What Is Brand Portfolio Management? With Sana Kibz, Digital Branding Marketer

Digital Branding is an important part of any digital success, as it means getting your business known by more people and for the right reasons. But what is Brand Portfolio Management exactly, and how to get it done right?
In order to know more about digital branding I asked Sana Kibz, an experienced Digital Marketing Strategist, Radio host and beauty blogger.
She told us her 4 tips to build brand authority correctly in the digital world, and her tips might just help you get your brand to the next digital level.

4 Tips To Build Brand Authority

  • - 1 Make sure you are cohesive
  • - 2 Have high quality content
  • - 3 Make sure you are engagine
  • - 4... Watch the videocast to find out the most important tip!
Are you ready to build your brand authority online?

Subject: What Is Brand Portfolio Management? With Sana Kibz, Digital Branding Marketer

  • #1 Introduction
  • #2 What Is Brand Management?
  • #3 What Are The Activities Involved In Brand Management?
  • #4 What Does A Brand Coordinator Do?
  • #5 Digital Marketing Strategy For Brand Awareness Tips
  • #6 Wrap-Up
Sana Kibz is a Nigerian-American Radio Host, TV Personality, Beauty blogger and Digital marketing consultant. Since moving to New York from Maryland in 2013, Sana has worked with WE TV, TJ Maxx, Maybelline, Glamour, BET, Seventeen Magazine, Macys, and Refinary29. http://www.sanakibz.com/ - http://instagram.com/beautyofbrandingmktg
About the host: French born, digital nomad actually in Warsaw, Yoann runs his network of websites with 300k+ monthly reach, inspiring others dreams. His experience: a year long solo world tour, 55 countries, 650+ flights over 6 years, after 10 years managing international ERP projects in cosmetics, fashion and logistics: https://www.ybierling.com

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