Digital Nomad With Child - With Laura Georgieff, Frugal For Luxury

Being a Digital Nomad in family with kids is very different from being alone, which most digital nomads are, but it is very possible and actually seems very rewarding according to Laura! Her 4 best tips to be a successful digital nomad with child:

  • - be flexible,
  • - learn to let go,
  • - do not overstress the school,
  • - ... and watch the videocast to find out her last tip!
Are you ready to take a leap and become a digital nomad with your family?

Subject: Digital nomad with child with Laura Georgieff - creator of the blog Frugal for Luxury:

  • #1 Introduction
  • #2 Nomadic family meaning
  • #3 Working remotely with a family
  • #4 How to be a successful digital nomad with child?
  • #5 Tips for becoming a digital nomad family
  • #6 Wrap-up
About Laura Georgieff: She is the mother of three crazy kiddos (ages 5 to 8), and, with her husband, form a wonderful tag team. She started blogging because she truly believes that their lifestyle enables them to enjoy the luxurious life they’ve always dreamt of. She loves sharing their luxury family travels as they discover and experience destinations near and far. Expect to be taken around the world with them, as they travel and cruise to exotic destinations. Founder of Frugal For Luxury.
About the host: French born, digital nomad actually in Warsaw, Yoann runs his network of websites with 300k+ monthly reach, inspiring others dreams. His experience: a year long solo world tour, 55 countries, 650+ flights over 6 years, after 10 years managing international ERP projects in cosmetics, fashion and logistics

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