Ezoic SEO Broken Links Checker Review: Free Tool To Check Broken Links In A Website

Ezoic SEO Broken Links Checker Review: Free Tool To Check Broken Links In A Website

Looking for a free website to discover broken links in website? Keep on reading to learn more about Ezoic.

Ezoic SEO Broken Links Checker is a free tool that can be used to check broken links. It is also a money-earning site in which a blog can be monetized with high-paying adverts. To boost revenue, Ezoic employs an AI. Compared to using Adsense or another alternative, Ezoic will generate more revenue for you, and offer more free groundbreaking technologies.

What are broken links?

Pages with broken links display HTTP status codes, which are official error messages. The internet operates on a request-response basis when you browse. Your browser receives a response from your request for a web page that includes the preconfigured HTTP: URL to view the webpage.

Each web request is met with a response that includes an HTTP status code, which is a three-digit code that indicates the response's related status.

How Does Ezoic Works On Checking The Broken Links?

Select the SEO tab on your dashboard, then scroll down to the Broken Links area, and finally click Enable Broken Links. Note that once enabled, data may not surface for up to 24 hours. In order to identify server issues and broken links that visitors try to read, Ezoic gathers data from pageviews. Ezoic executes this SEO assessment and rapid validation automatically. The results found are all current errors from the previous seven days.

With Ezoic's Broken Links tool, you can focus on fixing recent issues by having it automatically discover website and page mistakes that may have occurred over the past week.

If a visitor arrives at an error page instead of finding the information they were looking for, it makes for a terrible user experience, so you must be aware of any dead ends that send them to error pages on your website. You have the power to fix mistakes and move on if you can keep track of the mistakes you make and how frequently problems occur.

To maintain your content's ranking in search engine results and improve the user experience, you must be able to identify technical SEO issues.

  • You're not subject to a contract.
  • No minimum traffic is required to join.
  • You can apply using a site that is not only published in English but also in other languages.
  • Technologies that can help you save a ton of money are offered for free.
  • The website tends to lag often
  • It is frequently difficult for the support staff to comprehend the issues users are having because of the company's variety of offerings.

To identify the precise issue that might be causing the broken links, you can quickly track mistakes and begin observing trends over time.

4xx-level problems indicate that search engines can't see the content of the page.

  • Start by making sure that the file actually exists - if it is not the case, add it if you must. If the file is not needed, it might be accessed by a bot trying to attack your website, in which case there isn't much to do.
  • Look for any errors in the URL's spelling.
  • Make sure the URL still points to the relevant page and hasn't been changed.
  • Verify that the URL points to a content-rich page rather than a directory.
  • Clear your cookies in case the browser is attempting to use an outdated or incorrect cookie.
  • Clear the cache since the browser may have saved a damaged copy of the website.
  • Try refreshing the page to check if it was a one-time incident.
  • When users bookmark a page that has changed, they frequently overlook the need to perform a browser search to see whether the page now has a different URL.
  • Visit another page to rule out computer or network hardware issues.

The most frequent way to fix 5xx-level problems is to try the request again.

  • Try again later in the day because the website might be overwhelmed with traffic at that time.
  • Verify your hosting provider.

Other Services Provided By Ezoic

Bidding Header

Ezoic creates competition for your ad space among countless ad networks and exchanges. You receive greater compensation for your ad space as a result of the rising competition.

Refresh and sticky Ads

Ezoic allows you to stick ads so they stay visible while users scroll. Your ad profits will rise as a result of an increase in ad impressions.

SEO-enhancing video player

You can upload movies to Ezoic and embed them on your website using the SEO-optimized video player. It is a good substitute for YouTube video hosting. The videos' advertisements allow you to make extra money. Additionally, there are no linked movies to divert visitors. Additionally, it's a chance to appear in video search results, which will attract more visitors.

★★★★★ Ezoic SEO Broken Links Checker Overall, I give a 5 star rating to this website. I love using Ezoic website as a free tool to check broken links. Aside from discovering broken links, the platforms also provide various services and have the potential to generate money online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I check the site for broken links?
This is important to detect pages with broken links that display HTTP status codes and are official error messages.
What is the best way to check website broken links?
With the Ezoic Broken Links tool, you can focus on fixing recent broken link issues by automatically detecting website and page errors that may have occurred in the past week.

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