Is a swimwear affiliate program right for you?

There have been so many times where I found myself purchasing something that I did not intend on purchasing from the beginning. While scrolling through social media, I will see a person sporting an outfit that is cute, and I find myself wanting the entire outfit, or a piece of the outfit, for myself.

Whether you realize it or not, you may be influenced the same way but just for different products because producers have mastered the art of influencer marketing. It is close to impossible for businesses to sell anything unless they influence people to buy something.

Insurance companies are great at this. Some are even considered the  top insurance companies by market share ‌  because of the genius influencer marketing techniques they applied.

10 Cell Phone Affiliate Programs
10 Cell Phone Affiliate Programs

Social media has transformed into a hub for this form of marketing, and the implementation of affiliate programs have been tremendously high amongst virtual outlets. With the incline of virtual outlets, OG social media influencers have not only increased their clientele partnerships, but new influencers have stormed in and racked up their clientele as well.

As the summer creeps in, virtual outlets are subbing in swimwear for sweaters. So those who have been working on their summer bodies during the winter can prepare to be recruited into swimwear affiliate programs. Though people may not realize, these types of affiliate programs can be another stream of income.

What is influencer marketing?

To be able to comprehend affiliate programs, you first have to dig into the meaning of influencer marketing. While scrolling through profiles on social media, you probably see people have #influencer in their bio or underneath pictures they post. Well, those people you observe are the “soldiers” for influencer marketing.

According to TapInfluence, the definition of Influencer Marketing is “marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market.” Instead of stores and entrepreneurs reaching out to potential customers directly, they reach out to influencers. They will hire influencers to promote their brand in a casual but inspiring way.

The hopeful outcome is that followers of the influencer will purchase the items from that specific brand.

Influencers are paid by cash, discounts, or free items. In most cases, though, these influencers are only paid if people actually purchase what they are promoting. Companies keep track by providing the influencer with a specific code or link. If a customer uses the link or code to purchase, the company will know to pay the influencer.

People that choose to be influencers are those who want to  work from home full-time ‌  or who want to have passive income outside of their regular jobs.

This form of marketing is seemingly inexpensive for companies. It is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs who may not have large enough funds to invest in marketing. Brands do not have to worry about paying for advertising or commercials because these influencers are acting as the advertisement.

Are influencer marketing and affiliate programs the same?

The short answer to this question is yes, influencer marketing and affiliate programs are essentially the same form of marketing. However,  Affiliate Marketing ‌  usually pays out a commission and is based on websites, not social media. After an outside website incites sales or traffic for another website, a commission is paid out.

Influencers tend to use their social media presence to get people onto their websites. Once they are on their website, they influence the visitors through blogs, videos, or photos to click on a link that will lead to another site or that will lead them to a purchasing page.

If done right, influencer marketing, and affiliate programs can create a large incline in sales, especially if they are intertwined with one another like by  embedding Facebook with your website. ‌ 

BetterWorld Books is an example of a major online retailer that has an  Affiliate Marketing ‌  program. Influencers use affiliate linking to  earn passive income ‌  from BetterWorld Books. Unlike other only affiliate programs, BetterWorld Books has a variety of options when it comes to promoting certain products.

At this point, consumers know when they are encountering an influencer or an  Affiliate Marketing ‌  system. Despite knowing, they may still purchase the item that is being promoted.

Some social media platforms have regulations in place where influencers have to announce when a post is an ad or not. This transparency keeps social media participants from feeling as though they are being tricked by people and the brands these individuals are representing.

Choosing to Participate in a Swimwear Affiliate Program

Bikinis and sundresses are what you see most women wearing in pictures that are shared during the summer. Some do not realize it, but swimwear, bikinis especially, are a prime component of summer fashion. Of course, shorts, skirts, and tank-tops are the go-to items for the summer, but they tend to be reused and refurbished during every summer.

Swimwear is the clothing piece that is replaced close to every year. They are also more expensive than other summer clothing pieces. You can compare swimwear to coats. During the winter, coats can be essential so they tend to be high up in the fashion department. Like coats, swimwear is more expensive during its season because it is in high demand.

Retailers know this, so usually right before summer begins, they start soliciting influencers to begin posting while sporting their bikinis and other swimwear. The key to mastering this is by not promoting too early or too late.

Another keynote is that marketing to the right type of audience with the right type of piece of clothing is crucial to sales. Different types of individuals prefer different types of clothing, and you would not usually market the same clothing to a mother of three as you would to a young, college student.

An influencer or someone who wants to participate in a swimwear affiliate program can find it is financially beneficial because swimsuits are top-priority in the summer fashion.

Focusing on one or two affiliate programs at a time is the best way to handle this type of work because you want to present a united front to viewers. If you are modeling and promoting multiple swimwear brands, your viewers will get the sense that you are doing it for the money. You want them to believe you are truly in awe of the brand so they will be influenced to purchase.

You should spend some time researching different types of affiliate programs so that you can participate in one that best fits your personality and style. As a producer, using leaders in the right communities to promote swimwear is profitable for the same reasons as it is for influencers to join your program.

Just as influencers should research the right program for them, you should research the perfect influencers and outside websites for your brand.

Imani Francies,
Imani Francies,

Imani Francies writes and researches for the car insurance comparison site, She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media and specializes in various forms of media marketing.

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