Microsoft OutLook weather forecast for my location

How to add location in Outlook Calendar?

By default, after installing Microsoft Outlook, the location as well as the  Outlook calendar weather unit‌  might not be the right ones, as they are usually defaulted to Washington D.C. as location in Outlook calendar, and Fahrenheit as Outlook calendar weather unit.

However, it is fairly simply the update the location in Outlook calendar, and add as many as you like, provided that the locations are important enough to be part of the list of the location in Outlook calendar. To add a new location in Outlook calendar, simply open the Outlook calendar, click on the current location which might be Washington D.C. by default, and start typing the location in Outlook calendar that you want to add. Press enter having entered a few locations to have a list of propositions in which you can choose which location in Outlook calendar to add.

Microsoft OutLook weather location change

In Outlook Calendar, you can add as many weather locations as you like as your favorites, and select the one displayed.

To add a location, click on the current location, and click Add Location:

How to change weather location

Enter the name of the location, or the closest main city, and click enter to get some city propositions.

By clicking on the correct location, it will be added to the list and select as current location.

Set weather location OutLook

Add that way as many locations as needed, and they’ll be available to quickly jump from one to another.

It is also possible to remove a location from the favorites ones by going in the list, and clicking on the cross at the right of the location.

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Naught can be added if you already have the maximum of five locations; must {X} one before the 'add location' becomes available.

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