Top 16 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

What are recurring affiliate programs?

Recurring Affiliate Programs refer to programs where users are paid commission on a recurring basis and not on a one-off basis. For example, if you are running recurring affiliate programs on your Wordpress blog.

Their referral schemes distribute commission whenever you refer someone who signs up for their monthly subscription. If that person successfully subscribes to that monthly subscription you not only get a percentage of referral commission but also every month until the expiry of that subscription period, and thus you will continue to  make money online ‌  with this busines.

The beauty of the  best recurring affiliate programs ‌  is you get extra income by doing nothing. What you do is just place a banner or link to promote their product and service. You get a referral fee whenever someone visits their website and makes a purchase.

However, it is also important to note that companies pay commission only when they receive regular payments from their customers. If a customer stops making payments or withdraws from subscription then impacts on recurring commission as well and the company stops making recurring commission.

Recurring Affiliate programs tend to pay low commissions as compared to other affiliate programs because they are based on a one-off commission.

Some of the best recurring affiliate programs are as under:
Top 5 best best recurring affiliate programsImageRevenueFree registration
LearnWorlds online schools affiliate programLearnWorlds online schools affiliate program$$$
Ezoic website monetization and advertisement managementEzoic website monetization and advertisement management$$
TravelPayouts flights and hotels bookingTravelPayouts flights and hotels booking$
PropellerAds website monetization and online advertisementPropellerAds website monetization and online advertisement$$
Raidboxes WordPress hostingRaidboxes WordPress hosting$$
Some other of the best recurring affiliate programs

1.ClickBank digital products catalog

Click Bank is one of the  best recurring affiliate programs ‌  that offers a catalog of digital products. You can get recurring commission as well for every referral.

So, you earn money in regular intervals depending upon the length of the subscription of customers. Not only they offer high commission but also help you analyze your  Affiliate Marketing ‌  business with reports to analyze your business figures. You just need to refer users to make a purchase and earn commission.

2.ConvertKit email marketing

Email marketing is a very popular and one of the best recurring affiliate programs. Convert Kit is a software that provides an email marketing platform. People are earning thousands of dollars by using this affiliate program.

It is based on the number of users signing up for getting updates and notification through email. Many companies consider Email marketing an effective way to market their products. However, the consent of customers is very important while choosing email marketing.

3.JVZoo digital learning products

JVZoo is another is its joining which is free for everyone. After signing up you are free to promote their products on your websites and can earn 100% commission.

You get commission in your PayPal account. They offer products like apps, software, digital products, eBooks, etc. It offers recurring commission for referral as well.

They have a large range of digital trainings such as fitness courses, self development trainings, digital marketing, and IT training plans – you can most likely find products to promote regardless of your own niche.

4.AWeber email marketing

Aweber is a very amazing and effective email marketing program. It gives its users the flexibility of testing a free trial which makes it worth trying.

You get 30% commission on all referrals. You get unlimited emails in all plans. Payments are made through cheque.

5.GetResponse email marketing

GetResponse is another amazing email marketing tool. They are in direct competition with Aweber. They have a slight edge over Aweber because they offer recurring commission on referrals. Their payment methods are cheques and PayPal. It is considered the most effective tool for email marketing.

6.SEMRUSH website SEO analysis

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for every website to drive organic traffic to their websites. This is done through website optimization on popular web search engines such as Google. As Google understands the language of keywords, it is very important for users to use popular and relevant keywords on their websites so that Google gives them high ranking. It helps users to find the best keywords that they can use to get high ranking in web search engines. BeRush is the name of its affiliate program.

By joining the SEMRUSH affiliate program you are promoting the world’s best intelligent services. They offer very high recurring by placing their banner on your website or recommend to your clients and enjoy handsome monthly income. Their payment method is PayPal. It is one of the best recurring affiliate programs.

The SEMRUSH affiliate program will let you convert visitors that are interested in SEO after they benefit from a 7 days free trial – an easy way to hook them onto that great system!

7.SocialPilot social media management

Social media marketing is a very effective and popular tool for businesses to promote their products and businesses. Millions of users worldwide are connected to social media platforms which has made it easy for businesses to reach this community at very low cost. SocialPilot is being used by thousands of agencies to reach millions of customers.

You can publish a large number of posts per day and connect to 200 users. It helps you better market your product efficiently and saves time as well. You get banners and links that you can place on your website. Joining is free and can earn a decent commission if someone joins this affiliate program through your link.

8.Olark chatbot Affiliate Program

Olark affiliate program is another one of the  best recurring affiliate programs ‌  for live chat where you earn commission whenever you refer a customer. You can use this program by customizing it. You can enjoy many advanced features that it offers to its users.

