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Best web hosting 2018 selection :

Cheapest and best web hosting

Our top web hosting choice 2018 is Bluehost
Our top web hosting choice 2019 is HostPapa
Our top web hosting choice 2020 is Interserver

With plenty of competition, and offers that are not always comparable, it is very difficult to find the right website hosting, should it be for a single website, a Wordpress blog‌ hosting, a frontpage web hosting, a multi domain hosting, on a shared hosting or a cloud hosting.

However, this simple guide should help you to make a quick and illuminated choice between some of the best web hosting companies in the world 2018, taking in consideration the top ten websites.

EX2 cheap webhosting offers who is hosting this site

Cheap shared hosting simple site

The cheapest way to host a website at several providers - taxes might change based on your residency, but apply equally at each webhost provider.

These web page hosting services are a good example of the best cheap web hosting and domain, both of which are necassary to host a website.

For business web hosting services, better see below for multisite or cloud hosting.

All prices in US dollars and Euros for comparable services per month, based on a 3 years subscription.

Top 10 best web hosting for a single website

Comparing the best offers of each provider, including dedicated IP and SSL certificate.

All prices in US dollars and Euros for comparable services per month, based on a 3 years subscription.

Most of them offer free domain hosting solutions included in the cheap affordable web hosting, at least for the first year.

Regarding hosting several websites at a single host, the easy winner is Interserver web hosting services, as for only $4 per month with a 3 years subscriptions, it offers a shared standard web hosting‌ with unlimited websites.

Hosting site cloud

Cloud web hosting comparison can be tricky, as every host offer different services. However, for this comparison we took in consideration the offer which was the closest to 4GB server memory offer.

All prices in US dollars and Euros for comparable services per month, based on a 3 years subscription.

Affordable web hosting for small business

Affordable web hosting services

Most of all thee above webhosting deals allow for the following technologies and usages :

  • ecommerce website hosting,

  • linux server hosting,

  • web hosting php mysql,

  • java hosting,

  • google web hosting,

  • wordpress web hosting,

  • sql web hosting.

What is bandwidth in hosting ?

The bandwidth is the amount of data which can be transferred, usually per month. Above this limit, a supplement will have to be paid.

However, nowadays, most best web hosting 2016 and later like the one where is this site hosted, offer unlimited bandwidth with their website hosting solutions.

The affordable web hosting package mentionned above are great website hosting and should satisfy most personal usage and affordable business hosting small web. For bigger usages or websites, consider getting a dedicated virtual server hosting, which will be better suited for top websites hosting.

EX2 who hosts this website

Best cheap web hosting

A good cheap and international webhosting is difficult to find, with plenty of offer on the Internet, and the difficulty to find the best web hosting for personal website.

There are plenty of cheap webhost out there, and it is usually more important to find the best cheap web hosting and domain as a package.

The domain name‌ is usually offered for the first year in the personal webhosting package, and the price of the domain name‌ is nearly the same everywhere, as it is fixed by the ICANN or local agencies that are managing the domain names.

See below our selection of host company, personally tested and approved - the best personal website hosting for us is Bluehost 2.95$ package.

The best cheap web hosting international is hard to define. It depends on your location, your visitors location, your budget, the technologies used, and many other options.

However, for a personal website, one of the best cheap web hosting and domain is with bluehost:

Best cheap web hosting and domain international

For a Wordpress website, one of the best cheap web hosting for websites over 10000 visitors is Ezoic:

Best free WordPress hosting for websites over 10000 visitors per month, with increased ad revenue

Best free hosting WordPress

A free hosting for WordPress, is that even possible? Yes it is, with Ezoic, a certified Google partner that manages advertisement on your website, by selecting for you the best ads that will bring highest revenue from several ad partners.

If you have more than 10000 visitors a month, register using below link, and they will host your WordPress website for free, and increasing revenue from Google adSense by making it compete with other ad agencies.

Paid WordPress hosting
Best free WordPress hosting
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