Humix Platform Test Results: Video Innovation Accessible To All Content Creators!

Humix Platform Test Results: Video Innovation Accessible To All Content Creators!

Ezoic's new innovative creation, Humix, is referred to as a platform where users can leverage their videos of any content made by other people and use them for their websites. This can help website owners boost their earnings. The second component is a method for video makers to immediately monetize their videos, and similarly reshare them with the whole publishers network.

Read our introduction to the Humix platform to see how to start using it, or keep reading to see our own results!

Optimized Features

EZOIC is basically a toolset in a form of Web software that assists companies in automating and improving their video digital marketing initiatives. It analyzes data using artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer insights and suggestions for enhancing online advertisements and marketing.

This platform includes a number of tools and services, including website optimization, Ad monetization, and content management to assist online publishers in enhancing the performance and user experience of their websites. Various Ezoic tools are used to analyze data and offer insights that might be applied to improve a website's performance on the  Ezoic platform   and on the Web. Humix can be used together with all other tools of Ezoic, to improve websites ranking and publisher's earnings as we will see below.

Any tool or platform's efficacy will rely on the unique objectives and goals of the company utilizing it, therefore it is always a good idea to do your own study and assessment before putting any new tools or methods into practice.

The basic and primary goal of this particular software tool is to check and automatically analyze data through its AI systems. The data variables it considers include its audience reach and views, along with content topics, as Humix can match videos with articles, to improve user retention and lower bounce rate. Especially for Video Editors and vloggers, our Humix Platform Test Results will be very convenient and helpful.

How does Humix work?

Websites may test automated placement through one of Humix's tools. Ezoic, the developer, gains insights about how users react to different networks, content placements, and ad density and automatically makes modifications to balance visitor experiences with financial maximization, also called EPMV optimization as it focuses on the whole user journey, and not only on a single page view.

Humix shares some similarities with Youtube in its AI and developer aspects, but how it works has big differences. It enables content producers to profit more from their efforts. The platform performs a fantastic role in connecting website owners and video makers. For both sides, the partnership is beneficial. Depending on your settings, a little window may appear on some or all of your website's pages once Humix is enabled. Similar to Youtube, this window will play a video from the Humix Platform Test Results and display advertising at random intervals.

For video editors and video bloggers, Humix is able to help you make a video, post it, and begin making money the very next day. You don't require many subscribers and millions of views. As you upload the video after creating it, you can instantly earn. Your video's earnings are divided equally at the rate of 50/50. You receive half of the compensation for producing the video, and the other party receives half for playing and watching it.

Humix platform test and earnings results

Humix revenue from YouTube imported videos in own video platform

On our main website, on which most of the videos are created by us, and first posted on our YouTube channel, with no revenue at all as we do not reach the requirements to monetize on YouTube, we are making more than $25 per month from our videos on the Humix network, with more than 200,000 video plays on the network.

The revenue is nicely balanced between videos displayed in our own articles, and our videos displayed on other's publishers website.

Contrary to the next case, our travel website and videos, our business content is hardly matching content on other websites as it is very specific, thus making it difficult for the artificial intelligence to match our videos other people's content, and have it mostly making money on our articles that are directly related.

Humix revenue from Flickify text to video tool

Most revenue is actually coming from sharing these videos on the Humix network, meaning that our travel related videos, mostly related to travel budget and advice, are nicely fitting in other publisher's travel article, and their audience are interacting with them, sometimes more than they do with our original articles on our own website!

Global Humix revenue for a Web publisher

With about 600,000 video play counted in January 2023, we we were able to earn nearly $70 in a single month with our videos being monetized on the humix platform.

About two thirds of our video revenu comes from our videos being published on other websites on our behalf, with shared revenue with the other content owner, which accounts therefore for the main part of our earnings, and wouldn't be possible without the power of artificial intelligence that only Humix got.

Another 15% of our earnings were coming from videos owned by other publishers and displayed on our websites. However, as a test, we deactivated this option in the middle of the month, to check if it has any impact on SEO, especially for bounce rate and search engine rankings.

The last part of our earnings, more than 10% of them, is actually coming from our own videos being displayed on our own articles, or from views on our own Humix video self hosted platforms. This value is therefore similar to what we would earn on YouTube with our own videos, if we were able to monetize them - but here, all we need to do to earn money is to import our videos and let the system do its AI magic!

In conclusion: What about our Ezoic Humix platform test results?

Just like any other Ezoic software and platform, it is free to sign up on Humix. Thus, it is also easy to use. You just need to create an account and start navigating through its features, interface, and tools.

In our case, nearly 10% of our website passive earnings with display advertisements are coming from the Humix video platform, and most of these video earnings are actually coming from sharing our videos on other websites than ours. Therefore, we can only recommend using this simple tool to increase your video earnings at no cost and without commitment. Visit Humix and start improving your website or vlogging career!

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