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What is the basis for making money on websites

Almost any site on the Internet brings its owner a steady income. It depends on many factors, but basically - how much traffic to the site, how everything is set up, whether the mobile version of the site is conveniently made. Many site owners who have not yet fully figured out how making money from websites works do not pay due attention to the mobile version of their site. And it’s in vain - most users visit sites from mobile devices, and if the mobile version does not work well, then the user will most likely not return to your site.

Earning money on websites is primarily built on advertising. The site owner can choose any company that is engaged in advertising placement as a partner and thereby increase his earnings several times. It can also be income from selling links. Another option to generate income is to place goods or services directly on the site so that users can purchase them through the site. This category, as you might guess, includes all online stores. To further attract customers, they use a trick: in addition to the computer version and the version of the site optimized for mobile devices and tablets, they create applications to sell their products. This also brings popularity to their site, and, accordingly, an increase in traffic, and regular customers, and the income itself.

What is more profitable: create a website yourself or buy a ready-made one

Before answering this question, you need to understand who wants to do this - a beginner or a person with experience. If we are talking about a beginner in the IT business, then the answer is unequivocal - it is more profitable to buy a ready-made website.

Firstly, the very creation and configuration of the site may take longer than is actually required, because a person will only learn all the necessary things. In addition, if something does not work out, most likely you will have to hire a specialist, and this is an additional cost. Secondly, website promotion is also not an easy task, and it cannot be solved in one month. Thirdly, no one will give a beginner a guarantee that his site, after all the necessary settings and optimization, will bring him a stable income, and that in general he will have to earn something with his help.

If a person does not have the knowledge appropriate for all this, it is better to buy a ready-made website. This is about the same as a turnkey business, only on the Internet, but the essence remains the same.

How to make money buying and selling sites

There are a number of services on the Internet, including the one that will be discussed, which helps its users to buy and sell sites. With the help of not cunning actions, you can start making good money.

You can buy and sell sites very profitably, becoming a permanent plus. The essence of earning is that a person who has bought a site, which, in principle, already works and brings some kind of income, must optimize it as much as possible, achieve an increase in profits by his actions, and only after that he can start reselling the site.

What is a website broker?

Modern resources for buying and selling sites offer two options for working: with an intermediary or with a broker. Here it is worth figuring out what's what.

The first option is suitable for those who have limited financial resources, and for those who just want to see how it all works. The second option is for more advanced IT businessmen, although it is more risky - on unverified resources there is a chance to run into a broker who will deceive you, and as a result you will be left without your own website, and without earning from it, and without money that planned to bail out from its sale.

There is also an option of working with special exchanges, but it is more suitable for beginners, or for those who are just in a hurry to sell a site, and it does not matter to him how much money he will get for it. Also, the difficulty in working with the exchange lies in the fact that among the huge number of ads it is very difficult to find the project that can really be optimized and made money on the sale.

Never buy or sell online without using

Working with trusted and reliable brokers is based on a slightly different principle. A broker with a good long-term reputation values ​​it very much, therefore, he checks and analyzes each site very efficiently and conscientiously. In addition, the broker can help with training, and tell both about the basics of an IT business, and provide a more in-depth course. It is beneficial for a broker to have competent partners for the long term.

Another difference between an exchange and brokers is that if you decide to sell a site through an exchange, it will be priced at an auction, and the expectation will not always coincide with reality - sites are sold on the exchange much below market value, and expensive projects have nothing to do there. ... The broker, before launching the site for sale, evaluates it by a number of factors, the price will consist of just this estimate, as well as taking into account the market value.

When the site has already been purchased, it is necessary to conduct a pre-sale preparation. Just don't expect it to be a quick task - you need at least half a year for this purpose. Why so long?

How to build a winning pre-sales process

Immediately after the purchase, you should start optimizing the site. The optimization task will be to improve the site, thereby increasing its income, see how it works (for several months), and only then send it for sale.

What should you pay attention to when optimizing? Considering that now is the age of modern technologies, smartphones and tablets, you should not focus only on the desktop version of the site, although it, of course, also plays an important role. Many users browse websites on mobile devices and it is important for them that the site looks as good as it does on a computer.

Also, when optimizing, you should pay attention to where the traffic comes from to the site, and see if all the resources are involved. For example, the old owner might not have used the attraction of traffic from social networks, and in modern times this is a colossal omission. The operation of the buttons on the site is also checked - whether they lead to the right place, whether they open the pages correctly.

Pay attention to the design of the site. Here it is better not to rush to make a decision - even if you, as a new owner, do not like the old design at all, you should not rush to radically change everything - maybe the users liked this design. what kind of company

It was already mentioned above that now there are quite a few companies that buy and sell sites, and is one of them. The review will be looking at offers for sellers and buyers. is a marketplace that sells well-established blogs and websites. On this site there are both sites that bring a fairly decent income and can be bought just for themselves, as a ready-made turnkey business, and there are sites that need to be improved, but this does not mean that they are worse than those that have more visitors or more income.

There are various categories and niches of sites on the platform, for example, there is a separate tab with sites that have a small income and they can be modified, there are sites with income of $ 500, and there are sites that generate income of $ 5,000 per month.

Why should you contact Consider the benefits.

  1. Starting an online business from scratch takes a long time. Buying an existing site allows you to skip the time-consuming startup phase, saving you months and years of trial and error. Some sites have traffic and social media followers and are already generating income that will take years to build.
  2. There is no need to understand the technology of creation; all the technology, coding and initial business setup was done for you. You get a complete website with unique SEO-optimized blog content. Some sites also include premium themes and plugins.
  3. Saves you money. No need to hire a design team or spend money on site management. We took care of everything for you. In addition, many of our sites are monetized through affiliate links. So, they are already making money from day one.
  4. Professional is a marketplace for quality, reputable and custom-built blogs and websites. Your consultant will guide you through every step of buying or selling your website.

Information for buyers

All websites listed for sale on are not created by an agency, but by independent content creators. These are real, active websites with original, unique content that are owned by their owners.

In addition, brokers are always ready to meet with a potential buyer at any time, go through the sites for sale and answer any questions the buyer has.

What's on the sale may differ from owner to owner, however you'll usually see the domain, website content, social media accounts, and email subscribers. In each of the listings, lists what is included in the sale.

Most listings also have a profit and loss statement that you can easily access. Access to Google analytics is also provided.

Information for sellers

The time it takes to sell a website can vary. has sites that sell in days, while others can take weeks to find the right buyer. The industry standard for selling an online business is 6 months, but it's worth remembering that every business is unique.

When selling a website on, you will need to pay $ 25 to host your website on the platform and to start promoting it. The commission will depend on the selling price, as an additional bonus - the higher the site is sold, the less commission will have to be paid.

★★★★☆ Blogsforsale.Co Review: Buy And Sell Websites The service is great for buying and selling sites, and all sites on the site are very thoroughly checked, and specialists are ready to answer any questions regarding the transaction at any time.

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