Top 5 best digital recurring income affiliate programs

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

The concept of Affiliate Marketing‌ means that a business will give a commission for each sale referred from affiliate links by another person.

The more paying customers you provide in Affiliate Marketing‌ that will end up buying products, the higher the Affiliate Marketing‌ commission you will get.

There are many digital marketing affiliate programs, and each Affiliate Marketing‌ programs offers different products to promote, with different sales commission and ways to promote the products.

Digital Affiliate Marketing‌ is for example a great way to make money online‌ by monetizing your blog or your WordPress website - but can be used anywhere in the digital world: think about sharing them with your personal Facebook or your Facebook business page, your Twitter audience, your contacts on Whatsapp messenger or another application, and any way to share a URL.

See below some example of great Affiliate Marketing‌ programs.

What are the best recurring affiliate programs?

Below Affiliate Marketing‌ companies list contains some of the best affiliate programs to earn money, because they allow sub affiliates.

This means that by promoting these affiliate programs, you will earn recurring passive income for every person that register with your affiliate links, on all the money they will make through their life with these affiliate programs.

This might bring you some very interesting recurring passive income based on how much business the affiliates are bringing to the affiliate program, and will come coming, usually every month, without you having to do anything.

All these programs are also the best WordPress affiliate programs, as all you have to do is to refer affiliates through your WordPress blog, and you will forever get a commission on all the money they make by creating your own sub affiliate networks.

List of the best recurring affiliate programs:

Best VPN affiliate program with sub affiliates: RusVPN

The RUS VPN‌ affiliate program is the best VPN affiliate programs for a simple reason, it allows for the creation of sub affiliate networks by referring affiliates that will themselves refer sub affiliate.

As the VPN are a great business, with recurring abonement that are generally cheap, at around $3 per month, they sell a product that virtually anybody with an Internet connection and a connected device need, keeping their data private and safe.

With 40% commission on direct sales, and 3% commission on sub affiliates revenues, it is a great affiliate program to generate passive income.

The cherry on the cake: they are very dynamic, reactive, and account managers are actually extremely useful in helping you developing your business related to the RUS VPN‌ products.

  Best VPN affiliate program with sub affiliates: RusVPN

Best ads affiliate program with sub affiliates: Ezoic mediation system

With recurring 3% revenue on all your sub affiliates, not even counting the improvement in earnings of your websites or blogs with their Ezoic premium‌ program that will increase your ads revenue of 250% on average, you can easily make great passive income simply by becoming a sub affiliate hunter for them.

As some of their affiliates are making millions of dollars per month, simply referring one of them would guarantee you a very comfortable recurring passive income, simply by referring them website owners that will increase the money they are making through display ads on their websites.

On top of that, they will give you access to a great community that will help you improve your revenue, and connect you with other online publishers that have the same troubles as you.

And do you know what? Since January 2020, they can even help you and your sub affiliates to increase their website page speed to more than 80%, with their amazing page speed app that will cache your website and apply automatically all websites best practices, such as leverage browser caching‌ or eliminate render-blocking Javascript, among other optimizations that will take your Google PageSpeed Insights‌ score above 80% - all while making more money with your content.

  Best ads affiliate program with sub affiliates: Ezoic mediation system

Best affiliate programs for travel bloggers with sub affiliates: TravelPayouts

The TravelPayouts affiliate‌ program is both the best hotel booking affiliate program and the best flight affiliate program, as it will allow you to monetize your travel blog by selling flights, hotels, car reservation, activities booking, and many other travel related products, while making also passive income from sub affiliates that will do the same as you, after having joined using your personal link.

The referral program, however, will only get you commissions from sub affiliates sales of flight tickets and hotel bookings of their main partners, Aviasales, JetRadar and Hotellook. But it's already amazing enough!

Each travel product has a different commission, and each travel program has its own terms and conditions, but you will earn directly a few percent from every direct affiliate sale.

For the sub affiliates program, the TravelPayouts affiliate‌ program will give you 5% commission of the money they make on eligible sales.

  Best affiliate programs for travel bloggers with sub affiliates: TravelPayouts

Best affiliate programs for advertisers with sub affiliates: Propeller Ads

The PropellerAds native ads‌ allows to monetize any website with any content, without limitations like the ones in AdSense, in which it is difficult to enter for low income.

With PropellerAds native ads‌ it doesn't matter what online content you have, you will be able to make money out of it by different means: native banner, push notifications, onclick popunder, interstitial, direct link with direct ads, and in page push.

The revenue vary largely by click, keywords, and advertisers, but that is not even the best part of their digital Affiliate Marketing‌ program.

The best past is their referral program, as the sub affiliate networks that you will build will bring you 5% of their revenues, as long as they are working with PropellerAds native ads.

  Best affiliate programs for advertisers with sub affiliates: Propeller Ads

Best fitness and self development affiliate program with sub affiliates: Brand Ambassador

How to start a fashion blog and make money? Easy, create your blog on WordPress or Instagram, register to JVZoo affiliate program, and promote their products such as digital fitness training plans and self development programs.

Are you interested in fashion, do you have fashion related content on your websites?

Then you could not only make money by getting a share from every sale referred by you through affiliate links on their JVZoo website, that offers digital training plans and other kind of amazing products, but you will also be able to make money from sub affiliates, only by telling people what you love to learn about!

Recruit other potential digital influencers on Instagram, or wherever you are active on social media online with good following, and get a commission on all sales of your sub affiliates on the JVZoo website through the sub affiliate networks, and make money online‌ with digital products‌ passive income.

  JVZoo affiliate marketing digital products
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