YB.DIGITAL’s Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: March vs. February

Explore the latest performance insights from our website content media network for March 2024, including strategic changes, detailed earnings analysis, and our dynamic plans for April to expand educational content and develop tourist portal websites. Stay updated with our comprehensive digital strategy and growth initiatives!
YB.DIGITAL’s Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: March vs. February

In this update, we explore the performance of our website content media network for March, comparing it against February's metrics. Our focus remains on EPMV, overall earnings, website traffic, alongside reviewing strategic initiatives and looking ahead to April's objectives.

EPMV and Earnings Comparison:

March saw a significant increase in EPMV, reaching $8.12, up from February’s $6.73. This improvement in earnings per thousand visits suggests a higher quality of traffic and more effective ad monetization despite a decrease in overall site visits. However, overall earnings experienced a slight decline, totaling $436.22 compared to February's $522.11. This reduction is directly linked to a decrease in website visits, which dropped to 53,723 from 77,613 the previous month.

Breakdown of Ad Partner Earnings:

March's earnings were:

The variance in ad partner performance underlines the necessity of continually evaluating and optimizing our ad strategies.

March presented a mixed scenario where EPMV increased significantly to $8.12, up from $6.73 in February, yet overall website visits decreased from 77,613 to 53,723. This juxtaposition highlights a scenario where fewer users generated more revenue per thousand impressions, indicating a potential increase in the quality of traffic or more effective ad placements.

Implications for Earnings:

Although EPMV rose, the drop in traffic led to a decrease in overall earnings, falling to $436.22 from $522.11. This suggests that while the users who did visit were more valuable in terms of ad revenue, there weren’t enough visitors to capitalize on this higher earning potential fully.

Potential Causes:

Seasonal Variations, as traffic fluctuations can often be tied to seasonal changes in user behavior. March may see varied online engagement levels due to changing weather patterns, holidays, or consumer behavior shifts.

Content Shifts with the introduction of new websites and a focus on specific niches such as travel and business courses in February, the content may have initially attracted a more targeted, perhaps less voluminous, audience that was highly engaged.

Ad Optimization, as the increase in EPMV suggests that ad placements might have been more effectively optimized in March, potentially through tools like Ezoic, which optimize ad revenue performance based on machine learning algorithms.

Strategies to Increase Earnings:

To attract more visitors while maintaining high EPMV, increasing content marketing efforts can help. Utilizing SEO, social media, and email marketing to drive traffic can be effective.

Expanding the range of content to include more broad-appeal articles while continuing to develop niche content can attract a wider audience.

Further refining ad placement strategies and perhaps experimenting with different ad formats or partners could continue to enhance EPMV.

Engaging more deeply with online communities, especially around new niche sites, can help boost traffic numbers.

March's Strategic Changes:

March's strategic initiatives were geared towards enhancing content diversity and enriching our educational portfolio:

Travel and Local Content Development:

The launch of Varso-Vie.com aims to leverage the active French-speaking community in Warsaw. By providing localized content that includes virtual guided tours and comprehensive reviews, the site is positioned to become a central resource for both expats and local businesses.

Educational Course Development:

The expansion of our SAP and data cleansing courses is part of a strategic initiative to position our network as a leading provider of high-quality professional education. These courses are not only designed to leverage untapped content but also to meet growing demands for specialized knowledge in business software systems.

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The courses we've released in March are the following:

Overall, we've earned $114.43 for the month of March, with will equal to a net benefit of $49.43 as we did pay for $65 for a Udemy course promotion on Fiverr in order to get some reviews and increase one courses visibility.

Plans for April:

As we advance into April, our strategic focus is designed to further enhance content value, expand educational offerings, and deepen engagement across our digital platforms. Here’s a detailed look at our comprehensive plans for the upcoming month:

Expanding Educational Content

We are set to continue our commitment to education and professional development by leveraging untapped content into actionable learning opportunities. Our course development for April includes:

SAP Material Master Essentials:

Building on the foundation laid in previous courses, we will introduce parts 2 through 4, covering Processes and Procurement, Trading Process Basics, and Advanced Trading Processes. This series aims to provide detailed insights into SAP's Material Master functionality, crucial for professionals in the field.

PowerPoint 365:

Slide Design and Beyond: Recognizing the need for impactful presentations in professional settings, this course will teach techniques for designing effective PowerPoint slides, enhancing overall presentation skills.

Impactful Presentations:

Strategies for Success: This course will offer strategies to create and deliver presentations that engage and persuade audiences, a critical skill in any business environment.

Developing Tourist Portal Websites

April will also see significant development in our tourist portal strategy.

Building on initial successes, we will expand Varso-Vie.com by establishing partnerships with local brands in Warsaw. This initiative is designed to dynamize our large Facebook community and related newsletter, providing members with valuable, localized content and offers. For example, we got a first deal with LABELDESSENS natural cosmetics shop, as any customer that walks into their shop can get a 10% discount on perfumes by providing the code YB.DIGITAL upon checkout at their physical location.

Inspired by recent travels and the success of existing portals, we plan to explore the creation of additional tourist websites for other locations, including Costa Rica. These portals will serve as comprehensive guides offering everything from local insights to travel tips, enhancing our reach in the travel sector.

Community and Partnership Development

Our April strategy emphasizes not just content creation but also community engagement and partnership development, which are crucial for sustainable growth.

Through collaborations with local or specialized businesses, we aim to enhance the content richness and relevancy on our tourist portals, offering users real-time benefits and increasing local engagement.

Recognizing the diverse demographics of our audience, we will investigate the feasibility of offering content in English and Polish on Varso-Vie.com, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.


March's performance, characterized by an increase in EPMV amidst a decrease in traffic, highlights the ongoing challenges and opportunities in digital publishing. Our strategic shift towards rich, localized content and the continued development of educational offerings are central to our efforts to enhance engagement and revenue. As we move into April, our focus on expanding educational content and developing tourist portals will drive our network towards greater diversification and deeper market penetration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strategies can help improve earnings from February to March?
Strategies include analyzing performance data to identify high-performing content, increasing engagement through interactive features, and adjusting ad strategies based on insights from previous months.

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