Search Engine Optimization Basics: Simple Tips For Better Ranking

Users enter search queries. If the site will be displayed in the TOP of search engines, then users will go to this site. They may be in search of a product or service right now, be as interested in buying as possible, or they may carefully study the information being at the beginning of the customer acquisition funnel.
Search Engine Optimization Basics: Simple Tips For Better Ranking

What does SEO website promotion do?

Actual targeted traffic to the site

Users enter search queries. If the site will be displayed in the TOP of search engines, then users will go to this site. They may be in search of a product or service right now, be as interested in buying as possible, or they may carefully study the information being at the beginning of the customer acquisition funnel.

Transactions and Sales

If the site is convenient, the range of goods is diverse, the prices are adequate, and the order is made quickly and easily, then the incoming traffic will be converted into online sales or applications on your site.

Repeat sales and loyal customers

With high-quality optimization and a well-thought-out site structure, a convenient product or service card, the user remembers the site and can return back already by branded requests. If the user after the purchase was satisfied with the product and service, then this interest must be maintained and developed. For example, build communication with each client using CRM marketing. Customers value personalized content that they receive at the right time in the right place. And will definitely come back to order again.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of measures for internal and external optimization to raise the position of a site in search engine results for certain user requests, in order to increase network traffic (for information resources) and potential customers (for commercial resources) and subsequent monetization (revenue generation) of this traffic. SEO can be focused on various types of search, including search for information, products, services, images, videos, news, and industry-specific search engines.

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Usually, the higher the position of the site in search places, the more often visitors meet with search engines. When analyzing the results of the search score, the score of the target visitor is calculated taking into account the time on the site of the trust index and the conversion of the site.

Main areas of work

Search engines take into account many internal and external site parameters when calculating its relevance (the degree of compliance with the entered query):

Keyword density

Keyword density (complex algorithms of modern search engines allow semantic analysis of text to filter out search spam in which the keyword occurs too often);

Citation index

The citation index (“CI”) and thematic citation index (“TIC”) depend on the number and authority of web resources linking to this site; many search engines do not take into account reciprocal links (to each other). The method of increasing the number of donor sites linking to the site being promoted is called Link Building;

Water content

The water content of the text is an indicator that determines the presence of insignificant words that do not carry any useful information and serve to dilute the text (stop words);

Internatl behavioral factors

Behavioral factors (internal) - the number of different actions users can perform on the site: login, total time spent by the user on the site, number of sessions per user on the site, page views, number of pages viewed by the user, etc.;

External behavioral factors

Behavioral factors (external) - the main external indicator of the quality of user behavior when interacting with the site is the refusal to further search for a key phrase in a search engine;

Website loading speed

Website loading speed - a measure of the speed at which a website loads. Several parameters are used to characterize the site loading speed - loading before the first content appears, loading the first content before interaction, server response speed to a request, html code length. Google's PageSpeed service is considered to be the generally accepted standard %%for Website loading speed%%.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO website promotion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) generates traffic to your website from search engines. Such traffic is called search or organic. This traffic channel, like any other, has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of SEO website promotion

  • You don't have to pay for transfers.
  • Hot traffic.
  • Flexible choice of requests.
  • The technical condition of the site is improving.
  • Improved site usability.
  • The result does not appear immediately.
  • Website development costs.
  • Limited search relevance.
Let's consider the most important!

Pros of SEO website promotion:

You don't have to pay for transfers.

In fact, search engines don't charge for organic clicks, so you don't have to pay for users that come from search. Unlike contextual advertising, where each click on an ad will cost you money. But not everything is so simple. In the search engine promotion of the site - involving an agency or a staff member - you still need to invest money. Understanding that the traffic received from organic search is several times cheaper than traffic from contextual advertising. Plus, when optimizing the site, work is being done to improve the entire project - the structure, landing pages, content marketing are being finalized. And the customer receives both targeted traffic and site improvement, unlike other types of advertising.

Hot traffic.

Users themselves are looking for a product or service and for this they drive in queries in the search. It is important that they look for it in real time. Therefore, organic traffic is one of the most high-quality and inexpensive channels for attracting traffic.

Flexible choice of requests.

