How To Password Protect Your Folders In Windows 10: Video Review

How To Password Protect Your Folders In Windows 10: Video Review

Security is a big deal in information technology. With the fast changing trends, it’s a must that you as a consumer, should be able to adapt to these changes. Security has taken a huge role nowadays. Whenever possible, we should be able to set security measures to ensure that we are protecting ourselves from others whose intention is to steal information or worse money from us. As a computer user, you should know that you are vulnerable to attack online. Any activity that you do can be traced if you’re not careful with the connection you’re connected to. For example, you’re at an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. Advanced users can trace your machine’s IP address and be able to access your computer. Another example is if you have accidentally clicked a phishing link which compromised your account. In situations like this, you should be ready. You have your own personal files to protect (as it may lead to ransomware – a malware designed to deny a user or organization access to files on their computer). It’s a huge responsibility because you’re putting your information at risk.

Another example is if you’re sharing your PC with multiple users. Somebody with a technical skill can unlock your PC profile and gain access to your files. There are several ways to prevent it and we will dig down a simple solution so you can protect your folders from other prying users. If you’re using a Windows operating system, you should be able to set a restriction on your folder. This procedure can be done effortlessly if you’re using a Windows 7. Unfortunately, Microsoft already ceased support for Windows 7 since January 2020. There may be minimal users still using this version of the operating system, but most users nowadays are using Windows 8 or 10 operating systems.

How to password protect folders in Windows 7

  1. Open WINDOWS and navigate to the folder you want to password-protect
  2. Right click on the folder.
  3. Select PROPERTIES from the menu. Click the GENERAL tab.
  4. Click the ADVANCED button, and select ENCRYPT CONTENT TO SECURE DATA. Click OK and admin credentials will be used
  5. Double click the folder to ensure access it.

How to password protect folders in Windows 8 and 10

Unfortunately, Windows 8 and 10 doesn’t have this feature anymore. It is no longer possible to use Windows to password-protect a folder. You will need to download a third party software from a legitimate and trusted source. It’s very had nowadays to find one as some online sources will include bloatwares that will force you to install them.

You can also use zip tools to pack the folders into compressed files with a password to protect it but it takes up a lot of time compressing and decompressing folders.

We will be using PASSWORD FOLDER to secure your folder away from other users. This is extremely useful when you have very confidential files, private photos or videos. PASSWORD FOLDER is programmed to handle these situations. It secures your normal folders to password-protected folders minus the complexity. You will have to download the application and install it to your PC before you can password protect your folders. The file is very lightweight as its only downloadable in 2MB size and 1.9MB for a portable zip version.

PASSWORD FOLDER is a lightning-fast application that can change a folder to a password-protected folder in 2 to 4 seconds even if the folder is larger than 2 GB. You will be able to access the folder easily as you only have to double click on the folder, enter your password and you’re now inside the secured folder.

Here are some of the features of Password Folder:

  • It password-protect your folders
  • The encryption speed is blazingly fast
  • Users will be able to access the folders easily
  • Users will be able to prevent copying of folders
  • It works for mobile drives and flash disks
  • Lightweight and clean

How To Password Protect Folders On Windows 10?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button.
  3. Once downloaded, run the installer and setup by NEXT Button until FINISH.
  4. Once installed, run the application.
  5. Select the folder you want to protect. You can either click the folder icon from the app or if you want to protect more than one folder, you can drag and drop them to the app.
  6. You will see a window which will ask you to enter a password. Enter the password twice then click the OK button. Note that only English alphanumeric characters are accepted.
  7. Watch how fast Password Folder will lock your folder. That’s it! As simple as that.

How To Open Your Password-Protected Folder?

  1. Double click the protected folder.
  2. Enter the password used to protect it.
  3. Click the OK button and folder will be unlocked to the original normal folder.

How To Lock A Folder With A Password With Just One Click?

  1. Right click the folder you want to protect.
  2. Select Protect by Password Folder.
  3. Enter the password you want and confirm it.
  4. Hit Enter or click OK and it will instantly put a password in your folder

Other Tips:

  1. You can click ENABLE OR DISABLE THE CONTEXT MENU SHORTCUT by the option Right-click shortcut
  2. ENABLE ONE PASSWORD FOR ALL FOLDERS if you would like to set one password for all folders.

There you have it. With Password Folder, you can relax and think that your folders are secured. Visit now to install the application.

★★★★⋆ Password Protect Folder Easy to use program that allows to password protect folders in Windows 10 with a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need protecting a folder with password?
If you make a password, then your activity on the network will be difficult to track, with a connection to the connection. For example, if you are on an unsecured Wi-Fi connection and without a password, then home users can trace your machine's IP address and be able to access your computer.

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