Piktochart Website Review: Visual And Video Maker

Piktochart Website Review: Visual And Video Maker

Need to create an infographic presentation? Then you should try Piktochart.

Piktochart is a comprehensive visual design tool for producing infographics, reports, presentations, social media graphics, prints, posters, and posters in addition to a free online video editor. You can easily create a visual story out of content and data by concentrating on information design, or you can edit movies for social media.

Piktochart pros and cons`
  • User friendly
  • Accessible
  • Versatile
  • Robust design toolbox
  • Limited features
  • Minor confusions in utilizing the site
  • Challenging

Pros of Piktochart

The website has a wonderful style with up-to-date, endearing typefaces and icons, and allows you to create infographics of the highest caliber. You can use this media for class projects, presentations, social media presentations, and perhaps even for enjoyment if they explore the platform sufficiently. Here is my list of advantages in using this tool.

1.User friendly

My encounter has been incredible. Despite having little design experience, this platform helps me quickly produce stunning images. Creating infographic presentation is simple and enjoyable. There are several options for detailed templates.


The software has a great selection for the free trial and is easy to use - including a free screen recorder. I was able to learn how to utilize the system on my own, and the finished outcome met my expectations. It is easily accessible by searching it on google or even downloading it as a mobile app.


Numerous platforms can be used with Piktochart. Websites, social media profiles, blogs, and reports are examples of these. It can also be used to create visual aids for use in offices, schools, and other settings. You can modify the output to the desired file type, such as PNG, JPG, or PDF, making it simple to share your work.

4.Robust design toolbox

Piktochart is a rich feature set that makes it easy for you to make eye-catching infographics for your website, blog, or social network pages. You get to use customizable canvas, icons, and drive charts with interactive maps. Additionally, you can insert films, infographics, maps, and links. The program offers a simple HTML publishing tool that enables you to upload your work quickly and error-free.

Cons of Piktochart

1.Limited features

You cannot control simply chosen text with a text box (changes affect all text in that box), and the graphic and chart features are relatively limited.

2.Minor confusions in utilizing the site

The guidelines can be quite confusing especially if you're a beginner. The icons are not usually updated, and there are difficulties in layering and click options.


If you have not use the platform for a long time, they'll gonna disconnect your account immediately. Clicking an overlapping box is also quite challenging.

Summing up: Piktochart rating

Overall, I give this website a 5 star rating.

★★★★★ Piktochart Platform Infographics and presentations can be created quickly and easily using this straightforward program. It provides templates that may be tweaked and changed, with the ability to change the text and font and insert custom photos or those provided by the software. I can drag and drop elements, add texts, and adjust the images to fit any sort of data. I can also add YouTube videos to help me organize the information in the most effective way.

Without needing to understand coding or graphic design, I like the tools and components available to personalize and enhance the content I wish to share. The fact that there are so many free infographic templates to pick from is another matter. Additionally, their software receives regular updates, which is crucial.

Moreover, the visual designs I create with it seem high-quality rather than being like the substandard ones you get from similar web tools. It's easy to create infographics with it, which is why I keep using this site. With the help of this tool, even though I don't have a strong background in design or coding, I can create infographics and presentations that seem polished. I like how user-friendly and resourceful it is. Since I write and create material for social networks, I am constantly looking for applications that will make my job easier, accentuate my skills, and cover up my deficiencies. My weakness in design can actually be turned into a strength thanks to this software, which is why I appreciate it so much.

I highly recommend this website if you're looking for a friendly platform that can help you produce the best infographic presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Piktochart free?
The software has an excellent choice for a free trial, but if you need more functionality, then you need to buy the paid version.

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