How To Make Money On A Family Blog: Where To Start And How To Monetize

A family blog is a huge field for earning money. However, there are different types of blogs and their monetization. We propose to understand them. So here's how to make money from a family blog.
How To Make Money On A Family Blog: Where To Start And How To Monetize

How To Make Money From Family Blogging: A Comprehensive Guide

A family blog is a huge field for earning money. However, there are different types of blogs and their monetization. We propose to understand them. So here's how to make money from a family blog.

Where to begin?

Here's how to start a family blog. The very first thing to do is to decide on the topic and content. In other words, choose a niche. What your blog will be about.

Choosing a niche is important because it will keep your content in focus and make it easier for your target audience to find you online.

What you can talk about in a family blog. A few ideas:

  • Talk about your lifestyle. The simplest and most common option. You can tell how you live, where you go on vacation, what cafes and other places you prefer, how you take care of the garden, how you distribute the family budget, how you bring up children, etc. There is a wide choice. You can add funny stories about your family. Or talk about the problems they faced and how they were solved. Many people just love to observe the lives of others. They get ideas, compare with their way of life, look for something useful, or just relax. Therefore, such family blogs are very popular.
  • Provide advice and advice. For example, on the choice of products or places for family vacations. Or advice to parents on raising children. Or psychology and relationships. It is important to choose one thing here, and not talk about everything in a row. If in the previous version your whole family was in focus, then here is a specific area of ​​life.
  • Review products. For example, share your impressions of household appliances. Or overlooking places for family vacations. Or, together with your children, talk about children's toys. By the way, the latter option is very popular on YouTube and is easily monetized.
  • Prepare. You can just start a food blog and tell what and how you cook for the family.
  • Talk about travel. Capture and photograph your family travels. It is not necessary to travel abroad. You can film about trains to other cities or about hiking and outdoor recreation.
  • Talk about everyday life. Do-it-yourself materials are especially popular. For example, homemade crafts with children, DIY repairs, remodeling old furniture, etc.

Other niche options: budget and family finances, health and a healthy lifestyle, education, mom's blog on maternity leave.

Family Blog Safety Tips

How to choose a title

Your blog name is usually the first thing people see about you on the Internet. And the first impression is always important.

A good name should be unique, resonant, and interesting. Perhaps funny. Attract attention. Remember. Don't be too long. And immediately make it clear what your blog is about. For example, if your blog is called Tasty Recipes from the Ivanovs, but you also talk about parenting, people will be confused.

Names such as Blog about everything in the world, Our family, Alina and Roma Yusupovs are acceptable, but not the best options. They are not unique, they are difficult to remember and do not make it clear what your blog is about. So you have to puzzle over a good name.

Example of an amazing family blog: Frugral For Luxury family travel blog

Where to blog: Formats and platforms

Having decided on the topic, think about where your blog will be and in what format the content will be. It can be:

  • Videos. For example, on YouTube. Video is the most popular format for today's audience. However, it is advisable to purchase a quality camera here.
  • Photos on Instagram. This format will appeal to lovers of beautiful photographs. It's just that your general photos are unlikely to be interesting to anyone. But beautiful photographs of places, dishes, interiors, pets can easily attract a large audience. It is better to complement the photo with text. For example, advice.
  • Own site. Here you can upload texts, photos and videos. However, you will have to hire a programmer or figure it out yourself. Your site needs hosting (the place where it will be hosted), an engine (aka CMS - a platform that automates all work on content) and a domain (your site address, for example, in the format). Hosting and domain have to be constantly paid for. To begin with, the site can be made on Wordpress ( This is the most popular and easiest option.
  • A small blog on a blogging platform. It's almost like your own website, only easier. You don't need to do it yourself, choose a hosting, pay for a domain, etc. You just need to create an account on a blogging platform and keep something like a personal diary. Popular blogging platforms are Wordpress ( and Blogger. You can start a blog for free. However, it is better to take paid tariffs. Otherwise, it will be difficult to monetize your content.
  • Blog on social networks. For example, on Vkontakte or Facebook.

The most time consuming option is your own website. The simplest options are Vkontakte and Instagram. Somewhere in the middle is YouTube.

You can kill several birds with one stone and choose three formats at the same time - and shoot a video, and write texts on your website, and publish photos on Instagram. This way you can attract more people. After all, someone prefers videos and searches for materials on YouTube, while someone loves to read texts and watch photos more, and therefore searches for articles in a search engine. You can prepare all the materials together at once: after filming a video, immediately translate it into text format. And vice versa: shoot a video based on the materials of the written text.

By the way, do not forget to post links to your other sites. For example, post links to your articles under YouTube videos. And embed YouTube videos into your articles.

How to choose hosting and CMS

Let's look at two options: if your blog will be on your own site and if you have chosen a video blog.

1. If you have chosen a site

If you want your site, you need web hosting. Hosting is a service through which your website appears on the Internet and becomes visible to other people. You will be provided with a server - a place where your site will be located. By the way, a server is essentially a computer, that is, a physical computer machine.