You yourself determine the list of queries that you want to promote in the search. At the same time, you can work with a fairly wide list of requests, processing demand at each stage of the customer acquisition funnel - building brand knowledge, covering “hot” demand, making a purchase decision, working with an existing customer base. On the other hand, you can focus on promoting the most marginal products or queries that generate the most customers in your topic.

The technical condition of the site is improving.

For a website to rank highly, it must meet certain search engine standards. Working on search promotion, you can ensure that the site loads quickly from any device, reduce the number of errors that interfere with purchases.

Improved site usability.

Search algorithms are adapting and increasingly take into account the ease of use of the site when ranking. Simply put, it should be convenient for users to filter, select and order any product or service.

Minuses of SEO website promotion:

The result does not appear immediately.

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After optimizing a site, search engines need time to index it. Search queries over time begin to rank higher and higher until they reach the TOP 10 positions. This time interval is always different - on average from 2 to 6 months.

Website development costs.

Website improvement consists of two main parts - the development of a change plan and the implementation of these changes. The development of the plan is the task of the SEO contractor, the implementation is the work of the development team of your site. Both require resources - time and financial. On the other hand, in addition to traffic or the right positions in the TOP-10, you get an improvement in the entire site. This has a beneficial effect on conversion - it grows and allows you to receive more hits from any traffic sources.

Limited search relevance.

The number of requests in your subject may be quite small - it is easy to estimate using services. In this case, investing in full-fledged search promotion may not be appropriate. It is much more correct to put the site in order and maintain it.

Types of pricing for SEO website promotion

By position

By position - A list of search queries that need to be promoted in the TOP-10 search engines is determined in advance. As a rule, in this case, the bonus is paid only upon the fact of the withdrawal of the request in the TOP-10.

By traffic

By traffic - Based on the analysis of the site and its subject matter, a relevant semantic core is created. The task of an SEO contractor in this case is to increase targeted traffic to the site. The calculation of payment and traffic occurs before the start of work and is prescribed in the commercial offer.

By target action

By target action - The bonus is paid only if the desired target action has occurred from organic traffic. For example, clicking on the shopping cart. It works well if your site has well-configured web analytics, you have statistics at every stage of the purchase on the site.

SEO Ranking Factors

Website promotion today is not just working with code or optimizing a site for search engines. With its help, you can influence many factors (navigation and structure, content, commercial factors, usability) that are related to each other and affect the conversion rate of traffic. It's a synergy of user experience, business, and search engine requirements.

The way users navigate your site gives search engines signals whether users like it or not. These signals are behavioral ranking factors and affect not only the position of your site, but also the targeted actions of users.

Content is what the user sees on the pages of your site: content, assortment, texts, visual design, images, characteristics, reviews, etc. It is the content that should create the effect of the user's presence in your store, center, office. And today, it is the quality of your content that is the decisive buying factor.

Do I need to remind you that buying links is a taboo. Today, you need to not only care about the quality of your link mass, but that your online reputation and social signals have a positive tone.

Technical and internal optimization are factors that were previously key to promotion in search engines. Today they are preventive and do not guarantee high results without improving the content, structure and external factors. It is important to understand that if you miss something important on the technical side, you can not only not achieve potential results, but also lose existing ones.

SEO is the heart of any search engine

The main task of SEO is to optimize and promote websites in search engines. SEO is the most important and basic tool of Internet marketing.

Search Engine is an intermediary between the user, who enters a search query in the browser, and the site owner, who wants the address of his Internet resource to catch the eye of a potential visitor as quickly as possible. The search engine analyzes the query entered by the user and builds all the sites in its database in order of maximum correspondence (relevance) to it.

Thus, the main task of the site owner is to fight for positions. Each page of an Internet resource should be optimized for the most important keywords that correspond to a particular business. And this is only part of the work needed. Today, search engines are constantly improving ranking algorithms, using more and more sophisticated indirect criteria, such as usefulness, topicality, authority, ergonomics, uniqueness, and so on.

Re-optimizing content for keywords can even backfire, which is why modern SEO services have become a real art that requires knowledge in many areas, from programming and copywriting to design and usability.

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This can help you increase your site's position in search engine results for certain user queries in order to increase traffic and attract potential customers and then monetize that traffic.

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