Hotels That Allow Monthly Stays with Mark Phillips - Founder of Nomad Stays

Living in temporary accommodation for several weeks or months, like most digital nomads do, can be difficult to plan and unnecessarily expensive, and sometimes even not provide the necessary services that we seek such as stable Internet connection or access to co-working spaces.
To address these issues, Mark Phillips has founded Nomad Stays, a curated platform of all kind of places that are personally reviewed and negotiated to accommodate digital nomads in optimal - and acceptable - conditions.

His best tips to find a good place?

  • 1 - Do not go with the crowd, look for things you would like to do
  • 2 - Get used to change, go with the flow, follow your passion
  • 3 - Remember you got work to do, keep the discipline of working remotely
  • 4... Watch our conversation to find out!

Subject: Hotels That Allow Monthly Stays with Mark Phillips - Founder of Nomad Stays

  • #1 Introduction
  • #2 Living And Working From Hotel Rooms With Monthly Rates
  • #3 Extended Stay Hotels With Kitchenettes
  • #4 How To Find Weekly Rates Extended Stay Motels?
  • #5 Tips For Living And Working From Hotels That Allow Monthly Stays
  • #6 Wrap-Up
About Mark Phillips: Mark built a tourism incubator back in the 90s and has been mentoring tech startups since 2000. He has been an angel investor, entrepreneur-in-residence at 4 startup incubators, has been a Founder of a Coworking NGO and even got paid to travel regional Australia helping hand out government grants. (Great nomad job!) About the host: French born, digital nomad actually in Warsaw, Yoann runs his network of websites with 300k+ monthly reach, inspiring others dreams. His experience: a year long solo world tour, 55 countries, 650+ flights over 6 years, after 10 years managing international ERP projects in cosmetics, fashion and logistics:

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