Features of Ezoic levels from basic to VIP

To gain access to new levels of Ezoic, you need to increase traffic on your site. Even a small number of users qualify for a basic level.
Features of Ezoic levels from basic to VIP

Features of Ezoic levels

Ezoic is one of the recruiting platforms that can be called adware. The difference is that the service does not sell or buy ads. Instead, it offers the integration of a wide variety of networks into a site while comparing the effectiveness of each. Among these networks are such popular giants as Google Adsense.

Artificial intelligence is used for testing, so the results reflect the real state of affairs, almost do not depend on the human factor.

Requirements for publishers

Previously, the  Ezoic platform   required publishers to have a minimum of 10,000 monthly users. Not every webmaster can boast of such traffic, and in modern conditions it is difficult to get it without the injection of large sums of money.

Therefore, the service went to meet publishers. With the start of the Ezoic Levels program, it became possible to connect to the service even for those publishers who do not currently have 10,000 unique users per month. Ezoic offers full collaboration to these publishers, with one exception. You must first complete the Ezoic Access Now educational course.

The requirement was adopted to improve the efficiency of cooperation with publishers and simplify the scaling of the system. After completing the educational course, the webmaster receives a tool to increase traffic, which is beneficial for both the service and the publisher.

For larger publishers, a system of levels is offered, the achievement of which gives the right to receive additional bonuses. Each level is distinguished by the monthly attendance achieved.

Note that although the service has removed the requirements for the minimum number of users, the webmaster must follow the rules of most ad networks. First of all, the content on the site should be as unique and natural as possible, interesting to the user. It is forbidden to write in hate speech, post adult content, swear, describe gambling, or perform similar actions. Most of the bans on ad networks duplicate each other, practically without interfering with responsible webmasters from earning.


If we count the basic level at which it is necessary to complete compulsory training, there are six stages in Ezoic. Each has its own characteristics, but reaching the next level is guaranteed to provide new benefits.

The service guarantees the provision of a level in case of site activity with the required indicators for more than 90 days. A webmaster who has already been registered in the system has the right to count on more loyal conditions in comparison with new clients. Information for new users is provided below.

Ezoic basic level

If the publisher has less than 10,000 monthly visitors, he or she is eligible to complete training at Ezoic Access Now and get the basic level. He already gives the right to monetize his resource, there are a number of advertising partners. There is no minimum wage requirement.

The publisher has the right to receive additional information by contacting the help center, and can also watch weekly webinars. It is recommended to use these sources of information as they contribute to the increase in visitors to the site and to the growth of income.

You can use Twist for more information.

Ezoic is especially proud that even basic users have live chat access and can get a grant. It is assumed that talent can be hidden in everyone, it remains only to discover it in time, to use it for their own benefit.

Ezoic first level

If a publisher attracts between 10,000 and 20,000 monthly users, they become a first-tier user. Additionally, the webmaster must guarantee a minimum income of $ 50. Publishers are eligible to receive all the bonuses described above, and additionally has the opportunity to go through an advanced level of training.

This separation is believed to help scale the Ezoic system. Publishers who have shown the ability to attract more users to the site are in a winning position receive increased training. The result is a transition to a new level with the possibility of even more earnings.

Ezoic second level

If a publisher attracts between 20,000 and 30,000 monthly users, they become a tier 2 owner. Additionally, the webmaster needs to guarantee an income of $ 200 to $ 300. Earnings depend on the topic of the site. Entertainment traffic is easier to attract, but it also costs less.

Users are eligible for all of the above, but additionally receive a dedicated representative. Second-tier publishers are considered professionals, so Ezoic offers them a dedicated representative.

Ezoic third level

If a publisher attracts between 50,000 and 75,000 monthly users, they become a Tier 3 owner. Additionally, the webmaster needs to guarantee an income of $ 500 to $ 750. The potential income level depends on the topic of the site.

At the third level, the user gets more advertising partners, the consultation goes through an individual representative. Additionally, other assistance is provided to increase website traffic.

Ezoic fourth level

If a publisher collects between 250,000 and 500,000 users per month, he becomes the owner of the fourth level. Additionally, the webmaster needs to guarantee an income of $ 2,500 to $ 5,000. The potential income level depends on the specific subject matter and the price of an individual user.

Publishers who gather so many expensive audiences increase their income tenfold. Additionally, users get the opportunity to engage with dedicated experts, collaborate directly with the advertising sales department, or join a VIP team.

It is noted that Ezoic does not guarantee that these bonuses will be received. Access to them is opened at the request of the service.

Ezoic VIP level

If the publisher collects even more users on his site, he becomes the owner of the VIP level. Additionally, a minimum income of $ 10,000 must be guaranteed, although there is no upper limit.

At this level, the user gets everything the same as at the previous ones, but access to all the options becomes guaranteed. Here the maximum profit is guaranteed.


Ezoic is an ad testing platform that allows you to test ad placement and layouts for different types of ads from different ad networks on your site. Ezoic is not something complicated - everyone can easily figure it out and start earning with the platform.

Think of it as a win-win situation: it optimizes your site's ad revenue by trying out different website layouts and positions, and improves user experience by presenting the ad combinations most likely to get the most engagement.

The addition of individual Ezoic levels maximizes system scalability. Ultimately, higher earnings are provided for service partners.

Access to higher levels is ensured by achieving good resource attendance. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to undergo training, to use the acquired knowledge in practice. Ezoic is directly interested in the success of its partners, therefore, it provides the necessary information without hiding anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Ezoic minimum requirements for beginners?
Previously, it was important that publishers have at least 10,000 users per month. But with Ezoic Levels, you can connect to the service with fewer unique users per month. The minimum requirement is that you need to complete the Ezoic Access Now education

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