Ezoic SEO TagTester: Overview

Ezoic SEO TagTester: Overview

This article is about what the Ezoic SEO TagTester is used for and how to use it for free to  make money online   with your website, by increasing its Search Engine Optimization efficiency.

Ezoic SEO TagTester: overview

Testers check how a program or application works. They look for bugs, make sure the program does exactly what it is supposed to do, protect the product from hackers, check how the application works on different devices and operating systems.

It is very important to check all the nuances before letting the material into the masses. For example title tester is very important and Ezoic SEO TagTester can help you.

This tester was invented by the developers so that users can optimize the titles of their sites. Ezoic helps you understand which headlines improve SEO performance. This is necessary in order for the site's rating to rise among other similar ones.

This whole system was invented in order to understand how the site appears as a result of search among users. The more accurately all this is configured, and the headers are put in order, the more users will get to a specific site for their specific requests.

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In short, the essence of the work of Ezoic machines is that they find out which name is most suitable for a given site. If the name matches the requests, then the number of clicks increases, and hence the traffic.

The user himself chooses the content that needs to be tested. Further, the AI ​​of the program does all the necessary work and shows:

  • Average ranking of Google search results
  • Bounce rate
  • Page views

Ultimately, the intelligent system of the program shows the most advantageous result for a particular site.

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If we talk about Ezoic SEO TagTester from a practical point of view, every time Google displays the tested site in search results, a different page title is displayed. Thanks to this, it is possible to find out which SEO page title formulation gets the greatest return from site visitors. The system works according to the geographical location, and also determines from which platform the user visits the site. Service developers claim that after testing with their program, site ranking improves by an average of 60%.

Ezoic SEO TagTester presentation

Why you need to test your web page title tags

Ezoic SEO TagTester is so popular and recognized by the public in different countries that Google is one of its partners. Therefore, the main task of testing tags is to find exactly the ones that have the best Google ranking for SEO. Users from this cooperation receive only a number of advantages:

  • Since Ezoic is a Google partner, an Ezoic user gets the option of premium ad placement in Adsense. This means that instead of the standard 3 ad units, the user gets 5.
  • The user need not be afraid of blocking in the advertising service from Google, because in a particular case, advertising will be carried out through special layouts of the service.
  • The user also gets free mobile display optimization.
  • The most important thing is to get an analysis of statistics about the traffic used and the behavioral factors of the site.

How much does it cost

There are several payment options available in Ezoic SEO TagTester. A free mode is available, however, for using your services, an Ezoic SEO TagTester banner will be placed at the bottom of the site. It is quite profitable if the user wants to try and figure out what's what, and only then purchase a paid package.

The second option is paid, from $ 49 per month. The price will vary depending on which options the user chooses. It is also quite convenient if you do not need a full package of services, but only some specific ones.

In order to start working with Ezoic SEO TagTester, all you have to do is to registered your website with the Ezoic AccessNow feature, that waves the one simple entry condition they had before - the number of unique site visitors per month must be 10,000. Now, you simply need to submit your site using below link and wait for it to be validated!

Earnings on the referral program with Ezoic SEO TagTester

Like any site that is interested in attracting new users, Ezoic SEO TagTester has a referral program. If the user has acquaintances with a site that meets the conditions for starting work with the system, then you can safely send him your link.

Of course, the main type of income in this system is the increase in impressions and the integration of Google ads. But you can also make money with an affiliate program. Thus, for each user attracted to the system, you can get 3% of the income of Ezoic SEO TagTester received from this user; the second option is to receive 1% of the referral partner's income.

How you can automate your tag testing process for free with Ezoic SEO TagTester

You can use Ezoic SEO TagTester for free, only an advertising banner will be placed at the bottom of the site you need. However, there is one caveat: without a paid subscription, Ezoic SEO TagTester will give slightly less profit than possible and, accordingly, vice versa, if the required subscription is made, then the platform gives more profit. It is advisable to purchase a subscription only if the income from the site is more than $ 2,500 per month. In other cases, you can get by with the free version of the tester.

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In addition, the Google affiliate program starts working from the very beginning, and this gives the user instead of 3 as many as 5 ad units, which also brings a certain income. Accordingly, the more income will come to one specific site, the sooner you can switch to the paid version of Ezoic SEO TagTester.

A quick guide to writing a great SEO title

There is a sample instruction for using Ezoic SEO TagTester. Let's consider it step by step.

  1. The first most important step is choosing a keyword. For example, if the site is about travel, then you can select What to do in Prague as an example. We see that Google searches for this query about 60,500 times a month. Therefore, if a site does not have enough users per month and a low domain score, it will be difficult for it to be at the top of the Google ranking with such a title. However, if there is really interesting material about Prague, and you need to publish it, then you shouldn't stop. Very often, the initial idea of ​​the headline is very different from what you get at the end.
  2. To achieve the desired result, you need to look for titles with a long tail keyword to the main keyword. In our example, this could be, for example, Nightlife in Prague. There are 18,100 queries per month for this keyword. How do I create a long variation? For example, Prague Nightlife Reviews, this option has 90 queries per month, or Prague Travel Planner, also 90 queries per month.
  3. Now the next important step is choosing a name. It should reflect the essence of what your content is unique, and what exactly is worth paying attention to. Based on this, we compose the name: Prague Nightlife Planner: My 7-Day Itinerary (with reviews).

That is all the necessary tasks - to choose a keyword, find options with a long tail, and then - be creative and apply all your skill when writing a headline.

★★★★★  Ezoic SEO TagTester: Overview The Ezoic SEO TagTester is easy to use, free for all Ezoic users, and brings great results: it can test in a matter of weeks various webpages H1 tag – the title tag displayed on Google results – and automatically select the best performing one, using it for display on Google search results on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to make a test page title?
The main goal of page title testing is to find exactly those titles that have the best Google ranking for SEO. Accordingly, adding the best titles for your page will help you increase conversions and attract more traffic.

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