest paying ads for your website on the Google AdExchange marketplace

It is actually even recommended at first to not send your whole traffic, as it takes some time for the machine learning to get to know your website audience well enough to monetize it correctly - if your  website monetization   is a significant part of your earnings, you should gradually increase earnings, just to make sure that you don't experience an earnings gap between the two systems.

Regardless of the way you decide how to boost AdSense earnings for your website, switching to Ezoic and as soon as you are invited to, subscribing to the premium Ezoic program, surely is one of the best option available around!

What is Ezoic? Ezoic is a technology company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to find and display the highest paying ads from Google AdExchange marketplace at the best location on any AdSense valid website

The AdSense earnings per 1000 visitors, or AdSense per 1000 pageviews earnings can be as low as… 0, on average around $1 EPMV, with an AdSense income per 1000 visitors that could hardly go up to $10.

The best way to increase your EPMV is to let a third party optimize the ads displayed on your website, and at the same time make your Web Pages Load Faster with CDN and Page Speed Optimization at no cost, as they will take a commission from the extra earning you will get from your website.

In my case, I multiplied my AdSense revenue for 1000 visits by seven fold simply by using the Ezoic mediation system for free, and using Ezoic Ads Placeholders and following a simple Ezoic placeholder guide, instead of the AdSense automatic monetization that does not bring a good EPMV in my experience of millions of page views, always with the possibility to stop using their system in one click with no additional setup – but I never did!

Ezoic placeholder guide

Create a free account, try it for yourself, and let me know in comments by how many folds you managed to improve AdSense revenue for your website.

Let’s discuss how to increase your AdSense revenue per 1000 visits

If that all sounds good to you, and maybe too good to be true? The best is to create a free account, try it out for yourself - provided that your website is accepted – at no cost and without any engagement, and come talk with us on our Facebook group!

Yoann Bierling
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Yoann Bierling is a Web Publishing & Digital Consulting professional, making a global impact through expertise and innovation in technologies. Passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in the digital age, he is driven to deliver exceptional results and drive growth through educational content creation.

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