Travelpayouts Affiliate Programs That Pay For Clicks: Airline, Hotel And Travel Affiliate Program

Travelpayouts Affiliate Programs That Pay For Clicks: Airline, Hotel And Travel Affiliate Program

Just like food, lodging and clothing, travel is one niche that will never lose its relevance. People will always move from city to city, from country to country. And, given the recent events of 2020 (thanks to Elon Musk), soon from planet to planet as well. Today there are many ways to cooperate with companies that make money on travel. Travelpayouts is an ingenious affiliate program that allows you to start working with advertisers in an elementary way and generate additional income. In this article, we'll talk about who and how can join this program.

Why is it worth starting a partnership with Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is an affiliate network through which you can make money in the travel niche. Affiliate programs of various categories are available on the network: air tickets, accommodation, bus tickets, travel insurance and more.

This is your earn on travel affiliate program. The affiliate program has many advantages and will give you the opportunity to make good money.

  • You receive a regular monthly fee for all users who made a reservation through your link.
  • Your own trips, organized in collaboration with partners at, guarantee cashback for hotels, tickets, insurance and more.
  • Travelpayouts has such well-known resources as in its database;; and others.
  • The method of sending an application for cooperation is as simple as possible, which allows you to get an almost lightning response.

Who can join the Travelpayouts Affiliate Program?

  • First of all, the owners of sites containing travel content.
  • Owners of sites with other topics, if applicable. Not all services can approve your cooperation request. But most advertisers are quite loyal to this.
  • Plus, you can profit from Travelpayouts even if you don't have a website and are not going to start one. More on this below in the article.

Which advertisers can you work with using Travelpayouts?

And the list doesn't end there.

How to register?

To register, just follow this link. Click the Join today button and enter your email address and password.

Next, you will need to answer a few questions about your website. With this information, Travelpayouts will select programs that best suit your audience.

You will be asked to answer whether you will monetize your site. Next, you will need to enter the address of your site. Then talk about the content it contains. Specify your monthly unique visitor traffic. Next, you will be asked to select from the list the country whose residents visit your website most often.

Congratulations! Registration at Travelpayouts is now complete. Now all that remains is to confirm your e-mail in the sent e-mail message. And you can start working with the service!

Instructions for using the Travelpayouts service

Your personal account will look like this:


In the Main tab you can see a full report on clicks, impressions, earnings, potential earnings and cancellations. In the Reports tab, you can sort reports by dates, programs and user country. At the initial stage, when you do not have a lot of partners, this may seem useless. But when your partner base expands, this sorting function will come in handy.

Remuneration withdrawal methods

The top left corner shows your Travelpayouts income. Payment Pending indicates how much money is ready to be paid. This information will be available when the minimum amount is reached.

The minimum amount differs depending on the method you choose to withdraw the reward. At PayPal, it's $ 50. Yandex.Money - 500 Russian rubles. Webmoney - 500 Russian rubles or $ 10. Current account of a Russian legal entity - 10,000 Russian rubles. Bank foreign currency account in $ or € - 400 $ or 400 €.

Which of these methods to choose depends only on you.

Webmoney and Yandex.Money are perfect for those whose income does not exceed 150 € per month. According to the rules of these services, you can not provide personal data, which is very convenient for those whose business activity has not yet been registered. The downside of this method is the impossibility of withdrawing money to a bank card. However, this is a great way to easily and quickly settle accounts with copywriters, developers and other specialists who help you in the development of your site.
Withdrawing money to your bank account makes sense if your income does not exceed 250 € (if we talk about Russia, this border may differ for other countries). With such an amount, it will be more profitable for you to pay tax for an individual than to register a company.
With income over 250 €, it will be more convenient to withdraw money directly to the company's account.
The best way to pay your reward is PayPal. But you should consider the costs of currency conversion.

You can find more information at:

Earning options through Travelpayouts

When you have already become a partner with one of the advertisers, earning tools will be available to you, which you can find in the company's account at Travelpayouts. In my case, this is   It looks like this.

Here you can copy text links, as well as codes for widgets and banners, which you can later place on your site. For a visitor who made a purchase through your link or widget, you make a profit.

Let's take a closer look at all the options for making money through Travelpayouts. You can always see full information about each of them in the same personal account in the Tools tab or here:

First steps
  • Text links. Insert personalized links into feature articles on your site. If you don't have your own website, you can still earn money. Post links on travel forums, in comments under articles on thematic blogs, or simply on social networks.
  • Search forms. By posting it on your own website, your visitors can immediately start booking tickets.
  • White label.
  • Banners.
  • Vijits.
  • Plugin for Wordpress.
  • API.

How do I find affiliate programs?

Now let's talk about the advertisers themselves. You can find them in your personal account in the Programs tab.

You are presented with a complete list of potential partners. Some of them you can join with one click. Most of them, however, will require prior approval. As you can see in the screenshot above,  VisitorsCoverage   requires it. (information is located above the Details button).

On the left, under the advertiser's logo, there is information about the lifetime of cookies, the amount of the average check of visitors, and, in most cases, your potential reward is also indicated. Often as a percentage, but there is also a specific amount for one booking through your link.

In the top bar, you can sort your partner search:

  • It is possible to enter a specific company in cooperation with which you are interested.
  • Sort advertisers by category (insurance, flights, hotels, etc.).
  • Sort by country.
  • Sort by earning options (text links, widgets, and so on).

Nice bonuses for Travelpayouts users

In addition to the possibility of additional income, Travelpayouts has a whole list of promo codes for websites that will help you develop your project. Among others, discounts and free trials of services for logo creation, website promotion, content exchange, hosting, promotion. You can see some of them right from this screenshot;)

Promo codes are constantly updated, which allows you to develop your project at the most favorable prices, and sometimes even for free. At the time of this writing, Travelpayouts provide more than 20 (!!!) promo codes. All of them are listed in the Services tab.

So is it still worth choosing cooperation with Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is not the only affiliate program, but definitely one of the best. The user interface is very user-friendly. In addition, you can follow the reporting in specially created Travelpayouts apps for the App Store and Google Play. All of your commission income is transparent. As for the cons, for some it may seem inconvenient that payments are made once a month from the 10th to the 20th. At the same time, I did not find any serious disadvantages in this affiliate program. At least initially.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of cooperation with Travelpayouts?
This is the best airline affiliate program with which you can earn money in the travel niche. Affiliate programs of various categories are available on the network: air tickets, accommodation, bus tickets, travel insurance and more.

TravelPayouts Affiliate Program Review: Earn Cashback On Travel. Monetize Your Travel Blog

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