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How to find a website content writer?

Needing writers for my own purposes, I spent lot of times trying to find writers on different freelance platforms. However, iWriter was the most efficient way to get content written for an acceptable price, and keep promoting affiliate programs‌ with my own content.

There are several solutions online to find website content writers and to hire a freelancer‌ that specializes in content writing services, on different websites: freelancer.com, fiverr.com, iwriter.com, and more.

However, iwriter.com is specialized in content writing only, and is the easiest online marketplace to find website content writer in an efficient way, and to improve your website monetization‌ to make money online‌ with guest writer on your Wordpress blog‌ or other online publishing system.

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  iWriter website content writing services

Registration on iWriter

All starts by creating an account on iWriter website. As advertised on their main page, they will write any type of custom content: articles, rewriting articles, blog posts, ebooks, product descriptions, ebooks, and other type of content.

The registration form is pretty easy to fill in, as only basic information is necessary.

Process is fast and efficient, just as the whole website is.

Adding funds on iWriter

Before being able to propose your projects to potential writers, you must add funds on your account.

There, only one way to add funds, which is by using Paypal to put dollars on your virtual iWriter wallet.

From the Paypal website, you will be able to either use your own money available on your PayPal account, in dollars or other currencies, or to use a credit card to pay for the money added on the iWriter account.

Order content from online website content writers

Simply click on one button to start filling in the form that will allow you to offer your project to writers.

The form itself is pretty easy to fill in, and has a great functionality which is to reuse a template name.

If, after having created a project, you check the button to create project as a template, you will then easily be able to reuse all project content to create similar content writing offers.

Several languages are available, and entering a keyword is important for SEO blog posts writing for example, in case of Wordpress blog‌ content creation.

Then, select the required word count‌ and writer level, that will change the basic price for the content - you are of course able to offer more if you like.

Enter a brief project introduction that will allow a freelancer‌ as potential copywriters to find your project.

The creative brief information will allow you to provide more information for potential guest writer or copywriters, by telling them more about your company, your objective, the required sourcing they should do, your target audience, the things to avoid, the things to mention, and the tone of writing.

All these information might influence potential writers in their choice and also their work.

Finally, you will be able to send project directly to a specific writer, otherwise it will be offered on the marketplace.

Saving the project as a template will allow to reuse easily all information for future projects creation.

The total value of this project will be displayed, and, by pressing the place order button, the project will be offered on the marketplace to potential writers.

Content creation process

The content creation process is divided in 5 stages: content request, content not being worked on, content being written, content pending approval, and content completed.

You will be able to see which writer is currently writing on one of your projects.

During that time, the project will be locked and only accessible to the writer that offered his services, for a defined period of time: if he doesn't finish by the given time, project will be offered again on the marketplace.

Once a content creation has been terminated by a copywriter, you will be notified by an email that some content is pending your approval, and you have 3 days to review it - after what it will be automatically accepted.

The content review will show you what the copywriter has done, and you will not be able to select the text, but only to read it.

The word count‌ is displayed, along with the keyword density for your information - an important number for SEO copywriting for Wordpress blog‌ or other online content.

Also, a CopyScape‌ check is always automatically included, which will confirm or not that the content is genuine and hasn't ever been published on Internet.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker - Duplicate Content Detection

If you do not like the content, you are able to reject it.

If content needs changes, you can request changes from the copywriter.

If you like the content, you can validate it, which will trigger payment to the copywriter.

Content created by copywriter

Once a piece of content has been accepted, you will be able to access it anytime in the future.

A specific page will give you all tools necessary to access your content.

You will be able to download it in different formats, such as HTML document, text file, Microsoft Word‌ file, or PDF - and there is even an option to publish directly the content from the iWriter website to your Wordpress blog‌ by the click of a button!

All tools necessary to get your content ready for publication are present.

Customer services

In case of any issue with the website, a very simple form is available to allow you to talk with the customer service.

In my case, one copywriter sent me what was surely a scrapped content from Internet that has been scrambled using a content rewriting tool, as it was containing words that nobody are using at all.

Their offices are open on standard business time in Florida.

Content writing services pricing

The content writing services pricing vary largely.

A standard basic blog post for your Wordpress blog‌ of 500 words will start at $3.3.

500 words content writing services pricing: $3.3 to $39

If you want to put more content and have a more solid article, a copywriter can write 700 words for $5.5.

700 words content writing services pricing: $5.5 to $48

To cover a topic more deeply, like current article, it will cost about $8.25 for a 1000 words written by a freelancer‌ copywriter.

1000 words content writing services pricing: $8.25 to $72

Finally, to cover fully a topic, hire a freelancer‌ from $19.5 to write 2500 words article for your Wordpress blog‌ and make money online‌ with the best affiliate programs!

2500 words content writing services pricing: $19.5 to $181.25
  iWriter website content writing services
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