Dr.Cash review of a dishonest affiliate partner

Dr.cash review of shady business practices

Having been contacted by Dr.Cash to possibly update an article about the  best ad exchange network‌  by adding a paragraph about their website with backlinks, I agreed after some email exchange about a financial compensation.

Once my article had been updated with backlinks and a paragraph about their affiliate partner program to monetize your website, I wrote back to them saying it was done.

To my surprise, they answered by saying that they cannot see the update, and that the deal is off.

Having letting me worked for nothing, cancelling the agreement after delivery, and showing dishonesty, it is clear that Dr.Cash is one of the worst affiliate program possible.

Stay away from this scam and these shady business practices, and, instead, use one of the  best ad exchange network‌  to  monetize your website‌  properly, such as the excellent  Ezoic platform‌  which won't use you like the dishonest Dr.Cash.

Actually, I should have known better - I was contacted by somebody with a Gmail personal address, and not even an email address under Dr.Cash domain name. One usually great sign that nothing good will happen from any communication with the email sender.

Overall, the lesson learned of this unfortunate experience with Dr.Cash, which probably is the worst ad exchange network available online, and the conclusion of this Dr.Cash review, is to never use them, and instead choose a the  best ad exchange network‌  such as the amazing  Ezoic mediation system‌  that is actually working and not asking for unpaid work.

Dr.Cash review online

After having being dupped by this dishonest affiliate program and scammer business partner, I had a look online at other reviews, to leave my personal experience amongst them, as nobody should ever be in contact with them ever again for business purposes.

Not really to my surprise, I noticed that many other online  Dr.Cash review‌  were pretty similar to my personal experience, explaining how they didn't get paid at all, and also got stolen from this scammer.

See for yourself online, and let us know in comment what was your experience with the shady business partner and possible scammer that is Dr.Cash, as per other Dr.Cash review.

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Dr.Cash review email exchange of the scam

In the initial email exchange, I agreed on updating my website article about the  best ad exchange network‌  by adding a paragraph about Dr.Cash in exchange of a financial compensation.

Once done, the article have been updated online including backlinks to the dishonest Dr.Cash website, and the changes have been submitted to Google for indexation, I've contacting them to get paid as agreed.

After that, I got an answer saying that the deal is off, without any reason, thus leading me to write this Dr.Cash review, as I have been stolen from them of several hours of my precious time, for nothing, except losing time with Dr.Cash scam, the worst ad exchange network.

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 2019-11-20 -  jérémie maubon
merci tu m'a evité de me faire plumer de 500e j'allais acheter une formation a cette escro.

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