CarVertical Automotive Affiliate Program Review

The CarVertical affiliate system is a great option to monetize an automotive blog. Let’s see how it can be useful to users, what are the benefits from using this site for car history VIN check, and the possibilities offered to monetize any car related content by using their affiliate and sub-affiliate program.

CarVerticalAffiliate Affiliate Program Review

The CarVertical system is designed to recommend reliable vehicle inspections. After registering, you will receive unique referral links and banners that you can start distributing and sending traffic to CarVertical through your channels.

Thanks to CarVertical, a single database of cars is created, into which data even from interpol falls. This will help a lot when buying a used car.

With CarVertical, the owner of a car can find out the following information about it:

  • General data and characteristics of the car
  • Mileage of the car of interest
  • Have there been hijackings and accidents in her history?
  • Did you work in a taxi in a car - sometimes it is very important to find out even before buying, because cars that work in a taxi are not very well treated, and they very often get into minor accidents
  • When a car was bought and sold by other owners
  • You can get photos from the sites where the car was laid out for sale
  • Other equally useful information about the car

What is Affiliate and what are affiliate programs for?

Affiliate marketing is a way to promote your own business through partners. Moreover, this promotion actually occurs only through the Internet resources. There are currently two types of affiliate programs. In the first case, your partners buy the product at a certain price and then resell it. The second option is based on referral programs - just the same affiliate marketing.

In principle, there is not much difference in which method you use, because they are both aimed at increasing income. Affiliate programs are created for those who want to invest only in advertising and get good income. It turns out that your partner will not receive money until he fulfills the condition of the program - for example, it is necessary that a new user not only register in the system, but also buy some service. It is very convenient and profitable, it turns out that your money will not go nowhere for a bunch of registered bots on your service.

Resale is now carried out mainly in the field of clothing and cosmetics. This is a fairly popular niche, and people working in it have an income no worse than those who work with affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is popular now in many areas of modern life.

CarVertical affiliate program

How does joining an affiliate program work? Everything is very simple. The CarVertical platform has streamlined the entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use while accurately tracking affiliate affiliation. What are the steps to take? The CarVertical partner must legally distribute his personal referral link, everything else - for users.

  1. A visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your website or in an email.
  2. The visitor's IP address is logged and a tracking cookie is placed in their browser for 90 days.
  3. The visitor browses the CarVertical website, after which he can make a decision and place an order.
  4. If a visitor orders a service, then the order will be registered as a sale for you.
  5. CarVertical will review and approve the sale.
  6. You will receive commission payments (minimum payout € 50).

Benefits of using the CarVertical system to generate income from affiliate earnings:

First, you earn a commission of € 4 per sale. Not only can you join our team and help share your favorite products, but you can also be rewarded for your efforts. CarVertical's system tracks referrals and pays maximum commissions for every customer you refer to us;

Secondly, high conversion means more money. Our website and pricing plans provide some of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Our high conversion rates mean that people you refer here are more likely to buy our products;

Thirdly, this is the 90-day storage period for cookies. If a customer goes from your site to CarVertical's site, logs out and then comes back to make a purchase, and this happens within 90 days, then you are rewarded.

The commission starts at € 4 per sale, with a few exceptions, and grows according to your performance. The more sales you make, the higher your commission will be.

To successfully participate in the CarVertical affiliate program, you need to invite new users to the system, and then you will receive 5 percent of the cost of their sale.

How to make money with a car blog

There are plenty of ways to monetize any car related content, by simply registering for free to the affiliate program, and sharing the link around on any of these car related platforms – and these are only a few ideas, the possibilities are endless:

  • Add links on your car blog in text, and banners on your car related website,
  • Share affiliate links on your Facebook automotive group,
  • Share car affilaite links on your Telegram channels,
  • Add used cars VIN check affiliate links on your Instagram stories.

Why join the CarVertical affiliate program

The CarVertical partner program has the following advantages:

  • Unlimited commissions. The commission rate increases according to the number of sales you make per month. There is no limit on commissions.
  • Reliable real-time tracking. CarVertical uses Post Affiliate Pro, one of the most reliable tracking solutions that allows you to track your commissions in real time. Cookies are valid for 90 days.
  • Personal account manager. Once you join the CarVertical program, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager to help you get started with the program and answer all your questions.
  • Monthly payments. You will be paid for every vehicle history report purchased through your affiliate link. Payments are processed on the 15th of every month for the period of the previous month via Pay Pal or bank transfer. The minimum payout is 50 euros.
  • All resources for success. Free access to extensive quality promotional materials and advice from an experienced partner team. Track your performance on the dashboard in real time.
  • It's free to join the program. Join a leader in transparency. Strengthen your brand and add value to your audience by connecting to the first global blockchain-powered car history registry. And it's all completely free!

CarVertical is ideally suited to its task of finding all the information you need about a vehicle. The CarVertical Affiliate will receive a fair remuneration for inviting new members to the Affiliate Program. The car affiliate program has been gaining popularity lately and users are very satisfied with its use.

★★★★⋆ CarVertical Automotive Affiliate Program Review The CarVertical affiliate program is simple to join and advertise, as they specialize on one single product, a VIN check, that can be performed in many countries, including whole North America and Europe. As you have the possibility to signup subaffiliates and earn a percentage on their affiliate sales of 5%, the possibilites are endless to monetizing a car blog or other car-related content. With plenty of resources for affiliates, the CarVertical team is taking a great care of their affiliate program.

carVertical Affiliate Program presentation

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