Digital Nomadism Styles: What are land based and ocean based nomads lives like?

What is Digital Nomadism? What are the different types and styles?
We invited Joanna Vaiou, a land based Greek digital nomad in SEO, and Dawn Bates, an international best selling author and ocean based digital nomad, to discuss the different types of Digital Nomadism, and share some stories and tips on location free life.
Joanna Vaiou is a Greek Search Engine Optimization Specialist mid-large scale brands with her own remote business and a partial digital nomad. She has been featured with her success story and her quotes on many international business, personal development, entrepreneurship news and other media outlets.
She is also Founder of International Real Estate Greece premium directory where she connects international investors with real estate agencies in Greece to provide them with the best Greek property investment opportunities via the Golden Visa Greece Program. As well as being an international bestselling author and author coach, Dawn Bates is an online entrepreneur and life coach.
After years of full time corporate travel, Yoann, a 34y.o. French native, stopped working as an international project manager to become location free. On the road for 6+ years, with 1000+ hotels nights, 650+ flights, 55+ countries, and a year long world tour, he is now focused on sharing honest information with the world and helping others achieve their dreams.

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