What Are The Highest CPM Rates By Country? Ezoic Vs AdSense

After having received more than 1 million visits through Ezoic platform Big Data Analytics reporting tool, here are the results of the highest CPM rates by country, or nearly.

Analyzing 1 million visits with Ezoic Big Data Analytics

After having received more than 1 million visits through Ezoic platform  Big Data Analytics   reporting tool, here are the results of the highest CPM rates by country, or nearly.

The websites analyzed over a period of several months in 2019 for over 1 million visits in total are:

Within the Ezoic platform, which finds highest revenues from the best ad exchange network, a better notion is used to measure the online advertisement revenue, called EPMV, or Earnings Per Mille Visitors, literrally meaning Earning Per Thousands Visitors, as opposed to CPM (Cost Per Mille) or RPM (Revenue Per Mille).

See below oh the Ezoic platform earnings compare to the  Google AdSense payment   for the same content.

Ezoic VS AdSense VS PropellerAds: average CPM worldwideImageRevenueFree registration
Ezoic average CPM $3Ezoic average CPM $3$$$
PropellerAds average CPM $2PropellerAds average CPM $2$$
AdSterra average RPM $2AdSterra average RPM $2$$
EvaDav average RPM $2EvaDav average RPM $2$$
AdSense average CPM $1AdSense average CPM $1$

What are CPM? RPM? EPMV?

All these terms are related to how much dollars will be spend by advertisers or earned by publishers for a thousand users, as a thousand user is the industry average amount of clients necessary to make some clicks.

CPM: Cost Per Mille

The CPM, or Cost Per Mille, is usually more on the advertisers side, how much will they spend for a thousand views of their ads.

RPM: Revenue Per Mille

The term RPM, or Revenue Per Mille, is usually on the publishers side, how much on average they will earn for a thousand page views. However, using RPM is not a great way to measure earnings, as a page view can mean many different things, and is not representative of the website visitors journey on the whole site.

RPM vs CPM: Revenue Per Mille on publisher side, in opposition to Cost Per Mille on advertiser side

The EPMV, or Earning Per Mille Visitors, is one of the best current ways to measure earnings from website Visitors, and is widely used on the Ezoic platform, and especially on their awesome  Big Data Analytics   Tool which provides great aggregated reports on whole websites porfolio.

Using the EPMV, publishers can have a better understand of how valuable is it to bring a unique visitor on its website, and where it will be most valuable and how it will be most productive to show him advertisements.

EPMV: Earning Per Mille Visitors

The EPMV meaning simply is a more accurate way to measure the earnings that you will get per visit. For example, it might be more valuable to have a longer visit on your site that gets both revenue per ad view plus per click, than only a single add click. Some visits originating from a landing page that makes no money might be the ones leading to the most clicks on the money making page. EPMV takes in consideration the whole user journey, while RPM focuses on a unique page view, not taking in consideration previously visited pages or sessions value.

What Is EPMV? Ezoic

Therefore, the Ezoic CPM rates by country are usually three times higher than the AdSense CPM by country by optimizing the whole user journey. The CPM in AdSense vs Ezoic EPMV are two different measures, but while AdSense CPM focuses on single pages optimization, the Ezoic mediation platform uses machine learning to optimize user journeys.

EPMV in Ezoic vs AdSense RPM: Ezoic average RPM of $3 is on average 3 times higher than Google AdSense average CPM of $1

Ezoic mediation will bring the highest possible visit earning by personalizing the user experience in regards of ads display, website optimization and by making sure that your  Web Pages Load Faster   through technical CDN-side optimization and caching before content delivery, instead of simply trying to juice out single pages, eventually slowing them down and forgetting about using experience, and forgetting that a website visit has more value than a simple page.

How much does EZOIC cost? Ezoic is free – try it out without credit card and see for yourself

On top of that, where AdSense only accesses a single ads market, Ezoic Ads Placeholders will display ads from hundreds of advertisers from the Google AdExchange marketplace, finding the highest paying ads for your website visitors that are most likely to be clicked on, and ultimately bringing the Ezoic average RPM as high as possible, easily around $50 EPMV for high paying markets such as United States in interesting niches.

Highest earnings per country from online advertisement

The CPM rates by country vary widely, but the highest Google AdSense CPM rates by country and other online advertising partners are in United States, with more than $11 EPMV.

The only other country paying as much as USA is Switzerland, also above $11 EPMV.

Ezoic platform highest EPMV: United States with $11.86

If you have to target only one language to make as much money as possible, it should be English, thus targetting United States above $11 EPMV, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom, all three in the top five highest CPM rates per country at above $10 EPMV, and, just behind, New Zealand, another English speaking country, at $9.50 EPMV.

All non English speaking countries, except Switzerland, are below $10 EPMV.

The highest paying ones are in Europe, such as Belgium at more than $7 EPMV, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway and Sweden, at more than $6 EPMV.

