How To Find Out Your Ads Conversion Price? Use An Unbounce Landing Page!

How To Find Out Your Ads Conversion Price? Use An Unbounce Landing Page!

Using an Unbounce landing page, you will be able to track accurately your ads conversion value in a few steps:

  1. Create an Unbounce landing page with a few variants
  2. Get a custom subdomain to drive your traffic
  3. Create a Google Ads campaign targeted at driving traffic to your custom domain Unbounce landing page - see how to find keywords
  4. Give it some time...
  5. You got results! In my case: $300 ads - 93 clicks to Unbounce landing page - 12 converted clicks: $300 ads / 12 clicks = $25 per conversion

If your margin after converting isn't worth this conversion paid price, then you should optimize your campaign, or rethink totally what you are doing.

Numbers will of course vary based on your goals, ads setup, landing pages, and more, but this should give you a clear on how to setup a high converting ads campaign and measure its success.

Let's a detailed look at each of these steps, and have a look at our video to get more insights on how to setup your landing page and your ad campaign.

Step 1: Create an Unbounce landing page

The first step in being able to understand your real conversion price, is to to have setup a set of landing pages, for example using the Unbounce conversion intelligence platform that will help you to easily create beautiful and high converting landing pages, and to find out the best working ones.

We recommend setting up various variants, at least 5 of them, and to use a few various templates for some of them.

This will ensure that the artificial intelligence will have plenty of material to work on, and you will get the most of it from the next steps, sending traffic to these landing pages.

Depending on your goal, which can be anything from newsletter conversions to affiliate partner programs registration, through customer data entry.

However, various pre-existing templates for these various cases will help you find out some good working ones for you.

Check out our video for more tips to create high converting landing pages and see our real life example, that might inspire you in creating a good sales funnel.

Step 2: Create a custom domain for your landing page

You will drive more conversions to you landing page from your ads if they are targeted at a custom subdomain from your website domain name, as it will increase trust in the display ads you are paying for, letting potential visitors check by themselves your brand value.

If you do now have a domain name yet, simply get a .com for example at a cheap Web registrar to be able to set up your own online brand identity and increase trust in your ads destination.

Step 3: Create a targeted ad campaign

Once your landing page is all set and ready to receive traffic to be accurately tracked and converted, it is time to find keyworks and setup your ads campaing!

There are various ways to do so, depending on the platform on which you want to run ads.

If you plan on running ads on Google Ads network, then you should first start by finding Google keywords with a special Google keywords planner.

In this case, you will aim at search keywords, meaning terms related to the the product or service you want to sell, or your partner is selling.

Think about search terms: what are people potentially converting on your page might be looking for, which problem your product or service is solving? These are the keywords you want to target.

Once you have found your keywords, setup a standard Google Ads campaign and make sure that all the traffic will lead to your landing page URL.

Facebook ads targeting

Targeting ads for a Facebook audience is quite different, as the criteria to create an ad campaign are very different.

You will want to find a targeted Facebook audience based on various criteria such as thematic, contextual, geographic, socio-demographic, or behavioral for example.

Depending on the converted audience you are looking for, it might be necessary here to get more creative: for example, maybe the audience you are interested in is generally subscribing to some specific Facebook pages or groups.

If you want to go further, you could even create your own content on Facebook to drive traffic yourself - or find target persona based on the audience you receive on your own Facebook group.

Step 4: Watch AI finding out the best converting variant

Now that your ads campaign is setup, and is driving traffic to your Unbounce landing page, all you have to do is to wait and see the numbers growing.

If your landing page is properly setup, you will shortly see conversions growing, and you might even notice that some page variants are not driving any conversions, while some other variants are high performing.

The artificial intelligence will find it out by itself, and slowly display more often the high converting pages to your visitors.

Step 5: Calculate your ads conversion price

Depending on your exact campaign setup, you should be able to have received enough traffic and conversions to be able to calculate your conversion price after a few weeks.

Conversion price = ads $ / conversions #

Simply divide the ads campaign price by the number of conversions on your landing page.

Conversion price higher than margin

If this number is higher than the margin you are making with a conversion, then you should probably review your whole business model and work on some changes on your sales funnel.

Ask yourself these questions: are the ads properly targeted, and is the price correctly setup? Are your landing pages good at converting the traffic you are driving to them?

Conversion price lower than margin

If the number is lower than the average margin you are getting from a sale, then congratulations, you are effectively making money with your ad campaign and you are correctly converting!

You might want to try increasing your ads budget to convert even more.

In conclusion

In our case, the conversion price we got is $25 per conversion, as we paid for about $300 of display ads that drove 93 clicks to our variants, and we got at the end of the funnel 12 conversions on our Unbounce landing pages from these 93 clicks.

While this number depends on many criteria, from your ads setup to your product and your partners through your landing pages, your audience and many other ones independent of you, this might give you an approximate idea of how much you can expect.

How To Find Out Your Ads Clicks Conversion Value? Use An Unbounce Landing Page!

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