Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: February vs. January

In this latest installment, we review the performance of our website content media network for February, comparing it against January's metrics. Our analysis covers the shifts in EPMV, overall earnings, and website traffic, alongside a recap of strategic developments and a look ahead to March's objectives.
Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: February vs. January

EPMV and Earnings Comparison:

February saw an encouraging rise in EPMV to $6.73, up from January’s $5.10, indicating a higher revenue per thousand visits despite a seasonal downturn in traffic. Overall earnings for February amounted to $522.11, showing a slight increase from January's $472.79. This uptick in earnings, coupled with the EPMV improvement, suggests a more efficient monetization of our traffic.

Breakdown of Ad Partner Earnings:

The earnings distribution for February underscores the continued value of our ad partnership strategy.

The performance across these platforms highlights the ongoing importance of diversifying revenue sources.

Analyzing February’s Traffic Decrease and EPMV Increase

February presented a nuanced picture of our performance metrics, showcasing a decrease in website visits from 92,632 in January to 77,613, yet a notable increase in EPMV from $5.10 to $6.73. This scenario, while seemingly contradictory, offers valuable insights into our content strategy and audience engagement levels.

Implications for Earnings:

Despite the decrease in traffic, the increase in EPMV resulted in a slight uplift in overall earnings to $522.11 for February. This suggests that, although fewer users visited our sites, the ads they were exposed to generated more revenue per thousand impressions. Such a trend indicates an improved quality of traffic or enhanced ad matching, leading to more valuable interactions.

Potential Causes:

Strategic Content and Niche Expansion:

The launch of new websites in varied themes and the continued focus on business courses in February likely attracted a more targeted, perhaps niche, audience. These users may have been more engaged and interested in the content, leading to higher quality ad interactions.

Seasonal Adjustments:

Post-holiday January often sees a spike in traffic as users return to regular online behaviors. By February, this effect might taper off, but the users who remain are often more specific in their content consumption, leading to better engagement metrics.

Ad Optimization:

The use of Ezoic and other ad optimization tools can lead to improved EPMV over time as these platforms better understand which ads perform best on our content, enhancing the match between viewer interest and ad relevance.

Strategies to Increase Earnings:

Enhance Content Quality:

Continue improving the quality of content across all sites, focusing on depth, engagement, and value to the reader. High-quality content tends to attract more engaged users, who are more valuable from an advertising perspective.

Expand Niche Topics:

The success seen from the expansion into new niches suggests a potential strategy for increasing both traffic and EPMV. Identifying and capitalizing on niche markets can attract dedicated audiences.

Leverage Data for Ad Optimization:

Utilize analytics and Ezoic’s insights to further refine ad placements and types, ensuring the most effective match between content, user interest, and ads.

Audience Development:

Invest in social media and email marketing campaigns to build a loyal audience base. A dedicated audience is more likely to engage deeply with content and ads.

SEO Strategies:

Implement advanced SEO strategies to improve organic search traffic. Higher rankings in search results can attract more visitors who are actively seeking information, leading to higher engagement rates.

February's Strategic Changes

February marked a pivotal month for our network, characterized by significant strategic developments aimed at broadening our content spectrum and enhancing our digital footprint. The introduction of new websites across various themes and the continuation of our business course offerings represent a deliberate effort to diversify our portfolio and capture new audience segments. Here's a deeper look into these strategic changes:

New Website Launches:

Our expansion into new niches through the creation of several thematic websites reflects a strategic diversification designed to not only attract diverse audience groups but also to test new markets for potential growth opportunities. Each site addresses a unique interest area, thereby broadening our reach:

Prêt-à-Travailler BTP Europe ( :

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This site targets the European construction industry, providing resources and information for professionals like welders and scaffolders. It’s a strategic move to tap into the business-to-business segment, offering specialized content that caters to industry-specific needs.

Travel Insurance Terms ( :

Focusing on the travel insurance niche, this website aims to demystify the often complex terms and conditions of travel insurance, serving a growing need for clarity among travelers.

Next Olympics ( :

With sports and travel combined, this site seeks to capture the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Olympic Games, providing guides, news, and analysis for sports enthusiasts and travelers alike.

Table Pivot ( :

Targeting productivity and business professionals, this site delves into data management and analysis techniques, with a focus on leveraging tools like pivot tables for business intelligence.

Morsowania ( :

This uniquely themed website explores the world of winter swimming, tapping into the wellbeing and lifestyle sector with content centered around the benefits and practices of this invigorating activity.

Each of these sites targets a specific lifestyle or health-related niche, from the aesthetics of credit card designs to the importance of rest and the convenience of disposable lenses.

Continued Business Course Creation:

The development and expansion of our business courses utilizing untapped content is a testament to our commitment to providing value through education. Covering a wide range of topics from SAP basics to data cleansing, these courses are designed to meet the needs of professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in these areas. By leveraging our existing content in a structured educational format, we aim to establish our network as a go-to resource for professional development.

Our courses published in February:

Strategic Outlook: Plans for March

March is poised to be a month of vibrant content expansion and strategic refinement. Our plans are meticulously designed to enhance user engagement, broaden our content horizon, and fortify our revenue streams. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

Amplifying Travel Content and Community Engagement Launch:

Building on the success of Where Can I FLY?, we're set to debut, a dedicated platform celebrating Warsaw. Aimed at the French-speaking community, the site will feature virtual guided tours, insightful reviews, and collaborations with local businesses. This initiative not only capitalizes on the thriving Facebook group of French expatriates in Warsaw but also paves the way for a unique blend of community-driven content and local commerce opportunities.

Expanding Our Educational Portfolio

New Business Courses: Our commitment to delivering high-quality educational content continues with the introduction of new courses designed to demystify complex topics for professionals and enthusiasts alike:

  • SAP Basics: A series expanding into ABAP Dictionary, Reporting Tools, and SAP Query, providing a foundational understanding of SAP’s core functionalities.
  • SAP Material Master Essentials Part 2: Building on our initial offerings, this course dives deeper into the intricacies of SAP's material management.
  • Data Cleansing: A critical skill for any data-driven organization, this course offers insights into maintaining data accuracy and integrity, with a special focus on SAP systems.

Harnessing Content to Drive Revenue

Our dual focus on expanding travel content and enriching our educational offerings is strategically aligned with our goal to increase earnings. By diversifying our content to cover highly sought-after topics and niches, we aim to attract a wider audience, enhance site engagement, and create new monetization opportunities. The launch of thematic websites introduces fresh avenues for ad placements and affiliate marketing, while our educational courses represent a direct channel for revenue through premium content offerings.


February's performance, highlighted by an increase in EPMV and overall earnings, sets a positive tone for our 2023 endeavors. The launch of new niche websites and the expansion of our educational offerings are strategic moves designed to diversify our portfolio and deepen our market penetration. As we move into March, our focus on enhancing travel content and further developing our course library underscores our commitment to leveraging our digital platform for growth and engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you sustain revenue growth from January to February?
Sustain revenue growth by focusing on consistent content updates, engaging with your audience, using seasonal keywords, and continuing to optimize ad placements and formats for better performance.

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