In total, only 20 countries in the world are easily paying more than $5 for a thousand Visitors on average, either in North America, Europe, Oceania, plus Singapore and the UAE.

5 Top countries by CPM with Ezoic: United States, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom

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All other countries in the world are hard to target for making good money - and even targetting their market with localized websites won't help, as it is the case in this study, in which the websites are translated in more than a hundred languages, including all local languages of these countries.

The countries with less than a 1000 visits over the period have been ignored and filtered out for this check, as the results are not representatives of CPM earning.

Highest Google AdSense CPM by country

In Google AdSense CPM rates by country are pretty similar in terms of country repartition, with the highest earning countries, only taking in consideration relevant ones with more than a 1000 visits over the period, are situated in North America, Europe and Oceania, plus United Arab Emirates.

Google AdSense platform highest RPM: United Kingdom with $US2.47

However, the Google AdSense RPM is far lower than what is earned with the  best ad exchange network   management system that is the Ezoic platform, where earnings are 4 to 5 times higher for the exact same pages.

5 Top countries by CPM with AdSense: United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Germany, Belgium

The Google AdSense CPM rates by country are far lower than the ones of Ezoic platform, with some countries in North America above the dollar mark per thousand page views, and most countries below a dollar per thousand views.

How to increase your website earnings

For the exact same pages displayed, the average of $0.71 per thousand page views with Google AdSense payment, is far below the Ezoic platform EPMV of $4.30 for the exact same content being offered to users.

The Ezoic platform is therefore on average six times more profitable than the Google AdSense platform, simply by managing on the behalf of the publisher the  best ad exchange network   for each page view using machine learning.

Join now the Ezoic platform, and get to the Ezoic premium package to maximize your website's earnings and get more money than  Google AdSense payment   CPM by country.

Ezoic vs AdSense: how did I triple my website revenue

In the Ezoic vs AdSense fight, I was only using AdSense to monetize my website for years until July 2018, where I first learned about Ezoic platform and starting using in August, first at only 75% to be able to compare Ezoic vs AdSense earnings and make sure I would still earn a bit of money in case the Ezoic system wouldn’t work for my website.

As you can see, I was earning around 20€ a month, or about US$22 at that time, with of course some variations, up to July 2018 when I was only using Adsense display ads on my website.

But on my first month using Ezoic platform I directly earned more than US$70, and I more than tripled my website earnings simply by switching from Adsense to Ezoic platform and my revenue stabilized after about 3 months of using the Ezoic platform to monetize my website, after what I switched to 99% ads display from the Ezoic system and nearly stopped using AdSense.

Ezoic vs AdSense: I tripled my AdSense revenue by using the Ezoic platform on my website

Interactive map: earnings increase Ezoic vs AdSense

With an average worldwide seven fold increase of my earnings from Ezoic vs AdSense all over the world, and all countries mixed together for different websites niches, it however hides very large disparities.

The only country that saw a decrease in RPM being Romania, due to the fact that Romanian language has a very common word which is forbidden for English ads, and my websites are localized in Romanian.

However, most countries have seen an increase in earnings – the largest one being Armenia, from earning less than 1 cent per thousand visitors with AdSense, against earning $1 per thousand visitors with Ezoic… a 16000% increase!

Interactive map: RPM increase from AdSense to Ezoic by country

But the most interesting is the increase in the highest earning countries, that generally all saw a seven fold increase:
  • United States 726% RPM increase in Ezoic vs AdSense alternative,
  • Germany 725% RPM increase in Ezoic vs AdSense system,
  • France 730% increase in Ezoic vs AdSense display ads,
  • Poland 575% increase in Ezoic vs AdSense ads,
  • Italy 1185% increase using Ezoic vs AdSense only,
  • Japan 1465 increase using Ezoic vs AdSense alternative,
  • India 1479% increase in Ezoic vs AdSense.

And this is only to name a few! Have a look at the full interactive earnings increase map and see for yourself – or even better, try it for free on your website and let me know your own increase!

Come discuss the top countries by CPM

While it mostly depends on website content and audience, the general Top countries by CPM are the same.

However, best is to come discuss it with Google AdSense consultant and other Ezoic experts on our Facebook group – and meanwhile, submit your website to see if you are eligible to increase your website earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Ezoic and AdSense CPM rates compare across different countries, and which regions offer the highest revenue potential for publishers?
Generally, Ezoic and AdSense offer the highest CPM rates in developed countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and countries in Western Europe. Ezoic, with its AI optimization, often provides better CPM rates by dynamically testing ad placements, whereas AdSense offers consistent performance with less customization. Publishers in these regions typically see higher earnings due to stronger advertiser spending and competition.

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Transform your digital presence with our comprehensive Website Creation course – start your journey to becoming a web expert today!

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