An Introduction To The Humix Platform

Video content is one of the most simple and profitable ways to be a content creator. However, with so much competition out there, you need the tools to manage your output and stand out from the crowd. That is where Humix can help, by giving your videos the opportunity to rank on search engines for video results as if they were hosted on your own website, and compete directly with the whole other video platforms for these precious clicks.
An Introduction To The Humix Platform

Here is a quick introduction to the Humix Platform, with which we multiplied views by 30 and earnings by 4! Read our full Humix review for more details.

Take Advantage Of Four Powerful Tools To Build Content.

The Humix site works around four key features. Users that opt into a Humix subscription can utilize them all to create a system that works in their favor from start to finish. They are as follows.

1) Studio.

Here, users work on their videos and current collection to make them more appealing, accessible, and profitable. The editing tools help you perfect the final video, and you can add keywords and links as needed. This is also the place to work on your playlists and batch updates.

The options offered in the studio are the following:

  • Upload a single new video, filling all attributes from scratch,
  • Upload video batch, if you got more than a single video to upload at once,
  • Import from YouTube, to get your videos and related content imported from your YouTube channel: video, thumbnail picture, title, description, keywords.

You can also access your individual videos by clicking on the corresponding dedicated page icon, and access the modification page to update all attributes related to your video, for better ranking on search engines:

  • Video title,
  • Video description,
  • Video thumbnail picture,
  • Playlists in which the video is included,
  • Video privacy, either public or private,
  • Video start time, if not the beginning,
  • Tags for custom video categorization,
  • Keywords used for ranking by search engines,
  • IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) categories for categorization and SEO,
  • Links that will be shown on top of the video, such as links to your related content, to relevant sources, or to your affiliate partners,
  • Closed captions, where you will be able to trigger automatic captions generation, and upload transcriptions in other languages,
  • Restriction by referer, to prevent other sites from including your video in an iframe.

2) Site.

Next, you can work on your locations for sharing and displaying your networks, while also customizing your video players and working on accessibility. This provides the option of sharing with other sites to widen your reach.

Video locations

The first screen will allow you to assign a specific video to a specific page, and manage videos assignment to pages.

Videos can be auto-matched to your content by activiting the corresponding options, but before that, they won't be shown anywhere except on your own video platform, unless you specifically tell the system where to show them - generally embed in the corresponding article.

Network opt-ins

These very important settings for your monetization are available in several screens of the Humix settings, and this is the first one:

  • Activating the Grow: Share videos option will allow the system to display your videos when relevant on the whole network of websites that have activated the next option, sharing revenue with you,
  • Activating the Engage: Display Network Videos will let the Humix system display videos from other content creators that have activated the previous option on your own content, when relevant, sharing revenue with you.

You can also select individually which videos are shared or not on the Humix platform by activating the corresponding checkbox.

Video player customization

Another important setting is the video player customization, in which you can define your own colors and styling for the video player, matching your visual style for a better integration in your content.

Plenty of options are available for the most design-savy publishers, but most will simply change the foreground color, background color and accent color to match website style in a few clicks.

Site settings

Finally, the last important screen will let you define important settings for your video integration and monetization:

  • Possibility to open video links in new tab, so visitors are not leaving your site when clicking on your extra links,
  • Setting a maximum number of Humix videos to display on any single page,
  • Regenerate the video sitemap if you've added new videos and the sitemap file hasn't been automatically updated or an old version is cached,
  • Allow your other domain names to access and use videos uploaded on current domain name,
  • Let the system include Flickify videos in empty locations or video locations identified by the artificial intelligence,
  • Allow artificial intelligence to assign videos to any page of the current domain.

3) Monetization.

This is the one that really counts when it comes to profiting from your video content. There is the option to configure ads for your videos and make it easier to generate income from engagements.

Optimize your site

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Maximize revenue

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

In the first tab, ads configuration, you will be able to select if Humix has the authorization to automatically optimize video ads using artificial intelligence - otherwise, you can manually select ad lenghts, allow skippable ads or not, and activate the agressive playlist monetization.

In the second tab, network opt-ins, you will again be able to activate the network options to share your videos with other publishers, or to display videos from other publishers on your websites. In both cases, revenue will be shared between content creator and owner of website that is displaying it, leading you to increase your earnings.

In the last tab, settings, you will have the opportunity to turn ads on or off on your videos with a single click.

4) Channel.

Finally, there is the channel feature where you can work on integrating your content and playlists with your YouTube channel. There is also the option to handle your comments section to improve fan interaction.

The first tab will again present you the possibility to activate sharing your videos on the network with other publishers, or displaying their videos on your websites.

In the second tab, YouTube settings, you will be able to link as many YouTube channels as you like to your Humix platform. For example, if you have channels in various languages, you can link them one by one in this screen, to after import videos on the Humix network and match them with your relevant content.

In the last tab, Customizations, you can simply change your video platform content order by drag and dropping the contents on the interface. Simple and easy!

A User-Friendly System That Does The Hard Work For You.

Don't worry if this all sounds complicated, to begin with. The great thing about working with Humix is you get easy access to user-friendly tools for video editing, uploads, and more. There is also the benefit of the AI system that learns your preferences and uses these to improve the way your site displays your videos.

These tools will make it much easier to showcase content relevant to your brand and able to keep visitors on your site for longer. In turn, this should help to grow your audience and rankings. If you have any doubts over this, you can use the metrics to track your progress, such as an estimation of earning and play counts over the past 30 days.

Customise Your Video Output For Engaging Regular Content.

Even though there are these great AI tools, this isn't a hands-off experience. You have the freedom to edit and customize your work and settings to suit your site and brand. This means working on the video settings, ads, and playback features.

All Of These Humix Features Are Available With An Ezoic Account

Anyone with an Ezoic account can set up their Humix profile straight from the dashboard. It is really easy to get started once you click that icon. You can choose to either upload your videos directly or share your site, and then take advantage of all those tools for editing and monetization. Before long, you will have an optimized platform that will give your content greater reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Humix platform support the creation of environmentally responsible video content?
The Humix platform supports the creation of environmentally responsible video content by providing efficient video hosting and streaming services, which minimize energy consumption and encourage the production of sustainability-focused content.
What is the Humix platform and how does it benefit content creators?
The Humix platform is a video hosting and monetization service that offers free hosting, advanced tools for managing video content, and monetization options, benefiting content creators by providing an alternative to traditional video platforms.

Optimize your site

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Maximize revenue

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

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