Benefits Offered by Google Cloud Platform Right Now

What is Google Cloud Platform?

 Google Cloud Platform‌  is a collection of public cloud computing services which are provided by Google at present.  Google Cloud Platform‌  offers a wide array of hosted services for storage with Google Cloud account, compute through the Google Compute Engine, plus application development in the Google Cloud Services, all of which operate on Google hardware.

Cloud administrators, app developers, and other IT specialists can access  Google Cloud Platform‌  free during the trial period over the internet or by means of a network connection. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the different benefits offered by  Google Cloud Platform‌  at present.

Advantages provided by Google Cloud Platform:

1. Better prices

This is amongst the major benefits you will get from the  Google Cloud Platform‌  right now unlike with the public cloud services providers out there. It is essential to pay for the computing time which is used by the folks and they will also get discounts for the long-running assignments.

 Google Cloud Services‌  stands above AWS right here which forces clients to make upfront payments for Reserved Instances or even Azure which offers only 5% discount for a pre-payment for an entire year.

Cloud filestore instance pricing

2. Extensive private global network

One more advantage of opting for  Google Cloud Platform‌  happens to be the presence of a private global network that makes use of fiber optic cables which run even under the oceans. Outstanding cost benefits are offered by exceptional networking speed. It will be feasible to process data much faster.

Expanding our global infrastructure with new regions and subsea cables

3. Virtual machines

 Google Cloud Platform‌  likewise paves the way for live relocations of the VR (virtual machines). This exclusive function is not offered by providers such as Azure and AWS. When a WordPress site is hosted by you, you can be certain that your virtual machines are always operating out there.

There will be no alteration in performance even though the VMs from the  Google Compute Engine‌  are being relocated. As a result, Google Cloud experts will be able to update issues or resolve patching more effectively.

Virtual Machine Instances

4. Superior performance

Better performances are guaranteed by Google Cloud at present. Response times are going to be much more prompt without any sort of spike and error. Apart from this,  Google Cloud Services‌  also provides better security measures and you will be able to use a model to your advantage which has been formed over the last decade or so.

Over 500 security professionals have been hired by Google right now for ensuring that the information is properly encoded in transit. It is not possible to question data security on this system since Google maintains solid bonds with lots of reputed ISPs too.

5. Expanding of infrastructure

Last but not least, Google Cloud always makes an effort to expand its infrastructure to lots of innovative locations. Google Cloud is shortly opening a region in Zurich with Sao Paolo and Sydney already in the list

Google Cloud infrastructure

Conclusion on Google Cloud Platform

Thus, there are many advantages to using Google Cloud. It is definitely cheaper unlike the other similar platforms on the market and it also has one of the largest networks on the planet.

This can promise better computing prices and low latency due to the fact that information is processed quicker. The live migration of virtual machines is an advantage which helps Google Cloud to stay ahead in the competition.

Plus, with the  Google Cloud Platform‌  $300 free usage after the creation of a Google Cloud account, there is no reason not to try this amazing service!

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