How to create a Google Cloud account?

Creating a free Google Cloud account

Creating a free  Google Cloud account‌  will directly let you have $300 credit on GCP services and 5GB storage, all you have to do is to create a  Google Cloud account‌  using a different email address!

If you have trouble to change language in Google, after having created your account you will be able to easily  change language in Google‌  Cloud account to fit your personal preferences. See also how to create a  Google Drive new account‌  for your online Cloud storage needs.

The process of creating a free  Google Cloud account‌  is pretty straightforward, and starts by going on the Google Cloud website, and select new account option. After having setup a Google Cloud account, you’ll be able to create service account in Google Cloud.

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Create Google Cloud account

Then, different options are proposed to you in order to create your new Google Cloud account, by either logging on Google with an existing account, or by creating a totally new account with an external email – to do so and get your Google Cloud with $300 credit on GCP services and 5GB storage, select the create account option.

Do not enter your email address just yet, but instead select the create account option, and then select the “for myself” option, if you want to create a personal free  Google Cloud account‌  with $300 credit on GCP services and 5GB storage, and click next to continue.

Create Google Cloud account options

Then, in the free  Google Cloud account‌  options, click on the “Create a GMail account instead” if necessary, or enter your personal email address to be able to enter an external personal email address to create a  Google Cloud account‌  and get the $300 credit on GCP services and 5GB storage simply by registering with your email address.

After having clicked on that button, enter all the required information, including your email address.

An email containing a verification code will directly be sent out to your personal email. Open it, and copy the given code in the corresponding box.

After the email has been verified, more personal information will be requested in order to proceed with the account creation.

Give them all, at the exception of the phone number that isn’t required, and click next to proceed with the account creation.

Read carefully the privacy and terms conditions, and, if you agree with them, proceed accordingly.

Google Cloud business information

You will then be requested to enter your business information, as well as entering a credit card for verification, to ensure that you are not a bot trying to create a free Google Cloud account.

Create Google Cloud account

$300 credit on GCP services and 5GB storage with new account

And that’s all, you are now directly logged in your free Google Cloud account, with a dashboard where you can use your $300 credit on GCP services and 5GB storage that can directly be used to use the Google Cloud services. You can now even  create service account in Google Cloud‌  and start using some applications.

To make sure that your transactions are secure, do not hesitate to use an  anonymous Internet access‌  through a  VPN connection‌  before performing operations with your free Google Cloud account.

Google Cloud platform cost

Depending on the application that you will be using, the prices can very widely. See below a few examples of pricing for several applications.

 SAP HANA‌  running on  Google Cloud Platform‌  cost is in total $381 per month, not including any possible license fee for the  SAP S4HANA‌  platform use;

NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation running on  Google Cloud Platform‌  cost is in total $1843 per month, and new Google Cloud users might be eligible for a free trial.

VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall running on  Google Cloud Platform‌  cost is in total $581 per month, and new Google Cloud users can have a 15 days free trial.

Google Cloud Wordpress cost

WordPress hosting of 10GB storage running on Google Cloud Wordpress cost is in total $25 per month, and new Google Cloud users might be eligible for a free trial.

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It is very useful article for us. But due to some technical issues I was not able to login into GCP. I think it is temporary problem.
Hello Shiju, that sounds strange, what happened? Do you have a Google account?
You are right, I also felt strange during the errors inside GCP. For Indian customers, I think the issue with the bank card. The payment is stuck and not able to verify my account. And many users are complained over Google forums and then I have moved to AWS at that time. I don't know GCP cleared the issue or not. I am happy with AWS anyway
The most important is that you found a working solution! Glad to hear that.

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