Some of the most popular advanced features are you get real-time reports, have the ability to automate messages, you can manage a team well using this affiliate program, Like other programs you get commission when you refer a new customer. It pays commission using the PayPal payment method. It is simple so you don't need any technical knowledge and experience.

9.TubeBuddy YouTube content manager:

TubeBuddy is one of the  best recurring affiliate programs ‌  for YouTube. It offers a lot of advanced features to manage content on YouTube. Users can do research for the best keywords and tags. Similarly, it provides best management tool as well and offers high recurring commission rates.

10.EngageBay Customer Relationship Management

EngageBay is one of the  best recurring affiliate programs ‌  for startup businesses. It easy to use and is affordable as well. Startup businesses need to invest huge amounts on marketing their products in order to boost their sales and compete with other businesses.

This tool provides startup business with all-in-one marketing solution. So it saves time for new businesses as well by providing all solutions at one platform.

11.OntraPort email marketing

Email marketing as already explained is considered the best channel to promote products. Ontraport provides businesses with email automation facilities. They don't need to do tasks again and again. They can customize their templates and then enjoy benefits.

It also offers recurring commission on the basis of subscription. However, their subscription level depends upon three tiers.

12.RusVPN VPN subscriptions

With the RusVPN sub affiliate program, you will be able to get money from every sale generated by another person that registered with your link.

As long as your sub affiliate will continue selling VPN products, you will get a commission on their sales, without having to do more - except getting more sub affiliates to increase your passive income stream.

On top of that, they offer a great account management, and the  RusVPN service ‌  offers a VPN that works great, and is a pleasure to promote.

13.Ezoic website monetization and advertisement management

One of the best  online marketing ‌  agency to monetize your blog and increase revenue generated by your  Wordpress blog ‌  or other online content, they also offer an incredible referral program.

For every customer that you bring them, you will keep 3% of their earnings, calculated daily.

Full review of the EZOIC service

Meaning that if you bring in a customer that makes 100$ a day with online advertisement, you will get 3$ per day of passive income, without doing anything else.

Oh, and did we mention that their amazing product can increase your income up to 250% compared to AdSense, simply by switching advertising agency for Ezoic platform?

Now, if you only want to refer other publishers, you will earn 3% of their earnings, daily, and for life. On top of that, the Ezoic affiliate program let you earn 1% of any sub affiliate you bring to the system, meaning 1% of any Ezoic affiliate that brings himself other publishers to the network and earns 3% commission on their own earnings.

14.TravelPayouts flights and hotels booking

Not only allowing you to offer great  travel products ‌  to your  Wordpress blog ‌  visitors, such as flights and hotels comparison tool, you can also refer them other publishers, and get a passive income on the money they will generate, selling flights and hotels, and helping other people saving money by finding the best prices.

The  TravelPayouts affiliate ‌  referral program works great, their products are amazing, and the reactive team keeps offering new services and new affiliations with big travel names, to increase value you offer to your visitors.

15.PropellerAds website monetization and online advertisement

One of the best product to monetize any kind of online content, including the ones that are rejected by AdSense,  PropellerAds native ads ‌  also offers to share the commission of sub affiliates that you refer to them.

With ton of products to monetize any website and  Wordpress blog ‌  such as standard advertisement, push notifications, pop ups, pop under, they even keep adding new products to give you new ways to  make money online ‌  from your audience.

16. Planet Express worldwide package forwarding from the US

Have you ever wanted to order something from the USA, but couldn’t because the shop only delivers in their own country? This issue is solved with  Planet Express ‌  service that will proceed to the goods receipt on your behalf in the United States, and forward them to any address you like in the world.

Isn’t that amazing? And on top of that, if you refer customers, you’ll get $5 for each customer that registers through your affiliate link and sends a package within two months.

On top of that, their interface available in English, Czech, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, French, German and Portuguese will be accessible to many more people and can easily be promoted on local blogs to get even more affiliate subscribers.

A2Hosting Web hosting

With direct commissions of $85 per client referred, the A2Hosting affiliation program already is a great way to make an extra income by promoting one of the best web hosting service.

But on top of that, you can also refer other affilaites and earn a commission on the web hosting products they will refer themselves, a great way to increase your revenue even further.

Choosing the best recurring affiliate program

These are some of the popular and best recurring affiliate programs.

With this very large choice, you will surely be able to find the right recurring affiliate program to  make money online ‌  by monetizing your  Wordpress blog ‌  or other online audience by promoting the products that will benefit them!

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