Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: December vs. November

In this monthly update, we examine the changes in our website content media network's earnings with display advertisement, comparing December's performance to November. We focus on the EPMV, overall earnings, and website visit metrics, along with our strategic content and partnership developments.
Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: December vs. November

EPMV and Earnings Comparison:

December saw a slight decrease in EPMV to $7.04, compared to November's $7.13 EPMV. Despite the high holiday season which typically boosts advertising rates, this minor drop suggests other influencing factors at play. The overall earnings for December also witnessed a decrease, coming in at $613.02 compared to November’s $801.38. This reduction aligns with a decrease in website visits, which fell from 112,340 in November to 87,034 in December, indicating a direct impact on ad revenue generation.

Breakdown of Ad Partner Earnings:

The earnings distribution among ad partners in December continued to underscore the importance of a diversified approach:

The spread highlights the steady performance across different advertising streams.

December's Focus: Expanding Travel Content and Affiliate Partnerships

We intensified our travel-related content, integrating videos and reviews from our November trips to the Philippines, Thailand, and Bali. This content aimed to provide rich, engaging experiences to our audience.