NicheIQ Review: How To Find (Free) Topic Suggestions For New Articles?

Finding the topics that are relevant to a website audience is always a struggle, and there are plenty of tools, paid or free, available around. However, a new tool from EZOIC, called NicheIQ, free to use, is revolutionizing the way content creators can find new topic suggestions effortlessly. Let's have a deep look at it!
NicheIQ Review: How To Find (Free) Topic Suggestions For New Articles?

How to find topic suggestions

Traditionally, the best ways of finding topic suggestions for new articles, are to either analyze competion, use some trends tools or find related questions, do a thorough keyword research, or simply write from the top of your mind.

Finding the right topics that will resonate with your audience is the best way to ensure your next article will easily rank on search engines, get engaging views, and generally be helpful for your audience.

The traditional ways of finding topics are to use any of these tools, the list being non exhaustive:

But all of these necessitates a long apprenticeship, as they are not simple to use, and aren't really tailored for publishers to find exact topic suggestions that can directly be written about, or ordered from an external author to create a great blog post.

This is why EZOIC has created NicheIQ, and we'll see how it is simple to use, accurate, and free for all publishers of any size!

NicheIQ review

NicheIQ is a new tool that has been designed to solve several problems for Web publishers, for which several tools are usually needed, are usually complicated to use, and often come with a high price tag.

However, several issues are now solved by this free tool:

The first one is getting topic suggestions (this is what we'll see in detail in this article), with direct long tail keywords relevant to your website and compared against competitors.

The second one is the on-page SEO title tag tester that lets you run A/B tests on various titles and other article meta data variations, all fully automatized, that will find on your behalf which variation ranks best and gives the best result, and apply it to your article to get you the maximum audience possible.

The third tool is the NicheIQ Site Health checker, that will provide you with a detailed report of the broken links on your websites, so you can easily fix the issues from your end, usually coming from links leading to unexisting pages, from either typo errors or content moved without a proper redirection.

NicheIQ Topics Suggestions details review

But let's have a detailed look at the NicheIQ Topics suggestion tool, that offers 4 different tabs, all of them with various information.

NicheIQ Overview tab

First of all, you'll have to activate the tool for your site. Over time, it will check pages visited by your traffic, and compare content to competition.

New NicheIQ topic suggestion process against usual process

  • Pick a topic and write about it
  • Identify competitors
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Check keyword difficulty and rank opportunities
  • Pick a topic and write about it

NicheIQ topics process

The process might take anytime from a few days to a few weeks, depending on your traffic volume. However, after a while, the steps should be activated, and you'll be able to navigate to the next step!

You won't have to identify competitors yourself, to perform a keyword gap analysis, or to check keyword difficulty and rank opportunities anymore.

NicheIQ Topic suggestions tab

Once the automatic analysis process has been performed, all you have to do is to browse to the topic suggestions tab, and the long tail keywords to write about will be directly there. It's as simple as that and not more complicated!

NicheIQ in a nutshell: activate, pick keywords, write, publish... get traffic!

For each identified keyword, the following information is available, and each column can be ordered one way or another:

Keyword potential

Potential value ranges between 0 and 10 and reflects how valuable this topic could be to the domain. Potential takes into account estimated topic traffic, relevance of the topic to the domain and keyword difficulty. The greater the potential, the more likely an article covering this topic will bring traffic to your domain.

Search volume

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Estimated monthly organic search traffic for the topic.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty ranges between 0 and 10 (5 being the ideal). It reflects how difficult it will be for your site to rank well in search results for this topic. A Keyword Difficulty of 5 is considered the ideal balance between how much traffic a topic can bring and how difficult it may be to rank well for it. Keyword difficulty is based on search volume, domain authority and relevancy of the topic to the domain.


A covered topic is a topic you've already written about.

NicheIQ Competitors overview tab

In this tab, the competitors identified with the most keywords in common in your domain will be listed, in order of number of matching keywords, along with the competing domains that generally ranks better than your site.

A chart also displays an overview of analyzed competitors, quickly displaying if they are ranking on search engines better, worse, or in similar positions as your website is ranking.

Direct links to the top 3 competitors are available, to go check yourself what is going on their websites.

NicheIQ Competitors list tab

In this last tab, the whole list of identified competitors will be available, with various metrics on a table to sort data and better understand how your website is ranking in the big picture.

You can also use the search box to find competing domains by character strings included in their URL or by domain extension for example.

Keyword Overlap

Number of keywords for which both the competitor and the domain appeared in results.

Rank Delta

A score between -10 (worst) and +10 (best) which reflects the degree to which the competing domain ranks better (positive, leading competitors) or worse (negative, runners up competitors) than this domain.

Overlap Ratio

Ratio of keywords where the competing domain is found in results and competes with the reference domain.

NicheIQ rating and summary

In short, NicheIQ is an easy to use and free tool that will benefit every webmaster that wants to create more content, rank higher on search engines, and get more traffic with the less efforts possible yet with the highest accuracy possible.

On top of that, the keywords are weekly updated, meaning that you can literally spend your time on this tool to find new keywords without having to use anything else either again and lose time with outdated tools!

★★★★★ Ezoic NicheIQ Topics NicheIQ is a groundbreaking tool that makes all other competing tools obsolete. Complete, simple to use, free for any publisher, weekly updated, it gives all you need to create new perfect content precisely tailored for your specific audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use NicheIQ's Topic Suggestions tab?
NicheIQ's Topic Suggestions tab has some useful functionality for publishers. The tool will help you check the pages visited by your traffic and compare content with competitors. You can also analyze your keywords and check keyword difficulty and ranking
What is the best topic suggestion tool from Google?
The best tools are Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner and Google Search Related Searches. But the best alternative is a tool from Ezoic - NicheIQ.
What is unique about the Ezoic NicheIQ tool?
NicheIQ tool has many advantages over its competitors. This tool will give you topic suggestions. All you have to do is choose a topic and write about it. The tool will automatically analyze competitors, your keywords and ranking opportunities.
Can NicheIQ be used to generate topic suggestions for content focused on sustainability and environmental issues?
Yes, NicheIQ can be used to find topic suggestions for articles focused on sustainability and environmental issues, helping content creators to target audiences interested in eco-friendly practices and green living.
How does NicheIQ help you find free topic suggestions for articles?
NicheIQ helps you find free topic suggestions by analyzing current search trends, providing keyword ideas, and identifying popular topics in your niche to create engaging and relevant content.

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Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

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