Campervan digital nomadism life with Hilary Bird

How does it work to be a campervan digital nomad?
I discussed this kind of digital nomadism with Hilary Bird, a US campervan nomad that works several part-time marketing jobs while living on the go in her custom campervan.
The takeaway: going on the road does not make you lonelier, but gives you the opportunity to meet your connections - and make new ones!

Subject: Campervan digital nomadism

  • #1 Introduction
  • #2 What is campervan nomadism?
  • #3 For whom is campervan nomadism?
  • #4 How to be productive working from a campervan?
  • #5 Tips to become a campervan nomad
  • #6 Wrap-up
Hilary travels around the country in her self-converted campervan while working remotely and exploring the beauty of the US. She quit her corporate job nine months ago and has not looked back since!
About the host: Yoann is a self made digital nomad. After years on the road as an international project manager, he created his self developed network of websites to share digital knowledge internationally.

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