Telderi Review: Buy And Sell Websites

Review of the platform for the safe sale of websites and domains Telderi


I got to know the Telderi platform shortly before I started developing websites. Acquaintance with it was quite spontaneous - a friend who worked as a webmaster for us wanted to show me his increase to his salary during his work break. To tell you the truth, I had no particular desire to look at his income, since I don't like counting other people's money, and it’s ugly, but my friend insisted, because he always trusted me and did not consider me an envious person (which, in general, is true ). And then, coming to his workplace, my friend sat down at his laptop and enthusiastically opened a website called TELDERI.

What is this site for?

I asked myself the same question, as soon as I saw interesting lists with a price tag in the right column, and within a minute, even before my friend explained to me what kind of resource I was in front of, I immediately guessed - this is an auction of Internet sites, where anyone can sell his project, starting from a simple business card site, riveted in 1 day and ending with a well-known forum with a million audience. For about 1-2 hours, a friend explained to me all the nuances of working with this site and I became interested, and so that later Telderi became for me one of the indispensable things in the world of WEB, and it was on it that I began to buy and sell sites of various nature ...

In this article, I would like to describe in detail the entire process of working with one of the popular projects in the field of WEB, as well as tell about the advantages and disadvantages of this resource and explain to you, dear readers, why it is the best in its niche.

How to use the Telderi internet site?

At first, like many, eyes start to run up, and in my head there are thoughts: Oh, how much is there, but this incomprehensibility is deceptive and after 1-2 hours you completely understand what, where and how this auction site. And after reading this review, believe me, it will take even less time. So let's get started Telderi overview:

I am a website buyer

Let's say you have a certain amount of money and you want to buy yourself an internet site. In most cases, people buy Internet resources with the goal of increasing their money or getting a source of constant income. In the first case, the buyer hopes to resell the site at a higher price over time, and in the second, he adds advertising materials to the site, which will bring him profit depending on the number of visitors. In very rare cases, a person buys a site just for himself, and not for the purpose of making a profit, say a regular blog, in which he shares his thoughts and impressions with a certain audience. No matter what category of buyers you belong to, the principle of buying is always the same.

Let's move on to looking at the sections that the buyer should pay attention to. In this article, we will not consider all of them, but only the most important ones:


In the left column there is a section Price, where you can set limits on the display of sites whose cost exceeds, say, 30,000 rubles. This can be done both for the current price, and for the optimal price, that is, the one at which the seller undertakes to sell the Internet resource.

The price category called Blitz deserves a separate mention. By setting a blitz price under his lot, the seller of the site will not only have to sell his resource, but in addition, the auction immediately stops, and the buyer who has deposited funds for payment instantly becomes the winner.

Income and expenses

Here the buyer indicates how much profit and costs the site carries. You can specify Total Income, Income Per 1000 Visitors, Net Income, and even ROI. If the buyer does not trust the sites shown, he can select the Income confirmed item, which will leave in the list only those projects whose owners have proven the specified profit. The last section in this category is called Sources of Income. Here the buyer can choose what methods of monetization the resource uses (Contextual advertising, Banner and teaser networks, Link exchanges, etc.)

Traffic and SEO

In this section, the buyer indicates the desired number of users and views per month, as well as the SEO parameters of the site (TIC, ICS, PR, etc.)

Directory presence

The section is important when buying a news site. The presence of an Internet resource in Yandex.News or Google News significantly increases its value.

Articles on the site

This section allows you to remove from the list sites with certain content. For example, if you need a high-quality project, then only the Copyright and Manual rewriting items should be checked.

How to Evaluate Websites


Another important section. Search engines are more loyal to sites as they age.


Here you can specify with which content management systems you want to see sites in the list.

What Is a Content Management System (CMS)?

I am a website seller

I don’t know about you, but I am personally very familiar with the situation when many projects were simply “blown away” because their author had lost the desire to develop and support them. Unfortunately, the Telderi site appeared only in 2011, and until that moment the publisher had only two options: to abandon the project or try to find a buyer on some forum, which was very difficult, and there were still no guarantees that one of the the parties will not try to cheat.

Now, transactions with Internet resources have become more transparent and convenient, thanks to Telderi. If you have a site with a constant audience that brings a certain income, but one day you realized that you have lost interest in your project, and it’s a pity to abandon it, then everything is extremely simple - we go to the auction of Telderi sites and set the necessary parameters, oh which, by the way, will now be discussed:

Your site URL

Everything is extremely simple here. We indicate the address of your site so that the buyer can look at it and rate it. Optionally, the URL can be hidden and only provided upon request.

Information about the site

Here the seller must provide a description of his resource (subject, age, income, etc.)

Price setting

Here it is already more interesting. The seller has several options for selling his site:

1. Auction without a fixed price.

The classic version of any auction. The seller starts the auction and the one who, after the expiration of time, offers the highest price is the winner.

2. Auction with a fixed (optimal) price.

With this type of bidding, the seller sets the optimal price and blitz.

How to Assess the Cost of a Website When Buying and Selling?

By the way, the seller has the opportunity to end the auction ahead of schedule, regardless of whether the bid has broken through the optimal price or not.

When the auction is won, the process of closing the deal begins. First of all, the buyer must deposit the required amount of money, then the seller transfers the rights to the domain and the site, and at the end, if there are no claims on both sides, the transaction is considered completed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's move now, perhaps, to the main component of any review. A 2-hour story is not enough to describe all the advantages of such a resource as Telderi, so we will highlight and summarize only the most important.

Quantity and variety

I think many will agree that the main difference between Telderi and other similar resources is the incredible number of different projects. It is impossible to find such a huge amount of Internet resources of various kinds on any site for the safe purchase and sale of sites. Here you have just domains, and landing pages, and message boards, and YouTube channels, and even the most famous sites with a million audience.

Warranties and convenience

As mentioned earlier, with the advent of Telderi, publishers finally have the opportunity to sell their projects, if for some reason there is no time or even lost interest in them, and not abandon them. Well, and the most important thing is, of course, that all transactions can be carried out safely, without fear that one of the parties will refuse to comply with the terms of the contract.

So, now a little about the bad

Despite all the importance and advantages of the Telderi site for webmasters who are engaged in buying and selling sites, it is not at all devoid of disadvantages, albeit small, but noticeable. And maybe, now someone will classify what I have written as nit-picking, but this is a personal matter for everyone.

As strange as it may sound, Telderi's advantage, which consists in a large number of available lots, is also its disadvantage for an obvious reason - a long waste of time searching for worthy projects from a huge number of all kinds of templates. And various kinds of settings do not always help, say, in terms of price, since even a very high cost of a website can in fact turn out to be a simple gimmick and an inexperienced buyer will be left with nothing. And it's a shame that Telderi does nothing with this and even gives the site seller the right to block access to his lot for certain buyers, thereby indirectly taking part in the deception. But, on the other hand, Telderi is not guilty of the buyer's carelessness either, because in the end the site will never complete the deal without the consent of both parties.


Summarizing all of the above, it can be said without any exaggeration that the Telderi site for buying and selling websites was, is and will be the best in its niche. For the foreseeable future, so for sure. After all, it is on Telderi that more than 200,000 users are registered, more than 500 transactions are concluded per month, and there are some of the most famous Internet resources of the Russian Internet.

★★★★⋆ Telderi Review: Buy And Sell Websites Telderi site for buying and selling websites was, is and will be the best in its niche. More than 200,000 users are registered, more than 500 transactions are concluded per month, and there are some of the most famous Internet resources of the Russian Internet.

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