YB Digital's Earnings With Ezoic Premium In April 2022: $2391.64 - $6.00 EPMV

For analysis, we would like to consider the combined income of YB Digital from Ezoic for April 2022, and draw conclusions about the effectiveness and profitability of this platform. Let's start by introducing the Ezoic platform, its purpose and functions.
YB Digital's Earnings With Ezoic Premium In April 2022: $2391.64 - $6.00 EPMV

What is Ezoic, activity methods?

According to official sources, Ezoic is a platform created in 2010 specifically for testing advertising, in the form of, for example, advertising layouts or already published ads.

Also a big plus is that advertising with Ezoic is tested directly on the site for which the ad is intended. This is done to increase the effectiveness of advertising, and, ultimately, a constant increase in sales.

Ezoic also works great with other ad networks if you install an additional app on your personal Ezoic account. Thanks to the dedicated Mediation app, you can include any advertisement in Ezoic's automated testing.

Since Ezoic is an official partner of Google, the platform can easily optimize any display ad not only from Google Ads, but also from other sources.

The platform works on special machine learning algorithms, while taking into account all the nuances of ranking pages on the Internet, comparing them and offering the most successful solution. Thus, the site owner gets an overview of the situation how my advertising works and how best to spend money on advertising.

Firstly, integration with Ezoic makes the site selling, with the maximum involvement of the target audience. This is how Virtual Webmaster Success Manager works - it performs several functions to increase the income from ads placed on the site:

  • search for the most suitable layouts for a particular site;
  • advertising optimization due to the most successful advertising combinations, etc.

Ezoic efficiency

According to various Ezoic user reviews, it is indicated that using Ezoic allows you to increase advertising revenue by at least two, or even three, four, or even five times! For some, sales have grown much more - six, seven, eight times, and this is not the limit.

And on the official Ezoic LEAP portal, the company promises an increase in advertising revenue by at least 60%, and an average of 200%.

At the same time, as a rule, profitability is constantly growing, because the site is constantly controlled by its owner and is being rapidly improved.

Ezoic YB Digital Total Income in April 2022

A great example is YB Digital’s total income from Ezoic in April 2022, which was $2,391.64.

The graphic below shows that it was Ezoic advertising partners that brought in more revenue per month than mediation or premium advertising partners.

For the analysis, the period from 01/04/2022 to 04/30/2022 was set.

According to statistics for April, income was:

The diagram clearly shows the progress of each of the platforms, their effectiveness and benefits.

The total number of visits was 398,440, which is an impressive result showing the effectiveness of using Ezoic.

Regarding visits to the target audience, it can be noted that the growth of the audience is gradually proportional. This means that the product is presented correctly and the platform does its job one hundred percent.

Accordingly, we can conclude that the advertising activities of Ezoic Ad Partners are more effective. Therefore, in order to increase productivity, and, ultimately, constantly increase sales, the  Ezoic platform   is the best option.

YB Digital's best performing articles in April 2022

The following articles in English brought in the most revenues to YB Digital display ads earnings in April, according to Big Data Analytics corresponding reports:

Articles published in April

Due to other ventures than writing and getting amazing new content published, very few articles have been published on YB Digital in April.

However, the following 10 new great guest posts, new articles provided by partners, have found their spot on YB Digital websites network:

Revenue dynamics for the year to April 2022

For a deeper analysis, we can track revenue dynamics for the year to April 2022. This will give us the opportunity to see the full picture of partner revenue growth from 01/05/2021 to 30/04/2022.

Based on the diagram provided, we can draw certain conclusions.

We are seeing a stable revenue growth trend from May 2021 to August 2021.

And in turn, in the period from August to November 2021, we see a high growth in income up to Black Friday, which turns into a stable trajectory.

Next - from November 2021 to February 2022 there is a slight decline in income. But by April 2022, the situation is changing periodically, in general, we can observe a consistently high income.

Summing up the income for the year, we can make an obvious conclusion about the effectiveness of the advertising partners:

  • Ezoic Advertising Partners - $19,744.36
  • Mediation Advertising Partners - $1,046.52
  • Premium Advertising Partners - $7145.93

The total income for the year was - 27936.81 dollars.

Conclusion: most of the income was the work of Ezoic Advertising Partners.

Evolution of EPMV one year to April 2022

Also, for analysis, we will track the dynamics of EPMV - Earnings Per Thousand Visitors for the year until April 2022. This will give us the opportunity to see the growth dynamics of revenue per thousand visitors from partners from 05/01/2021 to 04/30/2022.

Looking at this diagram, we see the following: we are seeing a slight decline in EPMV from May 2021 to August 2021.

But already, in turn, in the period from August 2021 to November 2021, we already see an increase in income per thousand visitors from partners, which begins to decline slightly until the beginning of 2022.

But by April the situation will stabilize, and we can observe a steady increase in income. Summing up the results of EPMV for the year, we can analyze the work of advertising partners.

Average EPMV for the year - $6.39

The maximum was recorded in November 2021 - $7.38

  • Average revenue from Ezoic Advertising Partners - $1645.36
  • Mediation Advertising Partners - $87.21
  • Premium Advertising Partners - $595.49

The average income for the year was - 2328.07 dollars.

Again, we conclude that most of the income was the work of Ezoic Advertising Partners.

Summarizing the above

It can be concluded that advertising can be presented on the site in a form that is very unattractive to the target audience - haphazardly, “out of place”, “schematically”, creating an unpleasant impression and even repulsive inappropriateness. Ezoic, working with most quality advertising networks, allows you to select only those ads that are most desirable for a specific target audience of a particular resource.

Judging from the cited data on our premium earnings for April, we can state that the activity of Ezoic's YB Digital is a guaranteed, consistently good passive income from web publishing. Therefore, we can safely recommend it to you!

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