How To Start Being A Freelance Writer? With Colleen Welsch, Freelance Writing Coach

Freelance writing is one of the most accessible online jobs for aspiring digital nomads or work from home persons, as the only skill required is... writing! But how to become a good writer, and be able to create an amazing guest post or product description?
In order to know more about starting being a Freelance Writer I asked Colleen Welsch, an experienced freelance writer and writer coach.
She told us her 6 tips to become as successful as fast as it is possible in the freelance writing business, and she is full of surprising valuable information.

6 Tips To Start Being A Freelance Writer

  • - 1 Choose a niche
  • - 2 Create pieces of content
  • - 3 Make your portfolio available
  • - 4 Hire an editor to look at your portfolio
  • - 5 Start pitching clients
  • - 6... Watch the videocast to find out the most important tip!
Are you ready to become a Freelance Writer?

Subject: How To Start Being A Freelance Writer? With Colleen Welsch, Freelance Writing Coach

  • #1 Introduction
  • #2 Content writer skills / freelance writing job requirements
  • #3 How much money can you make as a freelance writer
  • #4 Best freelance copywriter websites / blogs hiring freelance writers
  • #5 How to be a freelance writer with no experience tips
  • #6 Wrap-up
About Colleen Welsch: Colleen Welsch is a freelance writing coach who helps aspiring digital nomads quit their 9-to-5s and start LIVING! Colleen Welsch - Freelance Writing Coach: -
About the host: French born, digital nomad actually in Warsaw, Yoann runs his network of websites with 300k+ monthly reach, inspiring others dreams. His experience: a year long solo world tour, 55 countries, 650+ flights over 6 years, after 10 years managing international ERP projects in cosmetics, fashion and logistics:

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