There are two types of servers, shared and dedicated:

a) Shared server is the simplest and cheapest option. For a family blog, it's best to choose it. It is called general because besides your site, it will host many others. Hence a number of disadvantages:

  • If other sites consume a lot of resources, yours may start to slow down.
  • If someone else's site is attacked, the server may lie down and your site will become temporarily unavailable.
  • If someone else's site gets hacked, your site data can also be leaked.

However, there are many pluses. A shared server is significantly cheaper than a dedicated one. There is also a convenient admin panel with many ready-made settings and functions. And your website is fully supported by your provider.

b) Dedicated server - more expensive option. This is a personal server for your website only. It is suitable for large projects and people who know what they are doing. Because with a dedicated server, all the technical settings will fall on your shoulders. A family blog is not a huge project with millions of visitors per day. So what is the use of a dedicated server in this case.

Now a little about CMS. CMS is the platform or engine that your site will run on. It allows you to edit and publish articles, change the design of your site, etc. The CMS is installed on the hosting. The most popular CMS is Wordpress. We recommend starting with it. It is easy to learn, has many settings and features. Usually it is already included in the hosting service, so you can install it right there.

But you can also download it yourself. Then there is an important point: there is CMS Wordpress (site, and there is a blogging platform wordpress (located on the site If you have your own website, you need the first option. If it's just a blog - the second.

Web hosting for a family blog

2. If you have selected a video

You need to choose where you will post your videos. This requires video hosting.

YouTube is the most popular and most visited site. Here you are more likely to get more subscribers.

However, there are other video hosting sites as well. For example, Peertube, Vimeo, RuTube, Rumble. And for smaller, short videos, you can choose TikTok. Ezoic offers many opportunities for video monetization.

Video hosting for family blogs

How to monetize your family blog

In short, monetizing a blog is about generating income from the site. By making money on the content of your blog, you monetize it. There are different models for earning income from a blog: accept donations, sell products, publish sponsored content, connect contextual advertising or insert referral links into articles. Now more about the most popular methods.

There are several options. You can:

1. Connect display advertising

Display advertising is the most popular and reliable type of monetization. Then your site will automatically start showing advertisements. If you have a video blog, small video ads will appear in it.

When visitors to your blog click on ads, you will receive money. Advertising networks are used to connect ads. The most common is Google Adsense. It is used both on websites and on YouTube. You can also use Yandex Direct on the site.

However, there are other networks as well. For example, Ezoic, AdSterra, PropellerAds and others. They have different settings and profitability. Many networks have requirements for site quality and traffic. For example, to connect Ezoic, you need at least 10,000 page views per month. So it's better to start with Google Adsense. There is less profitability, but there are no attendance requirements. The only thing is that the site must be of high quality: with a nice design and unique interesting content.

Note: You can monetize videos on your website. You don't have to upload them to YouTube or a similar site. It is convenient to use Ezoic for this. They have a video monetization service.

Pros / Cons of Display Advertising

  • Works both on websites and on video
  • Easy to connect and configure
  • You don't need to do anything: just shoot interesting content
  • Guaranteed income
  • There are requirements for the quality of content and design
  • There may be attendance requirements
  • Low profitability with poor blog traffic
Display advertising providers for family blogs

2. Use affiliate programs

This is income from product recommendations. This kind of income is ideal if your blog is full of reviews.

An example of how it looks. You write an article about the pros and cons of a pot, and at the end you put your affiliate link to a store where you can buy this pot. If someone buys it from this link, you will receive a percentage of the sale.

Second example. You are filming a video with an overview of the toy. And under the video, put an affiliate link to the store with this toy.

So you can view entire online stores, household appliances, hotels, ticket services and much more.

How to get an affiliate link? There are two options: to cooperate with the store directly or register in an affiliate CPA network. The CPA network offers not one, but many stores and products. You can choose any. The most popular and reliable CPA networks are AD1, Admitad and CityAds. It's easier to start with them.

Pros / Cons of affiliate programs

  • They work on websites, videos, and social networks
  • You can immediately start promoting products
  • You need to look for suitable products
  • You need to prepare content specifically for specific products
  • Income is highly dependent on attendance

3. Sell your own products

For example, launch a series of T-shirts, toys, pins, etc.

This is the most difficult and costly option. Suitable for already promoted blogs.

Pros / Cons

  • Works on websites, videos, and social networks
  • No need to adjust to anyone
  • Over time, you can develop your own store
  • Difficult and long
  • More investment needed
  • The blog must already be promoted and popular

Thus, there are different types of blogs. And everyone needs to choose their own type of monetization. By the way, they can be used together. For example, connect display ads and publish affiliate links.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can family blogs leverage sponsored content effectively?
Family blogs can leverage sponsored content by partnering with family-friendly brands and creating authentic, relatable content that resonates with their audience.

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