How to create a Google Drive account and get 15GB Google Drive free storage ?

Creating a Google Drive new account

Creating a  Google Drive new account ‌  will directly let you have 15GB of online  Google Drive free storage ‌  , all you have to do is to create a Google Drive account using a different email address! See also how to create a  Google Cloud account ‌  for your online computing needs.

If you have trouble to change language in Google, after having created your account you will be able to easily  change language in Google ‌  to fit your personal preferences.

The process of creating a  Google Drive new account ‌  is pretty straightforward, and starts by going on the Google Drive website, and select new account option.

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create Google Drive account
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Then, different options are proposed to you in order to create your new Google Cloud account, by either logging on Google with an existing account, or by creating a totally new account with an external email – to do so and get your Google Drive free storage, select the create account option.

Do not enter your email address just yet, but instead select the create account option, and then select the “for myself” option, if you want to create a personal  Google Drive new account ‌  with 15GB of Google Drive free storage, and click next to continue.

Create options

Then, in the  Google Drive new account ‌  options, click on the “Use my current email address instead” to be able to enter an external personal email address to create a Google Drive account and get the 15GB of  Google Drive free storage ‌  simply by using a personal email address.

After having clicked on that button, enter all the required information, including your personal external email.

An email containing a verification code will directly be sent out to your personal email. Open it, and copy the given code in the corresponding box.

After the email has been verified, more personal information will be requested in order to proceed with the account creation.

Give them all, at the exception of the phone number that isn’t required, and click next to proceed with the account creation.

Read carefully the privacy and terms conditions, and, if you agree with them, proceed accordingly.

15GB Google Drive free storage with new account

And that’s all, you are now directly logged in your Google Drive new account, with a popup window explaining how you got 15GB of  Google Drive free storage ‌  that can directly be used to store your files online.

To make sure that your uploads are secure, do not hesitate to use an  anonymous Internet access ‌  through a  VPN connection ‌  before uploading data on your Google Drive free storage.

Google Drive 1TB price for online storage

The  Google Drive 1TB price ‌  starts at $12 per month. There are two different ways to get 1TB storage with a Google Drive account:

Google Drive pricing

There are 4 different packages available on Google Drive, each with various benefits, prices per user:

  1. Business starter, $6/month: 30GB cloud storage and 100 video meeting participants
  2. Business standard, $12/month: 2TB could storage, 150 video meeting participants and recording available
  3. Business plus, $18/month: 5TB cloud storage, 250 video meeting participants, recording and attendance tracking
  4. Enterprise, price to discuss: more customization than other packages.

However, without at least a business standard package, you won’t be able to record the conversation directly from the application.

There are other ways to record your screen on Windows for free to avoid this limitation.

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