AdSense RPM Rates By Language: 30 Fold Increase!

AdSense RPM Rates By Language: 30 Fold Increase!

Is it worth translating your website in another language to target new markets? While this question for sales entirely depends on market research, for display ads it depends on local language RPM, or Revenue Per Mille for publishers earnings, and on CPM, or Cost Per Mille for advertisers spendings.

Regardless of the languages you are currently targeting, you can easily increase your RPM simply by test for free, with no commitment, the best AdSense alternative, Ezoic – but let’s see in detail why and how.

What is CPM and why does it matters?

CPM represents the cost for a thousand of ads displayed on digital devices. To have a good understanding of the fluctuations of the  CPM rates   around the world, we will use the example of YouTube through the course of that article.

Indeed, Google AdSense uses YouTube among other solutions to  make money online   by showing ads. These are the ads you usually see at the beginning of the videos. CPM on YouTube means the amount of money an announcer will give to YouTubers for a thousand ads displayed in videos over usually that many viewings.

This rate is changing considering the country you live in. It creates drastic inequalities, but it is also because the cost of life in different countries is not the same. CPM is usually calculated in US dollars (USD). That means that all the numbers you will see in this article are in USD and represent the amount of money announcers pay for a thousand ads displayed.

A more precise way to measure how well your audience is monetized is to check the  Earning Per Mille Visitors   as the CPM is more a measure of how much the advertisers will pay for a specific target ad, but not much of how well your  website monetization   is working.

Key Benefits of CPM:

The definition of key (critical) tasks becomes easier, their impact on the life of the project is clearly displayed. Project time management - time optimization by understanding the resources spent on each task. Ability to quickly respond to unplanned changes.

If you are interested in CPM rates by country, then read the detailed information below.
YouTube Video CPM Rates 2019 |

Comparing AdSense vs Ezoic RPM per language

After months of usage of AdSense only, and months of usage after switching to Ezoic, we compared earnings for both, and the RPM, Revenue Per Mille, which can easily be compared between both services.

What is RPM? RPM stands for Revenue Per Mille, the earnings per thousands page views of a website

Overall, the results were always far better with Ezoic than they were with AdSense, as you can see in below chart. Read further for a detailed analysis of the RPM per language all over the world!

RPM AdSense vs Ezoic alternative per language chart explanation:
  • Language: Target language
  • AS PV #: AdSense number of page views
  • AS $: AdSense total earnings for the language in US$
  • AS RPM $: AdSense RPM in US$
  • E PV $: Ezoic number of page views
  • E $: Ezoic total earnings for the language in US$
  • E RPM $: Ezoic RPM in US$
  • AS to E %: percentage of RPM increase from AdSense vs Ezoic alternative

See my AdSense vs Ezoic alternative language earnings comparison chart:

CPM in English-speaking countries

Australia is ranked highest of the English countries with a solid 6,15. Joined right after by his closest neighbor, New Zealand, where the CPM is 5,63. After that are the USA, with 5,33. On the fourth spot is Canada, with 4,64. Finally, the top 5 ends with the United Kingdom, with 4,59. As we can see, the CPM does not vary a lot in English speaking countries.

Overall, the RPM in English language other the world I observed was around $2 with AdSense vs Ezoic English RPM of nearly $6, or 3 times higher!

CPM in Asian countries

On the other hand, in Asian countries, the CPM does vary a lot. The first place is taken by Pakistan, with 7,54. The second place is the United Arab Emirates, with 4,72. The podium is completed by Japan, with 4,60. Just one place of the podium lands South Korea, with 3,21. Lastly, the fifth place is taken by Saudi Arabia, with 3,09. More than 4 points between the first and the fifth place, while in English Speaking countries, it was less than 2 points.

In countries such as India, English might be mostly used, and therefore the publisher’s RPM can be lower for English language because of lower ad spend in English for Indian audience.

However, Vietnamese offers an amazing RPM of more than $5 with Ezoic vs AdSense RPM below $0.2, which is an amazing 50 folds increase!

Similar values are observed for Simplified Chinese and for Vietnamese, making them the highest earners in terms of RPM per language for Asia.

Targeting Korean, Japanese, Thai, Traditional Chinese and Indonesian languages can be good ideas as well, with RPMs around $0.2 with AdSense vs Ezoic RPMs around $2, a comfortable tenfolds increase.

CPM in Europe

Two countries stand out in Europe: it is Denmark, with 10,61 and Poland, with 9,23. After that, the CPM is very regular. Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany complete the top 5 with 5,18, 5,17 and 5,06.

Regarding languages, targeting Polish is a great idea as the RPM of $0.5 with AdSense vs Ezoic 6.25 makes up for an amazing 12 folds earnings increase, and Poland is a very strong developing market that did not show signs of recession between 1990 and 2020, the only country in Europe in that situation.

German language, along with French, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Russian are in similar dispositions, with earnings per 1000 views below $0.5 with AdSense vs Ezoic revenue per mille around 10 times higher.

Overall, it is always a great idea to translate your website to European local languages to reach the local markets, as a lot of searches are done in local languages as shown by earnings.

CPM overall in the world

The Maldives is the highest CPM with an astonishing 15,47, almost 3 times higher than the USA. The reasons behind it are not so clear. Then lands Guadeloupe (10,97), and Denmark (10,61). As you can see, it is not the richest countries which have the biggest CPM. The Maldives and Guadeloupe are both islands.

Regarding RPM per language and taking only in consideration significant page views above 500 for the period, in my case I observed amazing RPMs for Slovak above $3, Romanian and Slovenian around $2, and English, Latvian, Bulgarian, Czech above $1 with AdSense vs Ezoic highest significant RPMs with Polish above $6, English German and Vietnamese above $5, Chinese Simplified French and Greek above $4.

If you must focus on some languages, depending on the system you are using, you might want to focus on these ones first!

Best RPM rates per language AdSense vs Ezoic

Taking only into account significant number of views from both AdSense and Ezoic, above hundreds for period observed, the most amazing RPM increase is for Greek language with a 33 folds increase, from $0.13 RPM with AdSense vs Ezoic RPM of $4.18!

Overall, all languages saw an amazing increase of RPM by switching to Ezoic, the best AdSense alternative, with a change going similar results for Czech language to 5 times increase for Ukrainian, 10 times increase for French, 20 times for Spanish, and 30 times for Greek!

The only decrease was for Croatian, Slovak and Slovenian, with no visible explanation, and for Romanian, for which the reason is that pages contain objectionable content, as some common words in Romanian are forbidden words in English.

Both advertisers and publishers are sharing the same goals, targetting the right users with ads – while advertisers want to lower their CPM and publishers want to grow their RPM, at the end both metrics are about the same thing, the good advertisments being display at the right time to the users most likely to convert.

The EPMV, or Earning Per Mille Visit, while being a publisher side metric, shows where the highest price per ad displayed will occur – see below interactive map for more detail.

And having a deeper look in United States, state by state, we can also see that advertisment varies greatly, being the lowest in New York state, and the highest in Tennessee.

Targeting the right countries and languages matters

It is not because the CPM price or the  AdSense rates   are higher in a country that you should directly target it and start a YouTube channel focused on people living there. Indeed, just like we said in the introduction, the cost of life also changes.

For instance, think about Switzerland. The price of life here is very high. All is expensive. The CPM is also quite high, but not as high as in Poland for instance.

Basically, Poland has a higher CPM while having a lower price of life. That is a better solution. Then, you should also think about taxes. Indeed, the CPM is what the announcer gives, but it is not always what the content creator receives. Some taxes have their word to say in the middle.

Also, there are several  alternative to Google AdSense   but their  CPM rates   are usually considered as the main market point of comparison.

Come discuss AdSense RPM by country with specialists

The AdSense RPM by country changes a lot depending on the website niche and content strategy – however, it generally always pays more in countries with highest advertisers budgets such as North America, Oceania, Western Europe and Middle East.

Come discuss the AdSense RPM by country with us on our Facebook group below – and meanwhile, submit your website to increase earnings and double AdSense earnings per 1000 visits with the amazing Ezoic platform that uses   artificial intelligence   to increase them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CPM high country in the world?
The Maldives has the highest CPM with an amazing 15.47, which is almost three times higher than the US. Then Guadeloupe (10.97) and Denmark (10.61).
How can I optimize my AdSense earnings based on CPM rates by country?
To optimize your AdSense earnings based on CPM rates by country, you can focus on targeting high-paying countries by creating country-specific content or adjusting your ad placement strategy. Additionally, you can experiment with ad formats, optimize your website for better user experience, and implement ad optimization techniques such as header bidding or ad refresh. Regularly monitoring your performance and making data-driven adjustments will help maximize your AdSense earnings across different countries.
Are there any factors other than country that influence CPM rates in AdSense?
Yes, apart from the country, there are several factors that can influence CPM rates in AdSense. Some key factors include the niche or industry of your website, the quality and relevance of your content, the size and placement of your ads, the level of competition in your target market, and the overall performance of your website in terms of user engagement and ad viewability. Optimizing these factors can have a significant impact on your CPM rates and overall AdSense earnings.

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